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  1. _Oplik_

    CV Planes teleporting

    Hello everyone. I'm playing clan wars with my clan now, and we reportedly encounter this bug. Sometimes, when enemy planes are aproaching, and are spoted for the whole way (by our cv), when he gets close, to like 6 km, the planes will instantly teleport to the location they were about 20 seconds prior (about 15 km away), then rubberbands by the speed of light to the position where he should be, but most of the time it is already after he dropped his payload.... if i will get a chance, i will provide a video proof PS: This issue is not ping/packetloss/fps related! Every clanmate sees the same bug!
  2. _Oplik_

    PT 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    On Heracles BB, the tooltips for secondary guns are wrong - for the 4km ones it says longrange subcaliber , and on the 8km ones it says short range subcaliber. Also would be nice if the lead indicator would show for the gun which will be ready next, not to the gun which was fired last
  3. _Oplik_

    Armory visual bug

    Submited a ticket (did not found this visual bug in known bugs yet)
  4. _Oplik_

    Armory visual bug

    Submited a ticket (did not found this visual bug mentioned in known bugs yet)
  5. _Oplik_

    Armory visual bug

    Visual bug - When inspecting a ship from armory, the amount of resource needed does not update with coupon Attachment - video 22mb World of Warships 2020.06.19 -