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  1. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    I was literally about to write a well structured response on why its beyond unreasonable. Thank You
  2. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was playing Repu and felt like i was doing pretty decent. End of the game rolls around and Im clicking my mouse hard enough to force it through the floor at this point watching the red ships disappear. Thinks I've broken my damage record Finally after several months... Checks result Cue Happy Emotions right? Checks his Max damage I'm exactly 38 away from beating it....
  3. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Shush, We want this... I have the Halloween Camo on mine for a reason
  4. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    How is your Crown & Florin collecting (for the 3x RN CVs) going on?

    Well thank you for letting me know anyway! I'm still being really dumb and can't count, so no idea if I can even get the Implacable so I guess time to farm another 40k xp just incase
  5. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    How is your Crown & Florin collecting (for the 3x RN CVs) going on?

    I've found that if you throw about 20 bombers at one ship you might have RNG on your side and get a fire. If you're Lucky The Torp bombers are the Weapon of choice and Im looking at about 130k xp saved on the Furious so far (Just incase I can't get the Implacable before the update). I should be able to as I've got 250+ Crowns and 1500 Florins
  6. _NekoNyanNyaa_


    I do love being kicked when Im trying to spread some Balans in my Stalingrad... Is this some sort of divine retribution no-one told me about when buying the ship..?
  7. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Newbie says 'Thanks'

    Have you watched many Videos or read any reviews on the ships? The Sims recently got buffed a little and the Exeter is a pretty ship but does feel weird to play on account of the long reload and minimal Armour. I can't say i watch many videos on the ships I buy (The Heresy I know) but even taking a little read might open your mind to new ways of trying the ship out? Im happy to try and help in anyway I can.
  8. Now I hate to admit it but i bought far too many Christmas boxes... I had just recently visited Belfast in London and had my heart set on owning the Ship in WoWs, Now the only way of playing the ship was getting it in boxes. I really wanted to play a OP Belfast so forked out a fair share just to get it. I also got the other OP ships while looking for her. I can't honestly say I support the way its being done or how its coming across to us the players. I personally would prefer them to learn from their mistakes and move on and not upset everyone further. I kinda feel like i'm sat here with egg on my face while weegee is sneaking up behind me to pie me once I've cleaned the egg off my face. I only bought boxes in the chance of getting the ship in its current state. So im happy to give them a chance should they actually balance them well but honestly I think as many have said.. There needs to be the correct compensation But feel free to disagree with me
  9. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    Only If I can have my Conqueror plastered with Flamin Hot Doritos logos
  10. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Stalingrad legendary module

    I don't know man, It won't make the Stalin anymore meta than it already is with Cv rework coming if thats what you mean..?
  11. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Quick battle report: please show total Credits, not received

    If its Helpful to you. There's a Mod I run that shows you total net credits made over all your battles played that session. Also shows Kills; Base Xp, free Xp, win / loss and Average Damage for that playing session. Its obviously not what you want exactly but a better alternative instead of looking after each match?
  12. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Well from the PeF steel I got the Stalingrad so I guess its a worthwhile trade even if the PeF makes me want to cry into my pillow at night
  13. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Stalingrad captain skills and upgrades

    I personally run full tank build (without SE ) on all my Russian “cruisers” so I only have the one captain and his skills are shown here. Hope it helps
  14. _NekoNyanNyaa_

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    "Grinding" 24 Million is only a grind if you don't have the flags and ships in my Opinion. I'm happy to do the 6 different nations as I literally hate the PeF and only bought the base pack as I wanted the steel. Then again I do have Jean Bart, Missouri, Kronstadt and Musahi for 4/6 and other premiums to cover the last two nations and flags to enhance my credit earning. Took me like 3/4 games in each Nation to get half of them done. Just 12 mil to go I guess