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  1. Viktor_Lima

    Is there much point going past T7?

    Midway is a monster and Hakuyru is still the most powerful ship in the game. Essex and Taiho are fine. Shokaku is the boss of T8. It is worth going beyond T7, but you need to be merciless on your own mistakes. Bring useful divisions with AA support during prime time, as your opponents are likely to do it. It's hard, but compared to competative Starcraft 2 it's still a walk in the park.
  2. Viktor_Lima

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Taking AP divebombers essentially makes games more random for you. Currently I'd rather run HE, as the matches are full of French BB, which are not nearly as juicy targets as German BB or certain high tier CAs for AP. Also Essex has much stronger HE bombs than Enterprise could access.
  3. I have faded memories of Hiryu having T7 torpedo bombers way back in beta, when essentially all plane tiers were keyed to the ship and its upgrade paths, but I may be wrong. Playing around with the plane tiers relative to the CV base tier is a relatively recent development. Hiryu suffers a lot from T9 AA with her torpedo bombers.
  4. I'm with Farazelleth on this one: First fix is letting her avoid the loss of a fighter on strafing out only for 3 or less planes. So you lose the Air Superiority fighter when disengaging. You instantly have to give up 25% DPS. My suggested second fix is giving Hiryu back her propper T7 Torpedobomber, to balance her better with it. Implement and see how bad the situation is and add additional fixes if necessary. While you have your eyes on the Saipan still remember that your team can get utterly pearl harboured by Kaga.
  5. Viktor_Lima

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I have only done very few matches in the new Essex (ran strike before the patch, but during the last 10 months, so experience is not beta). I of course used HE, as AP was restricted to Enterprise. Once the enemy formations are broken up a bit, you can do devastating fire and flooding damage by cycling the squads into poorly protected BBs around their damage control cooldown. Land a dive bomber for 2 fires and see if he damage controls. Strike with DB and TPB after for a guaranteed kill. Also communicate with the high level cruisers. A Zao can tell you when the enemy has damage controlled fire and you can take him out. Mostly the very high damage games happen, when you turn around a match with initial cap advantage to opponent, so you have time to win and harvest damage. Some maps allow you to position the CV rather close to the front, but in T9/10 this stunt is much more dangerous than in a Saipan. Distance to strike scales damage proportionally. Lastly, The high tier matches have a kind of "flow," where you need to feel the AA bubbles, the presence of the enemy CV and his focus and sense the openings you get. If one shows, strike hard and don't hesitate, because loitering your planes while looking for opportunities is often a waste of time. Most importantly: The very first strike on anything that is not a DD is usually a bad idea. It will look good right up to final approach, when a CA/CL that you hadn't scouted will pop up and ruin your planes day. All in all Essex damage should be lower now, because half the matches will be a mirror matchup which used to be a damage race and now are a mutual lockout with 2 fighters on each side patrolling between heavy CA flack.
  6. Viktor_Lima

    CV as support class

    KarmaQU_EU, you talk an awful lot and you have very little idea what you are talking about. An RTS is about controlling units. Meditate on that.
  7. Viktor_Lima

    CV as support class

    CVs are fine, except for two factors: 1. Unresponsive laggy UI. Any RTS player coming to WoWs from another product will feel like he's in a poorly coded alpha when running CVs. I'm in it long enough and love CV enough to just put up with it and have my fun while restricting my APM. 2. Overtuned torpedo damage at low tiers. The fact that torpedo damage is the same for any airdropped torpedo from T4 to T10 is a bit absurd. It is also the reason they had to scuttle manual drop from T4 and T5, making sure no new entrants to the game could ever practice it before running into overwhelming AA at T6, effectively shutting down new uptake and replacement training for CV captains. Planes at T4 and T5 are flimsy so let them carry a lighter torpedo, but give them back manual targetting and you solve a big problem in the learning curve. Factor two also leads to the beauty of a Kaga having the strike power of a Midway or Hakuryu when closing with 12 torpedo bombers (identical damage per torp). Now imagine Kongo shooting Yamato or Montana shells or Hatsuharu dropping a Shimakaze torpedo set. This tuning mistake led to the entire manual drop removal fiasco at T4/5.
  8. Viktor_Lima

    Enterprise vs. Graf Zeppelin

    Shokaku is the best CV in competative and BigE is the best in random matches. Graf Zeppelin is currently being towed to the scrappers for steel to make tanks. Seriously, BigE is a mighty carrier with very heavy strike potential, especially if German Battleships are around, but rest assured, the 10 torpedo bombers are no joke either, W spread or not. And then there is the fact that you will always have another 6 Hellcats, which eventually will blast any other CV from the skies. Would I buy either from a company which chooses to suppress angry noises about its crappy quality control and marketing. Nope, not currently until some decision makers see the light and accept the heat about a completely botched bait and switch release. PS: I did not buy GZ, because it had no historical significance and I'm happy with Shokaku and BigE, but if I had, buoy would I be angry.
  9. Viktor_Lima

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    It's very simple: We, the players and customers who can read and reason come to our own conclusions. There was a lot of material out about GZ and the released product in no way mirrored the WIP vids that were available earlier. To release a premium ship in the competative tier with insufficient testing and differring markedly from what was viewed and expected before is a HUGE quality flaw. Customers did not get the product they were expecting and the released ship was worse than the preview one. This is the very definition of poor quality in marketing handbooks. Now you have a contributer vocalizing what the community thinks in a very rough manner, but to be honest, that's the way the tone is set in this community. Flamu is rude, players are rude and many other CCs are rude and competative and suddenly you want the kid gloves on them. That is absurd. Very simply, for the foreseeable future I will not be funding this game with additional purchases and premium time. I have what I want and I don't like the way this company is doing business or the autoritarian way in which they try to discipline the community about a completely botched product release.
  10. Viktor_Lima

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Tuccy, relate to your superiors and design department that you're massively turning off your core enthusiast playerbase and especially those with enough education to have the bundles of cash you want to earn. Your game framework should capture the feel and weight of the historical ships in a action based game that is fun. If you can no longer fit the most important ships of their era into your framework, then you have gone off track. Regards, disgruntled customer.
  11. Viktor_Lima

    New ship preview: Monarch

    I'm SEVERELY disappointed. There must be a way to make King George V work at T8. Scharnhorst is a splendid TVII with rapid firing smaller guns and there is no reason, not to make KGV work at T8. You're extinguishing the naval soul of this game with paper designs, because of unneeded limits in your design. The historic ship models are the flesh and soul of this game. Don't misuse them and misunderstand your player base. For the record, I'm not a brit, but these ships do not deserve to be relegated to the dustheap, just because of religious cult of calibre in design decisions! Change it!
  12. Viktor_Lima

    French cruiser line. Did I miss something?

    Baltimore maneuvers to assist in a DD kill at the start of a match, which results in a cap advantage and a snowball to victory. Another cruiser positions defensively and farms 100k fire damage on a Montana and Yamato, which do not die by end of match. Result for Baltimore: 50k less average damage (e.g.) and much higher win rate. It depends very heavily, who you deal damage to and when and if your damage reduces the amound of enemies in the game and especially high threat enemies afloat.
  13. Viktor_Lima

    Just Citadelled a Montana with Neptune, But How?

    The Montana in the video is turning away sharply and listing at >10°, presenting her deck, so you would have to reduce the effective angle of impact on the deck to below 20° maybe even 15°.
  14. Viktor_Lima

    Need more Tirpitzs and Bismarcks in matches

    Not present on these screenshots is the Enterprise that they all dread to see. A very strange way to go about fixing the meta, but Big E sends them to the dry dock or ocean floor really, really quickly. Only in this game is Enterprise, which should excel at killing IJN CVs the cure to German battleships.
  15. Viktor_Lima

    The Impending BBabypocalypse.

    Actually the captain perk rework was successful in that you now have to choose the focus of your battleship skipper: Yamato can have pretty scary AA, but as CVs are rare and the opportunity cost is too damn high, you instead spec for tankiness or stealth. It's much more likely that you will be put on constant fires by a Zao or have to maneuver against 5 enemy BB that will open up on you as soon as your masts come over the horizon than meeting a TX CV. Previously every BB used to have basic and advanced firing training and possibly manual AA when the CVs still reigned supreme. This has given a breather to the remaining CV captains and I happen to be one of them, though I play all ship classes regularly with a focus on cruisers.