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  1. MudMonkey

    Being reported for nothing

    You, Sir, are a grave digger. That's what you are.
  2. MudMonkey

    Some people think they are never too old for a new job

    You better get a new one. In Germany all those politicians that are considered incompetent are usually getting EU jobs. And those that are considered even too incompetent for that need to sell their names to WG. It's true. Ask him. guenther-oettinger-contact@ec.europa.eu
  3. MudMonkey

    Unterirdische Spielweise

    Naja, einige brauchen für gute Stats Skills, andere eben Glück.
  4. MudMonkey

    Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    Teammates will reward you with plenty and awesome karma-points. I don't see what you want. That system is so hot right now.
  5. MudMonkey

    Wortwahl im Gefecht

    Alta...hast du was gegen Affen, oder was?
  6. MudMonkey

    HMS Hood crap

    Ehh.. and you have been an Alpha Tester? Dude!
  7. MudMonkey

    Radar at only some certain ships? ?

    @Adamo1, why do you think there are so many players out there that do extremely well without radar?`Have you even checked some youtube vids before you came here? Because it is not very hard to find out those things you are asking here just by using google or youtube. I know, I know. It is not easy to educate yourself. Because that requires some drive. You are not taking any hints or advices. Which is an indicator that you don't want to learn or you are not really interested into the game. Do you really think that ships with radar are kinda invincible? Good players look out for exactly those ships to protect their DDs. Just one example. But as you are going to ignore something like this anyway I would just waste precious pixels. You should go out there and try those radar ships or better: go and be more open to what ppl say and educate yourself.
  8. MudMonkey

    Did they change the detonation mechanics?

    No. And, then you must be swimming in anti-deto flags. Why not use them?
  9. MudMonkey

    Is Yamato the worst T10 BB ingame now?

    Hey guys, it is I. Le Monkey. Obviously we have a little misunderstanding here. WG is already on it. For sure they will have a better picture about this "problem" than any of us ever will have. I am sure...no, I am confident that WG will do the right and obvious sane thing. Therefore we all can rejoice already. Because soon the GK, Yama and Monti will recieve all the necessary buffs to be on par with the Conque. I already rub my little hands in glee how this will enhance the gameplay.
  10. MudMonkey

    Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    ...is, when I can stuff myself with snacks and watch BBs burn.
  11. MudMonkey

    Undetected Aimbot.... is leider wieder soweit FIX THIS!!

    Ich wünsche allen, die sich diesen Dreck runterladen und installieren, viel Glück. Nicht nur beim Spielen, denn sowas ersetzt leider nicht Skill/Map awareness, sondern vor allem auch bei der Auswahl eines guten Virenscanners. Oder glaubt hier jemand, dass einer solchen Quelle, die so etwas anbietet, getraut werden kann? Was ich an kleinen Video Schnippseln bisher sehen konnte war jetzt nicht wirklich umwerfend. Wenn einer doof ist, bleibt er doof. Da hilft auch solch eine Zielhilfe nicht. Da wird dann weiterhin schlecht gespielt. Am besten weit hinten bleiben, denn jetzt kann man ja beruhigt snipen. Man weiß ja, wo man hinballern muss. Im Nahkampf bring solch eine Zielhilfe eher weniger. Da kann man auch so zielen. Fazit: gute Spieler brauche so was nicht. Schlechte Spieler bleiben schlecht. Auch mit (oder gerade wegen) dem Ding. Zudem handeln sie sich vermutlich noch ein Zusatzprogramm ein, dass sie gar nicht bestellt haben.
  12. MudMonkey

    Team damage system broken in 0.6.10

    I seriously don't know if you are trolling or if you really don't get this. This is a useless conversation.
  13. MudMonkey

    Team damage system broken in 0.6.10

    Don't put wrong words into my mouth. I never said "there aren't any bugs". I said that I don't believe that the TK system is buggy. But your problem is, that you can't accept that the situation maybe is not like you want it to be. It is not us who have to prove to you that it is not buggy, but it is on you to prove that it is. Because you are making the claim. And you can't because you don't have any proof. As we usually say here on the forum: "Proof it, or it never happened." You don't have screen-shots and you don't have a replay. How are we supposed to say what was going on? You came here to shout "scandal" and expect us to be outraged for you. Just because something "feels" like it "could" be fishy, doesn't mean that it is. That is the difference between subjectivity and objectivity.
  14. MudMonkey

    Team damage system broken in 0.6.10

    Yes, it looks wrong. And not only to me I guess. I also guess that you remember incorrectly. So far I have never heard of such things like getting into tier 10 battles with a 3 x tier 7 division. And if you are incorrect with that then you might also be incorrect with other things. I don't like to quote and therefore repeat myself. I stand to what I have said earlier with what I have quoted about how you get pink. And I still strongly believe that it was one of the two possibilities. I don't believe that the TK system is buggy. We would have heard of it way more.
  15. MudMonkey

    Team damage system broken in 0.6.10

    Well well well, first things first. For me it looks like that you and the Colorado were together in a division. Not that it is important in this case of TK. But you wrote that you were facing a Shima. KGV and Colorado are tier 7, so I guess your 3rd division member was at least a tier 8. Don't do that. To bring two tier 7 into a tier 10 game is kinda unfair towards your team members. And tier 8 are facing a LOT of tier 10 battles. Now them rulez. Let me quote here: "Has done 10,000 or more damage to allies in the most recent 1,000,000 main battery damage (1% of the damage to allies)" " Killing an ally with main battery, torpedoes, or aircraft" So either way you have caused quite some tk-damage in your previous games or you killed your division mate with that fire. That is why you are pink. As good ol' Pete said, it is not a bug but the system working as intended.