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  1. SapperMark

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Type 6 camo is trying to remount at a cost of 50 doubloons,even though i have 83 in my inventory
  2. SapperMark

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Notser is streaming the Hood on twitch right now
  3. SapperMark

    Mikhail Kutuzov Exterior Bug

    Checking the files resulted in an additional 675mb DL.But seems to have now fixed the problem
  4. SapperMark

    Mikhail Kutuzov Exterior Bug

    When trying to select the exterior option on the Mikhail Kutuzov,it crashes my game back to desktop.Have tried different ports,but still has same effect
  5. SapperMark

    USS Arizona commemorative flag

    Surely if you going to take the time to create a commemorative flag for a certain ship.I really do think that flag should be available for every sale of that ship,not just the overpriced top bundle.After all its a commemorative flag,designed to honour the ship and the brave souls that went down with it Commemorative Commemorative
  6. SapperMark

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    When do we get the 12 million diamond reward camos?
  7. I just copied and pasted his txt LOL.Because i couldn't find a way to quote from another threas aswell
  8. The Mikasa is going into the in-game tech tree to be bought with doubloons Quote from Ectar I could give a big round about answer to this, but i'll keep it simple. YES And here is the EU list Japan: Tachibana (Destroyer; II) Mikasa (Battleship; II) USA: USS Marblehead (Cruiser; V) USS Saipan (Carrier; VII) USSR: Diana (Cruiser; II) Germany: Emden (Cruiser; II) UK: HMS Campbeltown (Destroyer; III) HMS Warspite (Battleship; VI) Tirpitz and Blyskawica will come at a later date. On the plus side for EU we have the Mikasa
  9. Im guessing it must be base XP,as i have just finished a match with 3300 total xp and its not completed.
  10. What a great clip.Really would like the chance to obtain the Mikasa at some point,looks like a fun ship to play.
  11. SapperMark


    Loving the new music whilst in port.Just wish i could mute the damn seagulls and forghorns that sound over it.
  12. SapperMark

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    The original wow.exe file DL is coming up as a virus when i try to DL it.Also windows defender starts going mad trying to remove malware it identifies it as Trojan:Win32/Spursint.A