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  1. RejectRageX

    Looking for English Clan

    Hello, I've recently come back to the game after a few months away due to family berevement. I'm looking for an english speaking clan I've played since closed beta I'm not amazing but I do have my moments and try and improve currently I have up to tier 8 ships, Ideally I want a clan that is 18+ and prepared to help me improve my game in a relaxed fun atmosphere I have discord and a headset also.
  2. RejectRageX

    [TIW] Thames Ironworks - A UK based Clan

    Application Sent.
  3. RejectRageX

    Looking for English Clan

    Ok thank you to everybody for your replies I now have A clan
  4. RejectRageX

    Looking for English Clan

    Hello, I've been playing WOW since closed beta although I'm not great as played it off and on.I'm looking for a clan that has fun and also teaches so that I can improve my game. I can use TS or any other comm's programme, I can play pretty much every day between 6pm and 10pm everyday plus longer on Sunday and Monday. Ideally would be an English clan that that is mature 18+ and can have fun while playing and doing well. Thanks