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  1. None! If I had to: IJN dd, RN cruisers (freeXP'ing Emerald) and perhaps IJN cruisers.
  2. maxram68

    Best ship for ranked?

    So far, I've only been using the old geezer that nobody seems to like: Ibuki. ...with some success actually (also to my own surprise...). As others mentioned: Kitakaze might be a very good choice for a DD. At least I'll give that a try soon(tm) to cure an itching trigger-finger. Will also do a few using the Z-46 and/or Fletcher because reasons. Haven't got many high tier BB's, and none on tier IX, so I'm not qualified to comment on that class. Had the FdG, but sold it a while back because I got so goddamned tired of not being able to hit a goddamned barn door due to the goddamned huge dispersion. ...some rumors say weegee buffed Freddy recently.
  3. maxram68

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    My 2 cents: Expanding beyond 50 slots in a clan should be possible. It would also somewhat eliminate the need some have to split up into several clans. However, approaching more than around 30 members also introduces the need for more positions within a clan. In WoWp we had 10 different positions w. unique roles, which made even a fairly large clan manageable. Here we have 4 positions - that's not enough.
  4. maxram68

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Got Vanguard mission from a regular container (as in: didn't buy it) a couple of days ago. Last time I got a mission for a ship in a container was around mid-2018: Atlanta.
  5. I brought mine over, because reasons...
  6. maxram68

    new rank in clan

    My clan has always hoped for and joked about a new "Potato Peeler" rank... Jokes aside: There were also more ranks in WoWp which actually made a "structure" possible in relation to roles etc. ...so your suggestion is OK, I guess - even though there's a bunch of stuff I wish they fix first before looking into this.
  7. maxram68

    Future Clan Battles [idea]

    There was something similar in WoWp a while ago (before 2.0, ofc.): some community-organised tournaments where the tier of the planes selected was equal to the same amount of points. F.ex. a tier 8 = 8 points. The general idea was that a team of 6 players had f.ex. 45 points, and could pick most regular planes. A team could then f.ex. bring tier 8+8+8+8+7+6 = 45 points, or 8+8+8+7+7+7 or whatever met the requirements of not exceeding 45 points. It was really great fun, and could be awesome to see if a similar structure could be applied in a WoWs cb-tournament. Perhaps with a higher number of points (allowing higher tiers) and more participants on a team.
  8. maxram68

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    FdG (Freddy) and Neptune (INeptune) comes to mind. Never got a grip on those, but as you (OP) can see from previous responses it's really a matter of the player and his/her "understanding" of the individual ships.
  9. maxram68

    Server Problems

    I got in - after several attempts - but can hear clan-mates whining on Discord about not being able to set up a division. Edit: Setting up a div. for "Terror of...", playing one battle and then we could switch to regular random as a div.
  10. When it's getting really frustrating: Play sth. else, f.ex. Warthunder (WoWp 2.x stinks), drop the needle on some vinyl, code something for fun&profit, - in short: anything else but playing WoWs (although the urge might be there).
  11. maxram68

    What is going on with the game?

    Well...you're certainly not alone, that's for sure! Although I'm not as good as you (far from) with this game, I've experienced sth. similar recently. I'm aware of losing streaks happens every now and then, but this time its extreme. It's as if the ships/teammates are frequently cursed somehow, despite everything looks like an even match "on paper". Started to take breaks like you and even occasionally fired up ye olde WT (WG haven't offered any plane-game worth playing in a year now). However, last Saturday I armed myself with a bottle of cheap red wine (2 perhaps...) and teamed up with a couple of old clanmates. That reminded me of the other reason for playing this game: fun (and blabbering on discord).
  12. Ended up extending premium time - with 30% discount it was a good deal imo. It was about to expire soon(tm).
  13. Also got a coupon. It's not clear WHAT exactly the discount can be used for... ...apart from "selected" WoWs packages... Edit: Found the answer here:
  14. maxram68

    EU server down?

    I give up. Was on a huge losing streak anyway. As others mentioned: some kind of compensation would be the least you can do, WG!