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  1. Dark_messiah93

    How do you pick your ship to play?

    I open multiple lines until I have room in my port. Then I do a match for each ship, if I'm satisfied of the results I choose the next ship. Otherwise I play again with the fail ship until I'm happy !
  2. Dark_messiah93

    Is Flint really that OP?

    This ship can't dominate in the ranked or team battle (because we suppose to play in team) ​But in a random this ship can f*** the s*** out of any poor enemy he will face.
  3. Dark_messiah93

    Just seen a french ship

    Looking for an italian premium one now *Dark died of starvation*
  4. Dark_messiah93

    Italian ship traits

    At least the italian ships topics are opened frequently. It's a good hint for developers. "HEY NOTICE US; SOMEONE IS INTERESTED IN ITALIAN SHIPS !" "STOP INTRODUCING USELESS CHINESE SHIPS"
  5. Dark_messiah93

    No gun range in minimap

    I discovered the reason maybe. If in the last battle you lose all your main turrets, in the next games the gun range on the minimap is disabled by default.
  6. Dark_messiah93


    Just stay back, you have a long fire range. When you hit BBs with plunging fire you do tons of damage. If you are alone or in first line you are insta - dead. It's a ship that requires brain cells.
  7. Dark_messiah93

    Well it's goodbye from me...

    All this mess because some of you just wanted a free ship ? I enjoyed the event, even if I didn't get some BIG FREE stuff
  8. Dark_messiah93

    Massively lag happening...

    I have big problem of packet loss today, ships are displayed with a big delay. I did a test with pingplotter. Packet loss happens in Wows server. It's not my problem.
  9. Dark_messiah93

    Useless DD player

    Take your pills man, I'm sure you have forgot about them. Something simply changed. I mean, they just avoid my torps everytime. Maybe high tier ships are more difficult to catch ? ​I read that torpedo detection changed in the last patches, but I'm not sure if Hatsu torps are involved in this.
  10. Dark_messiah93

    Useless DD player

    Hi guys, after I buyed my new IJN DD Hatsu I can't completely manage to hit something with my torps. I miss everytime. I can't simply understand how to use this ship. Any tips for playing these DDs ? With the Mustuki I was performing well. Now I'm useless.
  11. Dark_messiah93

    Bad news from America...

    Uhm a third party program that have access on client information ? I think it could be easily blocked with a control routine. It can't be invisible, Wg just need to put some effort for ban these cheaters
  12. Dark_messiah93

    Too Many Islands

    Instead I think the worse map is Ocean, boring as hell. But de gustibus non dispuntadum est
  13. Dark_messiah93

    The worst class to play

    Try to play a Ranger against a Saipan. Just try....you will lose the joy of being alive.
  14. Dark_messiah93

    How to properly balance CVs

    Uhm I have idea. Remove the special ability of fighters. Totally unbalanced and game breaking.
  15. Dark_messiah93

    World Of Battleships

    With the CAs easy citadel , and the absence of CVs....BBs rule the sea. It should be and hardcap of 2-3 BBs for team. But then what Cvs will hunt if cruisers are , at the moment, AA platforms ? WG stop nerf things listening to the whining of kids.