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  1. Uhm, I don't know if anyone asked this yet, but does anyone know how this will effect the already short smoke duration of german DDs?
  2. Why? Maybe it would help getting some of them BBs away from the map border and more into the action.
  3. Maybe capping should be more profitable for BBs? I wonder what would happen...
  4. First I have to say WTF OP, how can you play like this? My eyes hurt. Now, how about if you see that you don't do any damage (because of oversaturation or angleing) you start to switch targets and/or run? The way you stubbornly (and aggressively) kept him in your focus you were asking for him to end you. BB in the end was like
  5. OP right now
  6. I consider "Aegis" easy. Although I agree, that this may not be true for everybody. I tried several tier 6 cruisers for this operation and got my highest damgage with the Molotov (~300k, 33 citas). She is even able to pen the citadels of those Ishizuchis. But the Budyonny, the Duca and the Nürnberg are working as well. I think the Nürnberg is probably the weakest of those but still potent. The highest numbers on citadel-hits I have achieved with the Duca (37). Will be intersting to see if my gameplay for that operation will also work when playing on hard difficulty.
  7. ..wenn alle 4 DDs in Domination auf einen Cap fahren anstatt sich aufzuteilen und dann noch nicht einmal cappen können.
  8. This game is just a mirror image of our society. There must be a good reason why aliens probe the rear ends of humans instead of our OP brains.
  9. I say that the bad DD players are basically bad BB players who wanted to play those "OP haxor ships". The common DD player is a smart and tactical genius.
  10. 0.6.6

    To be honest, operation "Aegis" is kinda easy. Once you know where you have to go/be it usually will be a win. Yes, the bots are better than some players I have encountered. But thats ok. It would be stupid to have pve battles where the players just walks over the bots. Although operation Aegis is close to it. I like that these operations are more cruiser oriented. Finally you can play cruisers again and you will even have fun playing them. Lets see how long it will last until the BBs will rule operations as well.
  11. Maybe someone told them that there are players who would spend money on good flags.
  12. Können die AP-Bomben auch Overpens auf DDs machen? Gibts dann floodings?
  13. A bottom tier ship is a priority target. It is an easy kill and has the same point value like a top tier ship. You will find out that CVs will do that all the time.
  14. As far as I have found out, the Lexington spawns on the opposite side of the last attack-spawn before the main attack starts. Maybe I am wrong and just got lucky but then again it worked everytime we got to that point.
  15. Well, I guess we have different opinions here. I know from the beginning where the Lexington will spawn. Therefore I will linger in that area and attack those two cruisers at once. They are not very fond of russian torps. I think it is easier because you don't have to catch the enemy CV then. And that can be really hard if there is no decent CV player in the team.