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  1. t0xic_p0et

    Flags on WW2 ships....

    As the royal navy use the white ensign, is there a German, American and Japanese equivalent for their Navy or did they just fly the country flag?
  2. t0xic_p0et

    Balanced high tier gameees!

    Since when did "having friends to play with" = tryhards.... lol
  3. t0xic_p0et

    Arkansas Historically Accurate?

    Also, premium ships are never as good as the fully upgraded stock ships. just the way it is...
  4. t0xic_p0et

    So, what is that one ship you just know you'll hate to grind?

    Its that half-way point where you think, "will everything still be there or should i go for this one over here" ofcourse, whatever you choose will be the wrong choice hahah
  5. t0xic_p0et

    So, what is that one ship you just know you'll hate to grind?

    Kawachi definitely. but on the other side, I love getting the St Louis.... hahahah soooo many guns, soooo much fun
  6. t0xic_p0et

    The "Shameship" that is the Arkansas

    I think its ok, havent had any issues apart from my own incompetence....
  7. t0xic_p0et

    Whine threads in OBT: Place your bets

    Destroyers and torps.... I imagine we will see 100's of posts with the content: "Got killed by Destroyer i couldnt even see.... plz nerf destroyers and torps"
  8. t0xic_p0et

    Spotify WoWS playlist.

    Well if you have any suggestions for more to add, please make them hahah
  9. t0xic_p0et

    Spotify WoWS playlist.

    I have a spotify playlist I play for when Im ingame and Im looking for other musical suggestions to add to it. This is what I have so far: So, anyone have any suggestions that i can add (I have the Assassins Creed black flag soundtrack on there, Ill be adding some of the sea shanties as well)
  10. t0xic_p0et

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Nope, before 0.4.0 everything was set to high and ran perfectly, now it still does run fine, except when my ship blows up..... i get a sudden drop of FPS to 4, then back up again. Running on an R7 260x.
  11. t0xic_p0et

    Naming ships?

    Yeah, as much as it would be nice (and yes, id love it) there are far to many idiots who would think they were being clever with offensive naming, you see it all the time in Star Trek Online...