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  1. daftdrew

    You Are Kidding Me Yeah!

    I find it hilarious you are eating friendly torps in a mine which is probably the most op ship in the game atm. btw friendly torps dont have a detection range
  2. daftdrew

    How to play high tier and don't lose money?

    up to tier 6 carriers are a cakewalk tier 7 and above they are no longer the death knight of world of warships
  3. daftdrew

    Bismarck and Tirpitz Anti Hype Post

    I have all but two premium ships but I wont be adding the tirpitz to it. Nothing can compete with the muru for silver generation
  4. daftdrew

    anybody know a fix?

    Sounds like you have a radeon.
  5. daftdrew

    The stat whores have arrived

    Who cares, that website is an abomination looks like it was put together by a three year old.
  6. daftdrew

    cleveland howitzers

    They need removed from the game until they can balance them, Cleve is better than all proceeding ships apart from Des M.
  7. daftdrew

    considering quitting the game

    I don't mind if people come and post about quitting on the forums, at least they leave some sort of feedback about why they are leaving, better that than no feedback. No one forces you to read their tread so quit the bitching.
  8. daftdrew

    THE Sonar

    The sonar thing should be passive IMHO cause in it's current state it is bloody useless.
  9. daftdrew

    Want to own in world of warships? Watch my guides first

    No thanks sweetheart.
  10. daftdrew

    Pls buff income on Atago.

    Well for me, I have Muru and Atego, I make more cash with Muru, and my brother also reports the same thing.
  11. daftdrew

    Weird Torpedo spread

    my favourite auto drops when using my cv is when all the torps seem to drop at exactly the same point and they fan out in an almost impossible way for the enemy to decipher which direction to turn. normally 3 always hit. delicious
  12. daftdrew

    Twin Torpedo Bomber - Russian Tier 10 Carrier Aircraft

    You lot really are out of date i went looking at some russian carrier prototypes and this is agreed to be the tier 10 carrier.
  13. Please like anyone played WoWp, By that logic no one would know what planes have tailgunners.
  14. daftdrew

    Will the German Tree be realeased completed?

    I am most upset that the Bismark is not the premium ship. As a 7-8 year old i watched Sink the Bismark (i know the film is ancient) but that film make me obsessed with the ship. I wanted it to be premium. I wont pay for a premium tirpitz. Make the Bismark Premium and I pay.
  15. daftdrew

    The MM is working as intended

    Yeah and one of the BB's is an Iowa! lol with Amazing AA