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  1. Scousemart

    Bert Dunkirk Commander

    Hi. Sorry about the late reply to this. I forgot about it and I didn't get a notification of any replies to my post. However, the problem seems to have resolved itself. I don't use mods, so that hasn't been an issue. Maybe it was some sort of minor glitch but as the problem is no longer there, I guess the issue is resolved. If you think I should pursue this, let me know. Thanks for replying.
  2. Scousemart

    Bert Dunkirk Commander

    Just to be sure, you'll let him know about this? Thanks.
  3. Scousemart

    Bert Dunkirk Commander

    This is screenshot. As you can see, he doesn't have Jack of all Trades, Expert Marksman or Smoke Screen Expert as enhanced skill. There should be a Plus (+) sign on those skills. He should be the same as Jack Dunkirk (see 2nd screenshot).
  4. Scousemart

    Bert Dunkirk Commander

    So I use Sovereigns to buy this unique commander for the skill boosts, yet when I install him in premium ship Cossack, he has no skill boosts (Jack of all Trades, Expert Marksman, Smoke Screen Expert). Basically, he's just a ordinary commander. Is there a bug? Has anyone else seen this issue somewhere? Should I report it? Thanks.
  5. Scousemart

    Containers (Useless Capt reserve slots)

    Good idea. It was only because the reserve slots are obtained through containers. Have amended.
  6. Hopefully I'm not posting something that has already been posted elsewhere: Containers! Nice thing to have and to be able to choose what rewards to get. However, what on earth has reserve spots for captains, anything to do with Camo's or Signals? I cannot count the number of times I've received 4 Reserve Spots for Commanders, when what I really want are Signals and Camo's! It is after all what I choose from the container! It's the same when choosing Consumables! Currently, I have 83 reserve spots of which 79 are free! The bulk of them I have received as rewards from containers. I don't want them. I have enough spare spots. I am 110% sure I won't be filling them up with captains anytime in the near future. One can buy reserve spots for 100 Gold anyway (daylight robbery if you ask me), so WG, how about giving us the rewards we need and not the ones I don't need. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this or have a similar number of totally useless commander reserve spots!
  7. Scousemart

    Mouse controls: settings

    @Ze_Reckless Thanks for the suggestion. It works! :-)
  8. Scousemart

    Mouse controls: settings

    @Ze_Reckless Thanks. I'll try that although I've gotten used to using the mouse back button (MMB) ;-)
  9. Scousemart

    Mouse controls: settings

    At last, someone else who has the same issue. Thanks for your reply to this topic, let me know if you hear anything from WG @_kraken__
  10. Scousemart

    Mouse controls: settings

    Thanks for your reply @wilkatis_LV. I'm assuming when you write binding, you mean the same as me when I write assigning? Anyhow, I tried unbinding/reassigning "Track shell/torpedo after firing" to another unused key and I still can't bind/assign MMB to "Artillery camera". I've resorted to using "Mouse 5 (Mouse Back Button)", and although this is reasonable, I'm still finding myself pressing the MMB when I should be pressing the MBB. I can assign/bind MMB to any other control, without any problem (eg. I assigned the fire shell/torpedo to MMB and I had no problem!). Out of curiosity, I tried to assign LMB to Artillery Camera, and again I received the "Hotkey reserved" message, the same also when I tried with the RMB. It seems to me that Artillery Camera cannot be assigned LMB, MMB or RMB but those same buttons can be assigned to any other control. I think this is a bug but I would like other players to confirm this before I report it to WG. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Scousemart

    Mouse controls: settings

    When has the settings for the mouse controls been set as Hotkeys? I had to reinstall WoWS and when I went into settings to assign the MMB as the Artillery Camera, I can't. It says it's a Hotkey and therefore reserved. I've had MMB set up for almost 2 years and I can't play the game because my reaction is to press the MMB when using the artillery camera. How can I overcome this or can't I?
  12. Scousemart

    0.5.3 New Achievements Feedback

    I have same question as poster #15, what are Battle Hero Type achievements? I have one but I've no idea what it is for or what "achievements" are classed as Battle Hero.
  13. Scousemart

    Bug regarding Ranked Battle rewards.

    I would like to add myself to the list, I too haven't received The First League flag for reaching the Rank of 10 in Ranked Battles.