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  1. Magnux7

    Why did they remove Harekaze??

    Soo, I was uncertain whether to buy the Harekaze or not when it was initially released. Decided to wait for a while and think about it, since they announced the collaboration would last until late 2018. Now, I figured just recently that I want to go for it and purchase, cause it's quite a unique ship and looks fun to play. Well, to my lucky surprise, it's apparently been removed from the premium shop... Anyone know what's the deal with this? I thought they said it would last until 2018 ffs Amusingly, it's still up on the NA store..
  2. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    @T0byJug You know, I would've had more respect for your arguments about IJN DDs being completely fine if it wasn't for your stats. The most played IJN DDs you have are by far premium ones which are considered at least borderline OP (KamiR/Shinonome) If I look at the regular tech tree ones, you have 73 battles in Yugumo with 49% winrate and 30 battles in Shimakaze with 40% winrate. How can you argue they don't need any love when you clearly don't perform in them at all? I have 55% winrate in Yugumo and 54.5% in Shima, but still think the torps are pretty bad. You have a bunch of battles in Shiratsuyu, but I'm uncertain whether those battles are from before or after she was nerfed? Also disregarding Akizuki, because I'm talking about IJN torpedo balance and she's a gunboat. When you look at average server stats, you should be looking at winrate. Not popularity or damage dealt. Winrate shows best how a ship performs in general. Average winrates for Kagero, Yugumo and Shimakaze have been below 50% for weeks, which is not good.
  3. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    @T0byJug If you want realism, then BBs should have much lower accuracy than they have in game. They would have like 2-3% accuracy at best. Do you want that? Is it healthy for the game? No, that would be unfun and gameplay wise terrible. That's why WG shouldn't balance the game solely on realism.
  4. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    Some people really overestimate the power of having 15 torps.. If the reaction time on said torps are garbage, then you will easily dodge no matter how many torps one launches. Quintuple launchers also cause huge gaps between the torps after some distance. I think the fact that Shimakaze has 15 torps is the biggest reason why som many people play her, not because it's a good ship. They think like "15 torps are surely gonna murder everything", but forget how easy it is to actually avoid them. General server stats clearly shows Shimakaze is not performing well at all. I'm not asking for huge buffs to the entire line, just some slight tweaks here and there. Something like 0,2km lower detection on the torps is plenty enough. Shima might need a small concealment buff as well though, because she is the only high tier IJN DD which can't outspot her USN counterpart.
  5. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    "IJN torps are very powerful", sure mate. Do you even grasp the concept of torpedo reaction time? If you did, you'd know that IJN torps are the worst at this by far. As I said, great alpha damage doesn't mean crap when you have all the time in the world to dodge all the torps. Your so called "experience" in Shima isn't really that impressive either. Looking at your Solo stats, you do even worse than me in her. Yeah, I don't look at your overall stats, because you play like 75% in divisions. Division play can easily pad your stats, so it's extremely misleading. I'd rather listen to Flamu if I want a unicum's point of view. He has excellent stats in his Shimakaze, but he still heavily agrees Shima is in a terrible state right now.
  6. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    Did you even get the point of my post at all? Your answer sounds like something a BBaby would say No, I don't use 20km on Shima, because I'm not a complete retard. All high tier IJN DDs have about 1.7-1.8km torp detection, which is horrible. You can literally go and take a dump, come back and still dodge the torps with ease in your BB. IJN DDs are supposed to be the torp boats since their guns are lacking, but they have lost that title to USN DDs. BBs also have all the tools in the world to counter DDs these days, they don't need to be more idiot proof.
  7. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    I mean, some of them are ok-ish, but the torpedo detection is still absurdly stupid. When your main armament is heavily focused on torps, then they should be good and consistent. I can understand some of the nerfs in the past, but nowadays there's soo much crap spotting your torps. Buffed vigilance, BBs and DDs with hydro, spotter planes everywhere. There's no reason for the torps to have bad stealth anymore. Shima can't even enjoy the best concealment alone and deserves a small buff there too imo.
  8. Magnux7

    What's with the hate on IJN DDs??

    I know this has been brought up before, but WG keeps refusing to acknowledge the fact that IJN DDs are pretty crap in their current state.. Like, is there any legit reason why the torps have to be spotted from the moon? Having great alpha damage doesn't really mean anything when you hardly land torps to begin with. And besides, weren't their torps supposed to be very stealthy IRL? Don't get me wrong, I can have good games in them sometimes, but there's zero consistency. You'll have that one 200k damage game, but after that you have like 10 games with only 1 torp hit and no impact. Having success in DDs is all about consistency right? I often feel so frustrated playing the supposed "torp boats", though. It also feels quite awkward when the best torp boat in the game is actually Fletcher. Yeah Fletcher, which also have much better guns than most IJN DDs could dream of. When you sacrifice all that gun power for supposed "great torps", then those torps should at least be consistent right? Sorry, rant over. Just had to let it out I guess
  9. Magnux7

    Elimination Thread 6: Tier VI

    Cleveland : 30 Farragut : 12 Shinonome : 19 Mutsu : 21 Ryūjō (1/2/2) : 10 Fusō : 16 + 1 = 17 (People really underestimate the firepower of Fuso. Accuracy may not be great, but when firing 12 shells every 28 seconds, you will hit people hard! More versatile than Arizona/Mexico and resistant to IFHE spam) Aoba: 17 Graf Spee : 15 Warspite : 14 Leander : 19 Molotov : 10 Budyonny : 9 Duca d'Aosta : 26 - 3 = 23 (Not a bad ship at all, but it lacks sheer DPM. Although the AP is quite good, HE is very bad sadly) Perth : 28
  10. Magnux7

    Elimination Thread 6: Tier VI

    Cleveland : 28 Farragut : 20 Arizona : 7Shinonome : 20 +1 = 21 (Excellent hybrid DD, insane HE alpha and great torps) Mutsu : 21 Ryūjō (1/2/2) : 9Fusō : 13Aoba: 19Fubuki : 2Graf Spee : 18Warspite : 14Leander : 21Molotov : 16Budyonny : 9Duca d'Aosta : 26Perth : 32 - 3 = 29 (Very overrated ship, range is horrible)
  11. Magnux7

    Fixing the IJN destroyers

    Fletcher/Gearing torps need their concealment nerfed, as well as IJN high tier DDs need a slight torpedo concealment buff. It doesn't make any sense for USN DDs to have better torps than the so called "Torpedo boats". Yes, IJN have better alpha damage and speed, but what does it all matter if you can't hit crapregardless?? Like, I'd rather have torps with low damage that reliably hit stuff over nuclear torps that are spotted from the moon...