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  1. Aethanos

    am i a supertester now?

    fun fact .... the mail came to an alternate email i have for a completely different account i have for wots. i even use different credit cards to purchase stuff there. Not really a reason behind that just how it is...but i wonder why did they use that mail? how did they know?
  2. Aethanos

    am i a supertester now?

    So i opened up my mail and found this: Greetings, Captain! We have credited following ships (with commanders) to your account: • Medea • Valkyrie • Wakeful • Alaska • Le Terrible • Jean Bart You can use following equipment during the test: Any signals and flags; Any modernizations; Any commander skill points; Any camouflage; Any premium consumable. Please, be aware of the following rules and requirements for ship testing: • At least half of the battles on the ship must be played with no platoon, in the "random battle" mode. • Currency spent (e.g. doubloons for premium camouflage you have bought) is not included in the testing process and will not be refunded. • When the ships are removed, commanders are sent to reserve, while modernization, flags and consumables are sent to the inventory. • Before the official release of the ship, gameplay and performance characteristics are considered to be confidential information. • On test ships, participation in clan and rank battles is forbidden! We, at World of Warships Supertest Team, are grateful for you participation and efforts! ...i then got in the game and didnt see those ships anywhere. How can i have those ships but dont see them anywhere in my port? I dont even remember applying for this...and to say the truth i will be too busy with real work to have the time to be a supertester...so with whom do i have to talk now?
  3. Aethanos

    Greek Ships

    I never expected Greece to be the exception. We are too tiny to even constitute a single class ship line or even have any ships ingame. My cupcake and tantrum problems are with your insistence on the Ottoman thing. North Eastern Mediterranean is the best cause thats what it is. Theres no hate involved. Its all about proper naming ... but hey i let it go ...you are either not getting it or dont want to.
  4. Aethanos

    Greek Ships

    Just to be fair with the US they got tons of museum ships...and lots of nice brand new ones. In greece we only got a few of them. Right next to this one is parked a fletcher class DD named "Velos" (arrow) and there used to be a real seaworthy trireme right next to them but i think that one has gone away for repairs as well (they actually take it out at sea every summer). I really dont know of any other ship from ww1 or ww2 to have been preserved in Greece. The Averoff was repaired with donations from some big nautical businessmen from greece.
  5. Aethanos

    Greek Ships

    So once Greece was part of the Ottoman empire ? Ok, i am aware of that time period better than you...but Greek and Ottoman navies did fight each other baring different flags...Oh by the way greeks have been around greece more than once (seriously man)...last time i checked we 've been here for more than 3000 years...so im not fighting the ground im standing on, seems more like you are not in touch with reality here. Try not to oversimplify things that are not simple and try to be a bit more impartial and not to favor whoever you personally think that owns a geographical region. You wouldnt call an Ottoman fleet a fleet of Troy , or macedonian or roman or egyptian or persian or whoever else has passed through there through the ages. Greece as the nation that it is known today did exist even before WW1. Put more thought on those tech trees of yours and try not to favor any one faction from that time of history. " A North Ottoman one, with vessels from Greece, Turkey, and also one Yugoslavian, Romanian and Bulgarian " then you say "I wasn't referring to any nation in particular..." , make up your mind. You should follow WGs example...the real german WW2 flag is not in the game cause it insults ppl who suffered under it. The real IJN flag is not ingame cause it insults ppl who suffered under it...panasian DDs no longer have their nations flags cause you cant put china and taiwan together. There are no little clouds bursting here nor do i need a shrink. Its curious how you choose your geographical data and how you choose to name areas of the map that already have a name...go in google maps and tell me where it says north ottoman over the Balkans and the Aegean sea. Its the Balkans and the Aegean sea or the general Mediterranean region area you are talking about. Calling those areas of the map north ottoman is wrong no matter where you were born. And making an Ottoman tech tree with ships that are not ottoman makes no sense. You said it yourself there used to be an Ottoman empire and an empire is very well defined. If you put other nations ships in the tech tree its no longer an Ottoman ship line. Like there was a Japanese empire...you dont see in game a "Japanese empire" tech tree with american ships in it. Theres a clearly defined japanese and american tech tree. And if there were not enough ships from both sides and put them into one tech tree it would have been a " Pacific Ocean " tech tree. In the end if nothing from above makes any sense to you then i give up. Go ahead with your turkish extremist propaganda.
  6. Aethanos

    Greek Ships

    Please keep such offensive remarks to yourself. Stick to the game talk and leave your national ideas out of this. Getting greek ships into an "Ottoman" tree? *edited* What you wrote is deeply offensive ... please refrain from saying anything like that again. If its not so much trouble i would request for those comments to be deleted immediately. Modern turkey politics aside , you simply cant put ottomans and greeks together unless you want a slaughter. Just dont. There are multiple genocides involved...please dont. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to disrespectful comments.
  7. Aethanos

    Musashi will cost 92... nope! 750k freePex !

    920 k? The yamato is way more cheap compared so no thank you. I get it though...460 guns that can fight tier 7, it is very cheap considering the grief one can distribute on tier 7 ships.
  8. Aethanos

    Nub Kobayashi strikes again: Roma

    yawn...why do ppl believe the "gameplay" part of the forums mean "trollish complaints" ?
  9. Aethanos

    Failed Ranked as a symptom of greed

    1. Loyang sucks this season. Just cause it has some sonar it doesnt mean anything when you get cruisers with radar. Kidd is under performing. Alabama is not that much different than north carolina so can it. 2.In my experience ships with lots of utilities under perform in comparison with honest and simple ships. do bother to check some community contributor vids man... Why do ppl like to come here to troll? You're here as long as i am and you got 7,251 battles ... do not play the role of a scrub or a troll. You should already be an expert in this, your stats look good enough. You should be able to carry to victory. I do it when others in my team dont. Yes most ppl just click "ranked" like japanese tourist taking pictures of the Parthenon but tend to stay at low ranks. Why are you repeating the words of other trolls and scrub...show some self respect mate. i also need to ask this...did you play any ranked this season? i checked your stats and didnt see any recent battles in ranked.
  10. Aethanos

    Explain this one to me

    I agree...but the cruisers can be "playmakers" in the right situation. BBs are stupid and slow anyway, dont expect much from them, lots of fire hp to farm. Cruisers and DDs are the ones that will make a battle epic. So L2P applies to them more, come on you know its more difficult to play cruisers...BBs are forgiving, cruisers can get a few shots and DDs are oneshot for everyone. The smaller the ships the more skill you need...carriers are a different thing though.
  11. Aethanos

    Explain this one to me

    ummm i think RN CL are the worst...german cruisers, soviet cruisers, and french and japanese middle to high tier are just awesome. I dont get why ppl complain. You got 4,073 battles and you still havent figured out what to do with your cruisers? I dont know how anyone can help you. But sometimes ppl just cant perform in some ships. Its a bich i know but thats life mate. You know "git gud" "learn to play"....and stuff...go watch youtube vids...watch flamu or jingles or flambass or...you'll definately find a channel you like. Go watch and learn what other ppl do to farm you so one day you'll be able to farm other ppl as well
  12. Aethanos

    an idea!

    You might need to change games and go play "atlantic fleet" or something like that. This game is arcade. Even the devs themselves have commented so on vids and Q&As , i thought we had made that clear since CBT , you new here? . If you think its simulates anything then we wont be able to have any common ground to talk about it. I'll tell you what though...if you dont like it im sure the devs will make it so you can click in the options , uncheck a choice so that you wont have to suffer it in your game. Problem solved...no bubble was burst. No reason for you or anyone else to get in the way of progress. Oh and do bother focusing better on reading cause im not talking about shooting the planes that are 8kms away. "Its called situational awareness"? dont like your tone there Mr AA Hotshot, you one of those ppl who think no one else knows how to play? "leave the surface target for what it is" seriously? this is what most of the game is all about!..."excitement of searching for targets" not everyone is a masochist , some ppl actually play games to relax after a day of work...we get more than enough "excitement" from reality thank you. I would also like to add that in many cases when a plane squad goes over islands or mountains its a [edited] to figure out where they are even with the minimap.
  13. Aethanos

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    OMG man i lvoe those scenes! always love it when ppl do what you just did! P.S. ive been doing what the op says even in cbt when stealth firing was a thing. One would say you only need eyes, the brain is irrelevant.
  14. Aethanos

    Past Tier 8 no fun games only camping

    Yeah ...well i'll tell you what. The Missouri and the Tashkent are my only tier 9 ships. Why? Cause Missouri is Missouri and Tashkent was pushed up a tier when the change on the soviet DDs happened. I stop grinding at 8, got all ships up to tier 8...excluding carrier which i dont really like much and i havent reached yet the tier 8 panasian...probably will get there tomorrow. Yes high tier games are slow, and very deadly if you are not careful and many prefer to not support a pushing BB cause they know the enemy will ignore the bow-on ship and shoot at whoever squishy is around him. Even other BBs go at half speed or less (while cruisers stay put waiting for them to move and DDs look at the fishes waiting to be called afk and be reported a couple of hundred times to get moving) at the start of a match while im at full speed watching them and wandering why the hell they logged in today. There is and will forever be one solution: go play lower tiers. Im not gonna say "git betar" since i dont know your situation and that might be unfair. I personally enjoy a lot of seal clubbing! This way you get to have a lot of fun. Get great results. Feel like a unicam and teach new players how WG games are meant to be played Whenever i suffer in my missouri i jsut go play my nikolai and feel like a god. Or the kamikaze...or if you dont have premiums the tier 4 panasian DD...go for that and enjoy the krakens. P.S. i suggest you play on a cheap keyboard if you plan to push to tier 10 and stay there.
  15. Aethanos

    Quitting due to full HP detonations.

    The "fun and engaging" mechanic does suck but isnt that what happened to the Hood irl? Its there...either use the flag that you actually get when it happens or leave. No need to announce it in the forums. WG did say that they are taking a look at it anyway so from my perspective you just wasted a lot of time for nothing playing this game. 8K+ games ... how did you even manage to get past 100 if you really hate the "fun and engaging" aspect of the game? Doesnt make any sense mate. Just stay away for a few weeks of months. Play something else. Then come back. I do that for WOT cause it has cost me too many gaming keyboards too often, since then i only buy cheap ones, they get dirty really fast anyway so its better this way.