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  1. Partykongen

    Anniversary Event

    So... Wasn't it today there was supposed to be something special?
  2. Partykongen

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Desided to reply to a thread using my phone. Keept hitting submit reply, when nothing happened. Ended up submitting the same reply 5 times. Said I’d never use my phone to reply on forums ever again. Now replying to this thread using my phone...
  3. Partykongen

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    They can’t... It WILL be TO powerfull. A ship so powerfull, the danes had to sink it them selves, before the germans could use it to utterly destroy the allied navy. With Mighty 2x24cm and 4x15cm guns, this OP ship would dominate tier II or even tier III, if WG desperately tries to limit its powah, by optiering it. OP Peder Skram of the Herluf Trolle class
  4. Partykongen

    WORCHESTER fairy tale

    Don’t know why, but it made me think of this: ITS CHOWDER
  5. Partykongen

    Speculation: Operation gives clues about CV rework?

    You could give the CV a ...plane range? Simelar to other ships gun range, but I don’t mean Omaha range, but more something simelar to yamato. Enough to outrange any other ship, but short enough to make them move up. Maybe hide behind an island closer to the battle. It would compliment an area heal as well, but I don’t know if it would apeal to more people like this.
  6. Partykongen

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I broke my gaming mouse after/during a ranked battle. Great success. Never did that before...
  7. Partykongen

    CV's current state and population - an analysis

    hum hum Can say the biggest reason I don't like cv play, is because many other players expect you to serve them, and the chat abuse gets tiresom rather quickly. DDs want scouting, BBs want aircover and Cruisers want the enemy ships dead. So like... all the others can go do their own thing, but some often still expect you to serve their every need. Its not super bad, but not anything that makes one want to play more. Not for me at least. Yeah, sure the bad attidude gets worse the higher tier you play, but still. If the CV doesn't satisfy the team, the chat gets toxic real fast. Sometimes rightfully so, but FAR from every time. Anyways, I got the idea that this might have something to do with the cv playerbase decreasing, as the tiers are increasing.
  8. Partykongen

    Collectors club

    Have to say I'm in the same boat (so to say). I'm only interested in using my doubloons on ships I find interesting. But if I can't buy my doubloons at the right time and use them at the right time, there is, for me, no point in using real Money on doubloons at all. AND it takes more than a slap in the face called a 10% discount coupon to make me buy a ship directly from the shop. If your Collection of Premium ships is modest, the choice left is rather limited, unless you don't have to worry about money and you can just buy what you want directly from the shop.
  9. Partykongen

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I have lagspikes too. They are making the game borderline unplayable!
  10. Partykongen

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got my first evah "clear sky" in the I"OW"A ...Yeah, I don't do carriers, so I first for me!
  11. Players will now be able to discharge ARP and Dragon commanders that they don't need. Please be aware, that bla-bla-bla.... oh...OH HAPPY Days... WUT? Not having useless captains cluttering up the ...barracks?!?... is plenty reason. They get the boot first chance I get!
  12. Partykongen

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    The Neptune was asked what hes team was doing, after getting destroyed. ...he didn't know!
  13. Partykongen

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Never stop shootin'
  14. Partykongen

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I returned to the Amagi after leaving it for some R'n'R for some time: "why would you make an secondary spec amagi anyway??"
  15. Partykongen

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun: DD: Clemson CA: Fiji (with Minotaur close) -no need to think 'bout ammo choice and destroyers hate 'em BB: Cruiser Battleship Hindenburg hmmmmmm, but if I HAD to choose a BB, I must admit I've had tons of fun in the amagi Worst I've had fun in most ships, like someone said before, but I would say: DD: Yūgumo - I dont like it, and it doesn't like me CA: French cruisers T3-6 was a pain. Didn't like the T2 either as much as others by the sound and looks of it BB: Meh, they're all more or less decent Biggest surprice: QE. Everybody said it was an inferior warspite and gererally a shitty ship and a brick in the water. I really liked the accurate and nice hard hitting AP shells. Didn't use much HE, compared to others I've met, so maybe....!? Biggest Disapointment: Yamato: Just a massive target. Not impressed with the guns either Note: All the atlanta fans makes me wonder even more about all the atlantas I've seen sailing around out in the open lately. Easy targets. Is it really that popular among people who doesn't know what to do with it??!?