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  1. maxram68

    Server Problems

    I got in - after several attempts - but can hear clan-mates whining on Discord about not being able to set up a division. Edit: Setting up a div. for "Terror of...", playing one battle and then we could switch to regular random as a div.
  2. When it's getting really frustrating: Play sth. else, f.ex. Warthunder (WoWp 2.x stinks), drop the needle on some vinyl, code something for fun&profit, - in short: anything else but playing WoWs (although the urge might be there).
  3. maxram68

    What is going on with the game?

    Well...you're certainly not alone, that's for sure! Although I'm not as good as you (far from) with this game, I've experienced sth. similar recently. I'm aware of losing streaks happens every now and then, but this time its extreme. It's as if the ships/teammates are frequently cursed somehow, despite everything looks like an even match "on paper". Started to take breaks like you and even occasionally fired up ye olde WT (WG haven't offered any plane-game worth playing in a year now). However, last Saturday I armed myself with a bottle of cheap red wine (2 perhaps...) and teamed up with a couple of old clanmates. That reminded me of the other reason for playing this game: fun (and blabbering on discord).
  4. Ended up extending premium time - with 30% discount it was a good deal imo. It was about to expire soon(tm).
  5. Also got a coupon. It's not clear WHAT exactly the discount can be used for... ...apart from "selected" WoWs packages... Edit: Found the answer here:
  6. maxram68

    EU server down?

    I give up. Was on a huge losing streak anyway. As others mentioned: some kind of compensation would be the least you can do, WG!
  7. maxram68

    I admit it, I suck at Battleships but...

    ...wish I realized (AND acknowledged) that fact before pushing and pushing in selected Japanese cruisers, a certain tier IX German BB and some other ships I eventually managed to forget about. Agree: trying something else in a different class/nation might turn out to be good, despite warnings/advices offered by clanmates/forum/the cat/whatever. Nice post btw.!
  8. Got my stuff after 1st battle. There was a slight delay, but a notification was also shown.
  9. Thanks. Looks interesting. A suggestion: Maybe convert the table to f.ex. a .csv file so we - ordinary mortals - can download+import it to a spreadsheet...?
  10. maxram68

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Also got the mail and thought "Oh - they even let mediocre, random potatos test brand new stuff now. Good..." Haven't had the possibility, yet, to check if the ships are actually there, - based on previous responses in this thread it seems a bit...unlikely...
  11. maxram68

    New Clan competition - Supply Lines!

    ...a (wild) guess: Perhaps it's being run by a 3rd party, where WG "only" supplies the prizes ?
  12. maxram68

    Friedrich der Große and secondary build!?

    Seems to me OP was concerned about accuracy and punch: ...but yes - agree: with no punch, the accuracy doesn't really matter...
  13. maxram68

    Friedrich der Große and secondary build!?

    I'm f*cking around with the WG API in relation to another project, came across this topic and thought I'd add some (interesting?) figures. The data in the table below have been retrieved using the API. A total of approx. 2700 players are in the entire dataset, it only contains data from random battles and only for players with open stats. By looking at hitratios for secondaries (as well as some other numbers - see below - because reasons) for BB's on tier 8-10, this is the average value we get for each ship: Quick explanation: "Ship" and "Tier" should be pretty obvious. "Players" is the number of the 2700 players that actually has the ship in question. "Wins" and "Losses" is the total number of wins and losses for the players who's got the ship. "HRM%" is the hitratio for the ship's main battery (geeky stuff: pvp.main_battery.hit/pvp.main_battery_shots*100 in the API). "HRS%" is the hitratio for the ship's secondary battery (pvp.second_battery_shots/pvp.second_battery_hits*100). I'm not trying to make a point here other than stating the above is hard data retrieved using the rather brilliant - I admit that - API. But in relation to the topic in this thread (FDG's secondaries), an average of 16,4% is not bad IMO when looking at secondaries for other tier 9 BB's.
  14. maxram68

    New game mode please

    Careful what you wish for, mate. WG literally destroyed WoWp with the "experiment" called 2.0: less UI, zombified minimap, cartoon-like gameplay and - the "winner" - respawns. Anyway, I'll try what you suggested, despite the flaws you also mentioned.