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  1. juhana4

    Keen Intuition

    You just can't be bothered with reading the whole thread before commenting to it can you. Anyways I voted no. Since it would detect "the closest ship", ppl will always want to be the second closest. And suddenly maps are too small.
  2. I seriously hope that these cheap chinese cartoons aren't going to be implemented into the game as a permanent feature. Yes I know that it's optional now, but we have seen a few totally ridiculous experiments like this becoming a permanent thing (f.ex. bundles in premium shop). In the future; Please leave these cartoons as they are, an optional feature. And no, I have nothing against cartoons. I even like Simpsons. Btw. is there some appreviation for that five word namemonster? It's somewhat difficult to remember, had to copy paste it into this topic title.
  3. juhana4

    Patch Update 0.5.2 - Your thoughts?

    I really really like the buff Yorck is given! Finally i might continue my grind upwards. Im currently halted in some 20k xp. Don't get me wrong, it's wasn't a bad boat. I was just bad at playing it, and i felt like other ships were more fun, so i stopped grinding it. But now i think i can continue. I was looking forward to that russian cruiser (whatsitsnameagain), but i hear that the boat is bad in all aspects but AA. Now I have not seen hardly any cv's in high tier battles for a while. So why would anyone need AA anymore.. Those were my first impressions.
  4. juhana4

    Solo Warrior?!

    Hi! I've never gotten one myself. But it was some weeks ago, when an AFK Atago got it in a battle that our team won But njet problema, 3 x 0 xp is not that much And there will be a few posts to this topic here where some skilled carrier captains will post screenshots of them achieving solo warrior in their carrier. But you have a point. I wonder if they have any statistics about how many players get this achievement. It's probably some 50 players per day.. I would not but it x2 if you "are the last hope" and win. I'd keep solo warrior as is, but i would buff the multiplier to x10 or even more.
  5. juhana4

    Mods still working in 0.5.2?

    Hi all! Heard that some mods wouldn't work anymore in the latest patch. Heard that mods would from 0.5.2 onward need some "signature" from wg to work. This isn't the case is it? Or did the latest update had something missing still. Just watched few games where a dude ripped apart enemy battleships in a colorado with the notorious aim assist-mod. And yes, i watched it live (in real live, standing behind that player) 20 minutes ago and it was 0.5.2. Now before anyone inhales a ton of pees, this isn't a discussion about aim assist. No need to reply about the usefulness/unusefulness of this mod ect. Just wanted to know about that "digital signature" or whatnot.
  6. Hi all! Loving this boat. Stock North Carolina Can't wait to get it fully researched (Not sure if i got this image pasted correctly..) -juhana4-
  7. juhana4

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    There's been a lot of talking about draws in the game..
  8. juhana4

    [Suggestion] Ship Health Bar Improvement

    A very good idea.
  9. juhana4


    I think the draws are fine atm. Maybe 2-6 % of battles end in draw, so what. You play a hundred games and there's 5 draws. I really don't think that can be a dealbreaker for someone. BUT (There's always a but) someone had a nice succestion that the in-battle clock should be in larger font, and placed so that even those tunnelvision-oriented "can't focus on but one thing" -players would see that the time is running out. I mean, in my opinion, many of the draws happen plainly because of the fact that players are complitely unaware that time is running out.
  10. juhana4

    Are these "flags for sale" sign of the things to come?

    Ok well this made no sense. Maybe next time, instead of writing your thoughts to your post as they are, try to sort your thoughts so that other people who aren't in your head, will understand.
  11. juhana4

    A Bigger in game clock

    + 1 Excellent idea. Place it under the score-counter or somewhere else in the top-middle section of the screen. And make it a bit bigger. Battles would be so much intensive, when people actually would see that time is running out, i must do something now!
  12. juhana4

    Aircraft shot down

    Okay.. So you might want to watch a few YT-videos about cv-play. Few points here: 1. You have a limited amount of planes on your ship 2. When they are all shot down, no new ones will become available 3. Ships have anti-aircraft guns, that shoot planes straight from the sky (and i'm not kidding here) 4. Ships AA-guns shoot your planes automatically 5. If you think the enemy ships shot your planes down with their main cannons, they didn't. But seriously, watch some guides and other videos about carrier play. Best of luck!
  13. + 1 First 6 points got me smiling, with the seventh I almost fell of my chair. And now I'm depressed again 'cause I know none of the modders will ever read through your post.
  14. I think he ment that the insult was the thing u said that he is a tester, so test. I dont mind if we don't get any updates ect. but c'mon You can't say in a straight face, that this open beta is purely for testing crap out! I've never heard any other company go: "Here's a new product, wanna test this out?" Customer: "Sure, thanks" Company: "That'll be 50 bucks" Customer: "ehmm.. WAT? But does it even work?" Company: "Sure it does! We have over 10000 users allready and they are all happy." (some wg-dude actually said that) "But u must be quick with your decision, we're not gonna offer these products for long" Customer: "I guess i'll buy it" ... Months go buy.. Customer: "Im not happy with this product" Company: "Skrew you TESTER! U're just to test this product, so test. And with that I mean, don't go writing us any hopes or requests. We don't want to hear them." "We're just glad we got your money before all this discussion"