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  1. Pain_Iradlac

    Cvs are not balanced

    what he said, do the math
  2. Pain_Iradlac

    Can we stop the threats already?

    Let them threaten to report you, let them report you. As long as you stay within the rules its all they can do and nothing more. So do tell them if they playing bad or are just bad just do it nicely with a smile. Frustrates them all the more if said with a smile and a wink, Blow them a kiss and wait for the steam to boil out
  3. Pain_Iradlac

    Lucky Asian Server..... they are teasing us!

    So i have bought it on NA server. Yes its slow very slow. Turrets are dreadful slow. ans speed well if you want to play USN BB,s get used to it. Now the good points. The Grand Ols Lady is sexy. I took on a amagi, he was broadside i had my nose to him. He barley scratched me tbh but i was wrecking him. I got caught broadside to a kango and died fairly fast. So nothing new there. Dispersion at range seems to be a minimal but still rng as always. Is she worth the 7500 gold, yes if she gets tier priority on match making. No if she has to face tier 9s. Them tier 9 cruisers will destroy your guns and have you on fire permanently . She is awesome in a tier 6 match, ok in a tier 7-8 but dreadful in tier 9s. Fun to play and a great head turner. A must have for all britts.
  4. Pain_Iradlac

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    It does not matter if this mod is good , bad or down right ugly. I would rather know IF WG can ban this mod. I am not sure how they will detect you using it without screen shots, you tube or twitch feed of you using it. So everyone can scream BAN it, But how. Please someone suggest to me how they can prove it.