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    Match Making

    Thanks for the suggestions. Let's see if it works
  2. __Trojan__

    Match Making

    Hi, when i started to definitevely improve my statistics (267 battles played in CBT, killer/death ratio 2.69, 167 warships destroyed, 77% battle survived......) i noticed that Match Making (MM) started to put me in teams that most of the times loose the battle for the superiority gained by the enemy team. I think that MM is too much related to player's statistic rather than kind of ships. So i went down from 58% to 45% victories even if now i keep killing 1 or 2 ships every battle (i'm mostly a CV player) (i know that the main goal of the game is not to kill the gratest number of ships in the enemy team). I think there is something wrong with the MM also because usually i get with teams that have 1 or 2 warships less than the enemy team being easier for the enemy to win gaining superiority.