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  1. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Blah, another one god-like unicum lecturing other on to do... Like the way you get this ship has anything to do with win rate, not everyone goes for the obvious or most pop, the fact is, your bunch never chose the weakest one but the opposite, in short you chose your ship for your winrate not because you like them. *edit*
  2. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Just as well considering you're slower than everyone in the game and can't take fire... No she ain't I wonder if you even tried to play a Shima instead of Clemson, Akizuki and Småland, stiff with " Ridiculous rate of fire and DPM "...
  3. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So this can perfectly involve nerfring, a good ewxample: One play an Operation, Aegis, wait 30mn or something like it then try again, it might go well twice but the third time all the bots are going to fire focus on you, even if you're in the middle of the pack, so randomity is a myth.
  4. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Really? The slowest with the lowest HP is a DD killer... And no this Somers is not a Shima, again it's about the number of torps in the US navy, 12 vs 15, the only advantage of the Shima is an extra 900HP, not the rest of the specs, now instead of arguing in the void, fit your Halland for torps and go take one of those down on a cap, then come back to us to tell us you get yourself a kill.
  5. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    The largest number of torps doesn't make it a torp boat, what you better remember is "equipped with eight guns". 127mm vs 120mm 1800 dmg vs 1,750 Maximum HE Shell Damage. So much for a torp boat. In short, I don't think a Shima or Halland can compete on a cap with that.
  6. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yeah... "Randomity", the new WoW goddess, I don't think that even NASA would pretend to be capable of developing an algorhytm with "randomity" at its core, for as long as it is written by humans, it won't be random.
  7. ThinderChief

    Why doesn't Alaska fit my play style?

    I got my Alaska for less than a week and I recon I can do better in my Zao, the reason is simple: Alaska is a threat to any cap but to be efficient and really support your DDs, you need to be a10 km from the opposite edge of the cap, which makes you the primary target while in the Zao, you're just a potential citadel of opportunity if you maneuver to kite, your DD will always be the primary target. In 87 games in the Zao, Average damage and Personal Rating are Below Average, I often had little time to kite if the DD is either killed or smoked/escaped, but in a good game, it will do more dmg, I also use the torps at every opportunity, especially against smoke bubbles, mine are 12 km range. Within the same period of time in the Alaska, it's worse, in 52 games, Average Damage is lower, Personal Rating is bad but i went through more than a few bad games with them and am sort of recovering slowly from that. So there is something I do wrong in both and I know what it is, I am primarily a DD player so I tend to literally cap with my DDs, which is not a good idea when the cap is contested, on the other hand, I often manage to clear the cap before being killed or so badly damaged that I'm out of the game at least or a while, and kitting with Alaska is not working as well as with the Zao, it doesn't have the rear gunnery for that. With the Kitakaze I favor over the tX because it maneuvers way better, I also played 87 games, get a lower win rate than with those two Cruisers but Personal Rating is Very Good and Average Damage as well. So it's a choice, the stats don't tell the whole story, if you manage to kill the DD, clear the cap, expose the other enemy ships positions, even if you get killed, your team will often have an advantage, if it's a good team they will use it and it more likely will result in a win. That's not the reason for the way I play those ships and I think there is room for improvement since I started to play the Zao a lot more and get Alaska recently, but Alaska really has the hardest job if you want to make full use of the radar and clear caps, at least it's how I perceive the situation, being a citadel king doesn't count in those situations. I citadeled more than a few ships at every range with Alaska, even a BB or inside caps but Zao will always put down more dmg overall because its guns are so good sooting HE and it's still fully capable of scoring citadels, if you know how to play them well, you'll play them differently, I simply haven't figured how to just yet. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. I experience quite a lot of bad game crash, mainly when getting into zoom, which means mostly at a bad time, I relog but I'd find my ship either sank or badly damage, under fire from multiple angles, it's not the reasons for my bad rating but it does contribute a lot....
  8. ThinderChief

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    What I do find rather funny, is that as soon as your win rate is going up, you end up pitted with teams below average, and i'm already average. So the results are to be expected. When things are "normal", I manage <> 50% to 70% win rates, right now, I recovered from <> 40% to 55.36% with a below-average P.R, and it took a lot of hard work. Recently, I purchased a new ship (Alaska", I don't know how to play it I recon so it did affect my win rate, then I swap, play DDs, Cruisers, and BBs, never really focusing on type at the moment but MM have been trollish at times, regardless pf how I played.
  9. ThinderChief

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Two shots resulting in two citadels on an angled Des Moines. The guy was rushing to get to his spot and coming my way, it was one of my first games with the Alaska, I shot two salvos before he get to cover, got several hits, pens and two citadels. He never recovered, and was killed shortly after that.
  10. ThinderChief

    how many € you spent on mega santa gifts?

    Splashed some dosh on an Alaska. Not sure it's my best buy, I am not more successful so far than with a Zao but it's more me than the ship.
  11. Same thing. My PC is not top but specs are good enough to run it normally in mid-graphic setting but everything is set to LOW. Game keep crashing, freezes on frame and i keep losing ships.
  12. ThinderChief

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    So? What have we learned from those with "superior" game mechanics knowledge writing the W.G bible so far? Moskva players don't use their radars when a cap marker is showing an enemy DD is on it. YueYang is a torpedo boat 34 stock HP, 28 stock artillery... They always talk about what they know even when they don't play the ship mentioned in the topic. ALL of them play radar ships but have NO agenda.
  13. ThinderChief

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    So much for a tX... All your emoticons won't save your day. WH.AT.EV.ER.
  14. ThinderChief

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Get off my back, we don't need your bunch of reality deniers to spread your complexion, we have enough campers and XP farmers in the game as it is. Yuo failed miserably to make your false case before and it's not going to work, so you know what to do next, shop for nappies.