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  1. SilentKiller_2014

    Alsace nerf=pointless

    Why in the name of God did you have to nerf the Alsace? Now it has the worst sigma of all the tier 9 battleships, the lowest cal and the lowest firing range. WHY WG? I would say more but you don't care anyway.
  2. SilentKiller_2014

    Good job WG for providing a game I cannot close

    I am not using any mods and I am running the game on HDD which is not that old given that I had this pc for a couple of years now
  3. SilentKiller_2014

    Good job WG for providing a game I cannot close

    This thing happens pretty rarely but it’s annoying. I cannot use the UI thou the game seems to be running ok. Also, since the last update, the ships take a very long time to load in port, even thou i haven’t changed the graphical settings. I would like to attach a video to prove what I am stating but I can’t as it is too big.
  4. SilentKiller_2014

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    so i guess that 3 hours is not enough for you to solve an "unexpected" problem. This happened before when you released the german bbs I guess. Now what is wrong? That one f*****g cruiser you introduced is not working or what
  5. SilentKiller_2014

    Matchmaker going hard

    You can’t have a decent match in a Bismarck with a HE spamming Conq and a t10 CV for which your AA means nothing. You also cannot dodge all the torps from the DDs, especially the Shima and when a torp hits you are doomed. Presenting concret facts not theory about how I should play.
  6. SilentKiller_2014

    Matchmaker going hard

    At least give us the chance to win a SC container at any amount of t10 battles. If you like to [edited]us at least pay for it
  7. SilentKiller_2014

    Matchmaker going hard

    Fix this crap already.
  8. SilentKiller_2014

    This is new

    I was playing and in the middle of the battle the game froze and the image started shaking then the logo appeared.Afterwards,i’ve tried to reconnect but it seems like the servers are down.
  9. SilentKiller_2014

    This game is going down

    Alright, update 0.6.10, THE SO HYPED BRITISH BBS ARE HERE. What do we get? Large HE spammers.There are already a lot of HE spammers, the Kutuzov, Atago, Belfast,the russian dd line with the annoying Kaba. Why another line of spammers? Since with the update I see only HE flying around fires over fires and a ridiculous amount of damage. The tier 10 ship, the ConqueHE, 11km detectability range, monster heal and ridiculously powerful HE. This is wrong on so many levels.Who would like to see a t10 BB with 457mm guns just 11km away which is capable of restoring its HP faster than you can aim and capable of dealing monstruous amounts of damage by setting you on fire faster than you can extinguish and heal then dissappear again.Sorry,but this game has gone wrong way too hard.Just an honest opinion from a player who never spent even 1 euro on WG's garbage.
  10. SilentKiller_2014

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    You failed so hard this time
  11. SilentKiller_2014

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    What can go so wrong that you delay the update 3 hours?
  12. SilentKiller_2014


    I feel that WG is trying to [edited]up the meaning of teamplay.IF,ONLY IF they'd really listen to the community demands,THEY WOULD BE AWARE THAT WE WANT THEM TO ENCOURAGE TEAMPLAY and by applying a penalty to those who need a smoke cover and they shoot from it,it's just not the proper way.If they were planning to add this penalty then why the [edited]did they put the "Set a smoke screen" as a quick command?Then here it comes another problem,the Shiratsuyu.Belfast is still roaming the game's seas and they thoughtabout nerfing the Shira.Nerf the Belfast,nerf the Kutuzov,those are the real problems.Spamming with HE with high fire chance from smoke is not balance,not to say about the fact that Belfast has both Hydro and Radar.Just [edited]off...I've been playing this game for a pretty long period of time and I feel like there is nothing left to enjoy.
  13. SilentKiller_2014


    If this looks ok to you,than I will delete my account.Will WG ever fix the MM and don't screw up every update with their so called "game balance" cause I see no balance in this thing.And yeah,maybe there weren't enough players but it is not the first time I come across this MM.I don't see the balance they are boasting about in every update.
  14. SilentKiller_2014


    I've got teamkilled several times and I couldn't see my compensations.But,if one damages somebody,he gets a fine.How does that work?
  15. SilentKiller_2014

    Bismarck-the paper ship

    I had the worst day ever and since I got Bismarck I feel like playing in a mid-tier cruiser not in a high tier BB.A neptune did 4k damage on me with every salvo,really?Low caliber guns,inaccurate and the armor is far from being the best in its tier.I can't even penetrate an Amagi from 10km wtf.Not to say about the poor maneuvrability.North Carolina is way better than this piece of paper.