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  1. Sasha31

    no penalty for friendly fire in retaliation?

    I remember playing ranked, a psycho on my team got vry pissed at start at me for sufgesting for our team to go cap A.. he issued an ultimatum that he would kill me if I do.t shut up, I ignored him, talked to team bout stratwgy, he lost it,he was a dd, I was cruiser.. so I see him turning on me, I issue warning for my team of impending imbecil on our team.. lol, he tries to torp me from close range, I dodge, but could nsidering I'm under attack I retalite to save myself.. the moment he tried torping me my team kbew he had to go if we r to win.. we all shoot at him, but I manage to kill him.. I go pink but hei we still won..effin epic game man. Also, I shouldn't be pink for this, I should get purple heart award for courage!
  2. Why nerf Khaba and Uda when i just bought Uda and grinding to Khaba..

  3. Sasha31

    Addition to the NEW armor layouts

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could pick a layer, pick a gun (lets say Furutaka AP), put distance from firing, click on the armor of your ship and they it would deliver (Penetrates, bounces, ricochetes, or CITADELS).. .. i would really like some sort of UI where you can just input this info and get an answer, would be better than playing hundreds of simulations in the game under variour angles, ships, ammo's etc.. what do you think.. would it be too complicated to implement such UI in the port?..
  4. I am probably as annoyed as many when they see ineffectiveness of divisions,right now the "division" means very little but be together in hot water with hopefully someone on your level of skill with whom you communicate and expect him to follow clear orders as you will to his. But can we have something more effective than 2,3 player division? and how? I was thinking how about a system where experience you get in the match (top rank, second rank, third rank), and this gives you some leverage to issue "suggestions" to your team.. lets say you end up on top of the team for 3 matches in a row, above certain level of points (1200 exp in defeat or something like that), this would give you the LEADERSHIP clause in a match that you can use for 5 matches at your choosing (a button you press in the match and enables you to give orders/draw on the map, etc.. ) Of course all this means nothing, why the hell would anyone follow this so called "leader"? yes so he is skilled player who topped the team 3 times in a row and probably knows more what he is doing than most of players but why follow his orders?.. well how about EXP sharing?? .. in a way of, he gives order to DD to go cap something, DD then has the chance to "AGREE" to his order, this gives him some very little exp boost, and if he achieves the goal of capping then he gets the full treatment of EXP bonus...Basically everyone to whom order is given anyway and order is accepted and order is executed means more exp sharing, like if you cap as a DD its good and you get what 1000 exp in a win but if you do it under a order from LEADER its 1200 or something.. or WG can reduce the 1000 exp to 750 and give you 1200 for doing it under a leader order.. This i think would make a more natural team play, more strategic/tactical play, that would be more easily followed than today's divisions.. And if you have high success execution rate of orders from leader you yourself may get to be a leader too.. and so on and so forth.. What do you guys think?
  5. Sasha31


    with schors i learned the hard way to play if even more defensively than buddy, .. in most cases number 1 rule you must not forget is DON'T TURN in face of multiple enemies! EVER..for many reasons,sometimes you actually won't be able to turn without hitting an island cuz of its Titanic cruiser luxury ship turning circle.. second reason it takes soo long to turn you will get citadeled from every ship in the map, even friends might citadel you just for the lolz(joking bout the last part, or not)?)) if i push, sometimes i have to push as many teammates cowards, i push, and when i face enemies, i just reverse, get punished insanely hard but i do survive.. alternative is to turn right away and risk getting 5 salvos from different ships into your citadel, which means you die or get to 10% hp which means you are as well dead for all practical reasons.. Guns are good but u have to show citadel to use all of them..right now i use it to fire HE on BBs, .. get to some rock, island for cover, use spotter plane and start firing HE 2 minutes in the battle, just learn how to use the spotter plane and you will do ok, i manage to start fires on BBs easily now.. But i didn't use my buddy captain on schors, using new captain on schors as i thought i don' thave the nerve to have a penalized buddy captain in schors for the time of retraining.. which means i lack the fire-starter 4th skill that my buddy has.. my buddy can do 20-24 fires per match.. my schors 5-10.. big difference if u have green captain or skiled one..
  6. Sasha31


    I thought Omaha was greatest T5 cruiser, then Koningsberg came, and its the king, range biggest i think in its tier.. velocity awesome, AP DPM insane.. i do 10 k salvos on broadiside of new mexico, fusos who are tier 6.. its insanely powerful ship.. not slugish as kirov who has great guns but can't turn anywhere.. with buffed furutaka i don' tknow.. furutaka has aoba guns now if you upgrade the hull..so i haven't tried it yet.. but higher rate of fire is more useful as i think today more skilled player who keep turning their ships, which makes hitting those citadels easier with higher RoF then in Furutakas or Kirovs.. in ideal world Furutaka is king, followed closely by Koningsberg(high RoF), then after some distance from the leading duo we get very close Omaha,Kirov spot.. can't decide who is better,worse.. If u play Kirov as a sniper and you are good at it then i say Kirov is better than omaha, omaha has less brawling ability from close range, and sucks at long range-shell arcs..
  7. Sasha31

    immune svietlana to my budyony shots.. hacking?

    lol, he finished top of his game, in a tier 6 mathc.. still no suspicion? also, i used AP also.. did ZERO damage after the first salvo.. at least overpens give you 10% of max shell damage.. i got zero.. i fired HE from bow to stern, nothing. and its a svietlana ffs, not a new mexico that was shot to pieces with HE and was almost burned to death then used Heal to get to 20% health and now i can't hurt her with HE cuz he was already burned out.. its svietlana.
  8. Sasha31

    immune svietlana to my budyony shots.. hacking?

    he was full health.. so u saying u can only damage sveitlana 8k in damage then he is immune.. THIS.? right, THIS? wth ppl.. so a ship is impossible to kill after it takes 40 % damage.. strange, i have no problem getting killed in matches even after i'm at 10 % health.. but hei guys, tnx for letting me know this isn't hax or bug.. just me not putting 10000 rounds in to kill a svietlana.. will remember for next time.
  9. Sasha31

    immune svietlana to my budyony shots.. hacking?

    i shot 20 times at his citadel.. ffs, look at the picture.. 20 hits.. and 56 he.. do i need to use nuclear torpedoes to bring down a tier 4 cruiser..
  10. Sasha31

    immune svietlana to my budyony shots.. hacking?

    its weird the guy in svietlana ended up top ranked in his team , and the match was more or less tier 6.. i think hack could be at play..
  11. Sasha31

    immune svietlana to my budyony shots.. hacking?

    its not like i was firing HE on a BB in its belt armor ffs, ..i should be penetrating his citadel with HE from 4 km anyway.. it had to be a bug, .he was close to an island..so maybe he was under some sort of protection from the wizard who lived in the nearby houses.. some weird lords of the rings wizardy man..
  12. Sasha31

    immune svietlana to my budyony shots.. hacking?

    noting worked man, i fired AP, HE, on bow, stern, midsection, on superstructure, while he kept probably dying from laughter and firing torps at me)lol.. it was a scene man, a scene! he wasn't maxed or anything..he was full health when i started hitting him, did 8 k damage then it all stopped, ALL.. zero damage afterwards.. so only like first 1,2 salvos did something the rest was empthy..
  13. I shot 76 times on this bucket and nothing!?)) seriously i wanted to throw my laptop out the window but remembered how will i write this complaint then.. now, either a hack was in place or some sort of bug, either way hope WG looks into this FFS.. now u might argue i overpeneed, but how can i fire 56 HE shots on a poor svietlana and get NOTHING in return.. eff this man..
  14. Sasha31

    when upgrading to higher Tier..

    with a DD its impossible if not with SA.. with CV as you said also impossible with lousy planes but also no captain perks (no additional plane strength etc).. it becomes very unprofitable journey as you play some 100 games to proceed to next tier(this concerns higher tier ships (from T8-T10).. so its a problem yes. almost urgently to 200 gold your captain to full skills and free exp the modules..but boy it sure does become expensive..
  15. Sasha31

    when upgrading to higher Tier..

    omg, that is great) tnx, didn't even noticed.. sweet. i guess all of a sudden i see the appeal for premium ships, ..i have only gremyaschy so far, so i'm good when it comes to researching new RF ships, but japan, US, German.. uff, will need some premium ships or be read to pay 200 gold every time i upgrade.. which come to think about it is still cheaper then buying premium (5 tier X 200 = 1000 gold versus a premium ship at 40 euros =10.000 gold...)) but in the long run if u just want to upgrade captain to higher rank for all your ships it still makes sense ot have premium as they bring more exp per battle