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  1. Its reminds me of the flamu vid of him clapping his hands while the old autopilot system deleted ships.... much balance
  2. Partykongen

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    Just in case you didn't know, directives can be achieved in co-op battles. You probably know that, but better safe than sorry. In my opinion, anything other than the getting xp (like kills and wins) is faster in co-op. I too got the Gorizia yestoday, so my grind stops there. These directives sure is a great way to burn out with this game and just getting the Gorizia was getting tiresome. WG shot themselves in the foot ...with a granade launcher.
  3. Partykongen

    battles won by cap too fast

    After my dive into lover tiers with the "reset ship-lines to get colbert", I didn't feel any particular cap rush. The system is fine as it is in my opinion and I'm pretty sure Wg aren't going to make a different cap counter for lower tier, which shure as hell would confuse people and result in more angry posts on the forum. Overall, I think youre somewhat alone with your frustrations with capping
  4. Partykongen

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. May the poorest sailor win...
  5. Partykongen

    Unique Premium Ships

    The hybrid ships, could maybe be usefull, if they got maybe both spotter and fighter, and halved the plane consumables reload times or made it very short. Then the tradeoff of having a carrier deck instead of guns would be more interesting...both for cruiser and bb hybrids ...maybe. Your aa defense would be greatly increased Anyway.
  6. Partykongen

    Manual Fire Control for AA or Basic Firing Training

    Thats what its still called on shipcomrade, but it might have changed name in-game. What ever the name, its still 4 points and I'm still qurious if its worth the points. And its regarding a captain for Kii bb.
  7. So I'm a bit out of the loop. Is MFCAA still worth 4 points or is BFT better use of my points in regards of boosting my AA?
  8. Partykongen

    bots invasion

    So, eh. Something like you have been reportet as a bot, please solve this riddle, add these numbers or what ever. If you are unable to do so or even react, then step 2, before getting the declared a bot. Something like that? Prob. not a perfect system, and still abusable, but its an idea.