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  1. Ich wünsche allen, die sich diesen Dreck runterladen und installieren, viel Glück. Nicht nur beim Spielen, denn sowas ersetzt leider nicht Skill/Map awareness, sondern vor allem auch bei der Auswahl eines guten Virenscanners. Oder glaubt hier jemand, dass einer solchen Quelle, die so etwas anbietet, getraut werden kann? Was ich an kleinen Video Schnippseln bisher sehen konnte war jetzt nicht wirklich umwerfend. Wenn einer doof ist, bleibt er doof. Da hilft auch solch eine Zielhilfe nicht. Da wird dann weiterhin schlecht gespielt. Am besten weit hinten bleiben, denn jetzt kann man ja beruhigt snipen. Man weiß ja, wo man hinballern muss. Im Nahkampf bring solch eine Zielhilfe eher weniger. Da kann man auch so zielen. Fazit: gute Spieler brauche so was nicht. Schlechte Spieler bleiben schlecht. Auch mit (oder gerade wegen) dem Ding. Zudem handeln sie sich vermutlich noch ein Zusatzprogramm ein, dass sie gar nicht bestellt haben.
  2. I seriously don't know if you are trolling or if you really don't get this. This is a useless conversation.
  3. Don't put wrong words into my mouth. I never said "there aren't any bugs". I said that I don't believe that the TK system is buggy. But your problem is, that you can't accept that the situation maybe is not like you want it to be. It is not us who have to prove to you that it is not buggy, but it is on you to prove that it is. Because you are making the claim. And you can't because you don't have any proof. As we usually say here on the forum: "Proof it, or it never happened." You don't have screen-shots and you don't have a replay. How are we supposed to say what was going on? You came here to shout "scandal" and expect us to be outraged for you. Just because something "feels" like it "could" be fishy, doesn't mean that it is. That is the difference between subjectivity and objectivity.
  4. Yes, it looks wrong. And not only to me I guess. I also guess that you remember incorrectly. So far I have never heard of such things like getting into tier 10 battles with a 3 x tier 7 division. And if you are incorrect with that then you might also be incorrect with other things. I don't like to quote and therefore repeat myself. I stand to what I have said earlier with what I have quoted about how you get pink. And I still strongly believe that it was one of the two possibilities. I don't believe that the TK system is buggy. We would have heard of it way more.
  5. Well well well, first things first. For me it looks like that you and the Colorado were together in a division. Not that it is important in this case of TK. But you wrote that you were facing a Shima. KGV and Colorado are tier 7, so I guess your 3rd division member was at least a tier 8. Don't do that. To bring two tier 7 into a tier 10 game is kinda unfair towards your team members. And tier 8 are facing a LOT of tier 10 battles. Now them rulez. Let me quote here: "Has done 10,000 or more damage to allies in the most recent 1,000,000 main battery damage (1% of the damage to allies)" " Killing an ally with main battery, torpedoes, or aircraft" So either way you have caused quite some tk-damage in your previous games or you killed your division mate with that fire. That is why you are pink. As good ol' Pete said, it is not a bug but the system working as intended.
  6. Another "HE is OP" thread? Enough is enough! I demand a new topic! I am opting for "BBs are too slow in reverse!!1!1 Pls fix!" Can someone pls open that thread? I can't as I have to shave my back...again.
  7. I think it would be fair if you get better RNG if your Karma is ... lets say 44 and above.
  8. I kinda like the Duca. But you better not try to 1on1 a BB. She is not made for those engagements. She is good against other cruisers and DDs tho. But you need IFHE. Without IFHE she is pretty meh. And we all know what is going to happen with that skill.
  9. Dort steht "....about your video and one other", und nicht "about your videos". Was dort also übersetzt steht ist, dass er nicht nur iChases Video mit entsprechendem Inhalt gesehen hat sondern auch noch ein anderes. Ansonsten wäre das schon sehr merkwürdig formuliert. Ich nehme eher mal an, dass das andere Video von Notser sein könnte. Ich kann mich jedenfalls nicht an ein ähnliches Video von iChase erninnern. Bin mir auch recht sicher, dass es da eine Reaktion gegeben hätte. Ich stehe weiterhin dazu, er hätte eine Verwarnung verdient. Meinetwegen auch mit einer öffentlichen Entschuldigung seinerseits. Ihn gleich zu kicken ist überzogen.
  10. Mal ehrlich. Der Ausraster war ja nun nicht soo heftig. Und gerade WG als Unternehmen sollte da Ruhe bewahren. Sicher ist iChase über die Stränge geschlagen und eine Verwarnung wäre sicher angebracht gewesen. Das ist es dann aber auch. Ihn gleich zu kicken ist aus meiner Sicht unprofessionell und kurzsichtig.
  11. This is what I would call a little overreaction. So, instead of giving him a warning and a 2nd chance they remove him right on the spot? Was it really that bad what he did? I don't think so. In my eyes it looks like they just tried to silent a critical voice. Not very professional at all. A very inconsiderate and rash decision. I for my part will be even more sceptical about what WG will do in the future now. And I will re-think every future RL money investment into the game even more now.
  12. Ha, I got a good idea for the next premium CV. How about an "only-fighter-CV"? That is what people would call fun and innovative. Maybe I should apply for a high paid job at WG with this? Genius is not cheap, guys.
  13. The trolling potential is not that you can place mines infront of your Team. It is more that you are trying to place them correctly and someone from your team is sailing into them deliberately. Every game a new pink player is easy to accomplish that way.
  14. See? Turning it off and on again worked. I am a genius.
  15. Have you guys tried to turn the servers on and off again?