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  1. MOABtheONLY

    Yamamoto collection dissapeared?

    ya that was not too handy, thanks
  2. MOABtheONLY

    Yamamoto collection dissapeared?

    I recently remembered that when I started the HSF collection my yamamoto collection, disappeared. Anyone noticed the same thing? I was well halfway collecting.
  3. MOABtheONLY

    CV UI lag

    Honestly this is true and not failsafe. It helps to some degree aswell restarting the game but the advantage of doing this is only marginal.
  4. MOABtheONLY

    What's a "Frag"?

    Ok, thanks for the quick answer. This I allready deducted but I thought it might have a special meaning as in killing Enemy HP times player's own HP. Just wanted to have this clear. ( I might have been overthinking.)
  5. MOABtheONLY

    What's a "Frag"?

    Hi everyone, I've been playing wows for a while now and I thought I think, I know most of the ingame glossary, however. In sea smackdown the narrator talks about a "Frag". What exactly is this? Thanks in advance.
  6. MOABtheONLY

    CV UI lag

    Now trying with my setting on low as possible and see if this help to speed up the UI somewhat. So I have tested it now, and I must say that it plays a lot better. To play this game good you must have some kind of super computer to avoid laggs. Strang because my PC is well within recommended specs.
  7. MOABtheONLY

    CV UI lag

    As a cv player, I see that actually the higher tier I play the more laggy it get's.
  8. MOABtheONLY

    Yamamoto collection dissapeared?

    I had the same thing. The whole collection disappeared in mission 4 and now after finishing, the collection is back with only one item. :(
  9. MOABtheONLY

    Yamamoto collection dissapeared?

    What I read here doesn't answer my question; Why?'while I'm @ mission 4 in the campain my whole collection has disappeared? Can't get no clear answer on this. Cheers(Y)
  10. yah, what I found since a long time, is that WG launches a weekly and publishes 1 or 2 days later. Isn't that odd? I mean I open my game client find out there is a new weekly, however, they publish it always later.. My 2 cts
  11. MOABtheONLY

    Got stuck on an island...

    Hi, today i got stuck with my Lexington just north of the small island on the 2 brothers map. There was no way for me to get afloat again. Tried forward tried backwards but to no avail. Needless to say I got killed bcoz of this. I was wondering wether this is a map bug or just normal? Greetings