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  1. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got my first evah "clear sky" in the I"OW"A ...Yeah, I don't do carriers, so I first for me!
  2. Players will now be able to discharge ARP and Dragon commanders that they don't need. Please be aware, that bla-bla-bla.... oh...OH HAPPY Days... WUT? Not having useless captains cluttering up the ...barracks?!?... is plenty reason. They get the boot first chance I get!
  3. The Neptune was asked what hes team was doing, after getting destroyed. ...he didn't know!
  4. the "carry harder!" thread

    Never stop shootin'
  5. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I returned to the Amagi after leaving it for some R'n'R for some time: "why would you make an secondary spec amagi anyway??"
  6. Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun: DD: Clemson CA: Fiji (with Minotaur close) -no need to think 'bout ammo choice and destroyers hate 'em BB: Cruiser Battleship Hindenburg hmmmmmm, but if I HAD to choose a BB, I must admit I've had tons of fun in the amagi Worst I've had fun in most ships, like someone said before, but I would say: DD: Yūgumo - I dont like it, and it doesn't like me CA: French cruisers T3-6 was a pain. Didn't like the T2 either as much as others by the sound and looks of it BB: Meh, they're all more or less decent Biggest surprice: QE. Everybody said it was an inferior warspite and gererally a shitty ship and a brick in the water. I really liked the accurate and nice hard hitting AP shells. Didn't use much HE, compared to others I've met, so maybe....!? Biggest Disapointment: Yamato: Just a massive target. Not impressed with the guns either Note: All the atlanta fans makes me wonder even more about all the atlantas I've seen sailing around out in the open lately. Easy targets. Is it really that popular among people who doesn't know what to do with it??!?
  7. What you got in your Santa containers?

    I -for one- am not happy to see free XP in these containers, but the other stuff looks nice...
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate The prizes: Prize #1 : PRINZ EUGEN Prize #2 : DE GRASSE Prize #3 : 2500 doubloon Prize #4 : 2500 doubloons Prize #5 : 2500 doubloons Prize #6 : 5500 doubloons Prize #7 : 2500 doubloons Prize #8-15 : 1000 doubloons Prize #16 : 2500 doubloons Prize #17-19 : (2x Tachibana, 1x Marblehead) (3 players will be drawn - first two winners will get the Tachibana, third winner the Marblehead) Prize #20 : Ishizuchi Prize #21-23 : Full Steam Ahead flag bundles Prize #24-26 :(1000 doubloons, Krasny Krym, personalized header/drawing on the forum -- see below) (3 players will be drawn - first winner will get the doubloons, second winner the Krasny Krym, third winner the drawing commission) Prize #27 : 2018 doubloons Prize #28 : (De Grasse) Prize #29-31 : (3x Tirpitz and port slot and 2500 doubloons and 7 days of Premium account) (3 players will be drawn) Prize #32-33 : 1000 doubloons (2 players will be drawn) Prize #34 : Bonus code for an Emden and 3 days of Premium account, and 1000 doubloons Prize #35 : Bonus code for a Campbeltown and 3 days of Premium account and Gamescom flag and 100 Gamescom camouflages Regards Partykongen
  9. Which ships have exceeded your expectations?

    The Izumo. Everywhere it was said to be the absolute worst, but I find it plenty fun. Its not fantastic, but its tanky and the guns have surpriced med more than once (one of the only ships where I have seen german BB cits). The gun placement is not that big of a deal, as people make it out to be. Its just big and not über agile, but as long as you remember this, its a great ship, with good secondaries/AA.
  10. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The Edinburgh performed well...
  11. Commander XP (re-)training?!?

    Ehh...problem solved. I got the retraining skill in a previous battle. It just didn't say so. Thats why the 8471 xp "disappeared". They where used to finish the retraining. Anyway, thanks to all for their patience and sorry for the confusion. Edit: I'm still a bit confused about the connection between the status bar and the earned commander xp, but I give up
  12. Commander XP (re-)training?!?

    I'm retraining the captain. I reached lv 9 just before buying the shiratsuyu and moved my captain and started retraining. Theres not 54000 xp between lvl 9 and 10, theres 69000 xp. I was wrong, there is 54000. I just thought there was a connection bewteen earned captain xp and the progresbar ?!? Maybe I'm just confusing myself
  13. Commander XP (re-)training?!?

    Dansk...Better say it in english :/
  14. Commander XP (re-)training?!?

    Fist screenshot. Commander XP = 8471 Progress bar underneath says progress so far = 1920 -> the sum of all previous games + this is less that what I just earned in commander XP ??!?
  15. Commander XP (re-)training?!?

    Nope. I havent. Demounted the flags, because they seem like a waste. I'm up to a bit over 3k xp. Should have more than 8, if they where added...