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  1. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

  2. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    We must be playing different games. I wish I was playing when the Kongo sisters were in the game for free but now all we get is inflated Bundles for collaboration ships.
  3. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Uncover the truth mission

    I feel like its more likely to be an elaborate way of getting us to the premium store to buy "Cheap" Halloween containers for the low low price of our soul or something...
  4. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Superstitions and Ships / Loadouts?

    Trust me! Im 300% Jinxed i have everything to prevent it, not running fire prevention on my DD's before you ask... (I did consider it at one point it was that bad) I just think its all bad luck some games though
  5. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    What do you wish you knew when you started?

    I wish I knew how detailed and extensive the Wiki was.. I can tell you transferring from WoT console to warships is one hell of a step up in game play and knowledge sense! Knowing how much AA stuff has to Armour, secondaries. and Concealment. All the way down to what ships have torpedoes and their ranges. You eventually learn it but i had difficulty remembering and still do. (Only just learned the Donskoi has 8k Torps not 4km like everything else in the line. When I played her I figured it out... 3k battles into my Career.)
  6. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Superstitions and Ships / Loadouts?

    No matter what i'm doing i will somehow be burning its almost like my trait when playing ships. Sailing DD's and doing my best (I'm not great) Fire everywhere. Maybe take my Cruiser out... Fire everywhere. Its best not to talk about BB's and Fire... Its almost like a dark cloud that hangs over me
  7. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Maybe I can have an opinion since i don't own a Belfast then? I frankly don't care about getting a Stalingrad myself, It doesn't interest me (Surprising i know!) I hardly see them in randoms so its not like i can practice fighting them ready for when Clan wars spins around again, Plus wheres the fun in spending all of my random time searching and hunting for an elusive ship just so i can shoot it a little? The real decider will be how teams shape up in the next clan wars. For me it seems like a pain but you only complain about something when it affects you in a negative way. Like detonations for example (Funny when you detonate someone else, Not so funny when it happens to you sometimes) The Stalingrad is the same, People complain like "I turned and it did 33k to me! Must be Overpowered!" Not at all cause i forgot it was capable of that.
  8. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together

    I don't even like the GC so i might not use it (Only got a 10 point captain that came with it) My go to ships might be the Texas or Kongo since i'm more comfortable in those ships... Not saying i spend all my time in tier 5 ships. It might end up with me taking it out if i'm frustrated. Don't hate me
  9. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    So I'm feeling good, Maybe take my Haku out, Little scared since Im new to Tier X Cv's... Only played her twice. Trying to get better. Runs into a Mad @El2aZeR and I might've freaked out a little... He wiped the floor with me and my team forgot how to cap so Gg though man! I couldn't do anything
  10. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Something weird happened in port

    I've got to admit Im not extremely excited for Subs... But when i noticed what the Sub actually was In the top right. My Inner Weeb Rejoiced. (Its not really Inner to be fair) But im also curious as to what its doing there and why...
  11. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    To start with, Played my first win of the day got 14k xp and collected two TYL containers... Got two Rando Supercontainers right after each other... Instead of 8 Containers got 10 and my results were: 50 Wyvern flags 50 Anniversary camo 100 Det flags 50 Anniversary camo 50 Ocean soul 7 days premium 25 Wyvern flags 50 Ocean soul 25 Ouroboros 100 Speed flags Not bad
  12. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Second bracket - best looking ships in the game

    I did put in small print No judging me... See below example "Shes a good looking ship don't judge me okay..." Please remove the judging Hat now thanks
  13. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Second bracket - best looking ships in the game

    I feel like people aren't taking me seriously but once again I'll say.. Wheres my IZUMO Shes a good looking ship don't judge me okay...
  14. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    First poll - best looking ship

    I refuse to vote... Theres no Izumo. Yes i actually like the Izumo get over it...
  15. IJNBattleship_Kongo

    Sharks still winning?

    I recently got my Musashi from the event (The coal per day is no joke) and nothing else in the armory is really grabbing my attention so the three daily coal containers are good for now y'know! Not enough Loyalty anymore clearly...