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  1. Schwabenmaxe

    Entwicklung seit 0.8.0 in Farbe und Bunt + eigene Erfahrungen

    Du kannst doch selber CV fahren, dann müsste doch alles gut sein.
  2. Schwabenmaxe

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Hack nicht immer auf der Bayern rum, die ist eines der besten Schlachtschiffe im ganzen Spiel. Wendig, klein, kurz hat ein überragendes Kaliber auf ihrem Tier, tut damit auch noch höherstufigen bb's weh und frontal sehr tanky. So subjektiv verschieden kann man Schiffe empfinden. Du kommst mit der Bayern nicht klar ich dafür mit Scharnhorst/Gneisenau nicht. Obwohl ich beide für super Schiffe halte sagt mir Wows Numbers was anderes. Es hat aber nichts allein mit dem mm zu tun. Klar spiele ich lieber toptier aber ob ich ein gutes Spiel abliefere liegt meistens an mir.
  3. Schwabenmaxe

    Franz von Jütland wozu?

    Vielleicht haben die Entwickler gedacht da die Deutschen so einen schlechten Torpedogürtel haben geben wir dem Jütland den Skill. k.A.
  4. Schwabenmaxe

    Entwicklung seit 0.8.0 in Farbe und Bunt + eigene Erfahrungen

    ... Inseln nicht zu vergessen (krass OP)
  5. Schwabenmaxe

    Abkürzungen im Forum und Spiel

    CB/CW Clanbattles oder Clanwars
  6. Schwabenmaxe

    Yamato härter als GK?

    dann sind die Deutschen eh ne gute Wahl wegen den gegnerischen Torpedos ist ja selten wenn du brawlen gehst das du nur einem bb gegenüberstehst meist geistert da ja noch ein DD rum dann machste dein hydro an und hast zumindest die Chance nicht jeden torp zu fressen
  7. Schwabenmaxe

    Yamato härter als GK?

    Massachusetts der ami t8 Schlachter wäre vielleicht was für Dich premiumschiff und sehr gute secondary
  8. Schwabenmaxe

    Nachladezeit der Geschütze

    Aha du triffst den DD mit einer Ladung? Und das beeindruckt den jetzt inwiefern?
  9. Schwabenmaxe

    Wieder einmal im Westen nichts neues.

    Nun ich denke mir das wenn man mitten in einem Gefecht rausfliegt Frust entsteht, dürfte jedem klar sein. Ich finde auch das man das in einem ordentlichen Ton ruhig auch hier im Forum kundtun darf. @TTRewind dich würde es bestimmt auch nerfen wenn Du am streamen bist und ein paar hundert Leute schauen zu und dann Peng...
  10. Schwabenmaxe

    Gedanken zum Spiel - Wahrnehmungen

    Wichtig ist auch das man am Anfang nicht Zuviel riskiert soll heißen als DD nicht sofort in jedes Cap blindwütig zu rushen wenn du weißt es sind radarkreuzer im gegnerteam dann schneide den Cap kurz an der Gegner weiß da ist ein DD drin um zündet sein radar dann musst du schon längst wieder draußen sein im lategame haben die dann ihre Verbrauchsgüter wie hydro und Radar verpulvert und du wirst immer wertvoller aber da können die Leute die DDs spielen noch bessere Tipps geben wie ich
  11. Schwabenmaxe

    Gedanken zum Spiel - Wahrnehmungen

    @TE wenn Du mit einem BB reinpushst um deine Teammates zu unterstützen Plane immer einen Ausweg was machst Du wenn der DD vor dir platzt? etc. gut ist es immer zu wissen hinter welcher Insel man einen U-Turn unbeschossen machen kann ohne das man an der Inselecke Torpedos frisst
  12. Schwabenmaxe

    Ist HE OP?

  13. Schwabenmaxe

    Ist HE OP?

    Of course this usually just gets them killed. For the same reasons, bad players love torpedo rushes, try to ambush enemy ships from behind islands, and always push forwards. Whatever they do, they're certain its going to work. Until it doesn't and they're dead. And then they blame their team instead of themselves. Most people seem to believe that bad players are bad for the opposite reason: That they always camp in the back and never do anything. But surprisingly, those teammates are much less bad to have. Far and away most games are decided by which team loses more players early. If a team merely takes the caps without getting a kill lead, they will often get impatient and push into the camping enemy to throw the game, because they have too many noobs who keep imagining how their rush is totally going to work. You can observe the truth of this even in high skill matches. Very early in a T10 ranked season at rank 2-5, when there are virtually no players below about 58% global winrate, matchmake monitors will let you observe a very persistent trend: The players with the worst winrates are always the first to die, even when you would generally think they're safe and competent players with their 58%+ winrates. In true top tier clan battles it is a bit different, but even getting into hurricane league takes little more than just knowing how not to [edited]up. How good players succeed So what do good players think about if they don't think about what great play to make? They think about what plays notto make. They arrive at the best possible play by eliminating all the dangerous ones first. This is the priority list of what dangers to avoid: The danger to take too much damage. The most important counters to this are angling and using your concealment range. Good players rarely get closer to the enemy than the distance at which they can get undetected again once they stop shooting. Even if you are a BB, you want the opportunity to turn away in stealth, or to repair fires and wait out your damage control cooldown. Getting into a position that you cant escape from needs to be very well planned out. Your main tool to avoid this problem is to position properly relative to your team. In a DD you need allied cruisers and BBs to scare away enemy DDs or radars from rushing you. In a cruiser or a BB you need something in front of you to screen away enemy DDs from permaspotting you. The danger to get locked down in a position. If you aren't absolutely certain that the enemy is weaker on your flank, you want to have the opportunity to turn away savely and run before they get too close to you. This is why good players don't commit their ships early until they know more about the enemy positioning. The danger of torpedoes and airplanes. Overall fairly similar to the risks above - as long as you can turn freely, you're usually going to be fine. Torpedoes are easy to stay safe from since you can use allies to spot for you. With planes... well better pray you have some good AA cruisers on your team. The danger to deal no damage. Obviously just being safe doesn't win you the game, but a dead ship does not deal any damage either. If you followed the checklist to this point you are sure not to be dead, so you can actually do something. In order to deal damage you need to stay in a position that (1) is close enough to the enemy, (2) where your guns are not stuck behind an island, and (3) from where you can quickly move on to the next battle once your current one is decided. Going around all the way at the flanks has a high risk of leaving you useless, which is why good players tend to play to more central positions. The danger to lose by score. Yes this is pretty damn far down. Ultimately the cap belongs to the last ship still afloat. It is better to get the cap a little later than to die for it, which by itself can be a 100 point swing to the enemy's favour. Most importantly this danger means not to let the enemy get any free caps. If they take the cap, at least get an HP lead in return, so that you can bully the enemy away and retake the cap later. This is also where specialties like radars become important to deny the enemy from capping safely. In summary, you need to position around caps in a way that lets you defend them. Because good players primarily think about dangers and possible mistakes, they rarely talk about great plays, but very often about bad plays. In their view games are decided by mistakes, not by heroic actions. Any successful push is only possible because the other team allowed it. Why does such a passive approach work? Because every game starts evenly. The enemy has to struggle as hard to get a lead as you do. If you do nothing and the enemy does nothing, you still don't lose the game. Playing aggressive is generally a disadvantage. It means that you run into crossfires while the enemy can always angle against you. It means your shells need to lead further than theirs. It means that you run into enemy torps while your torps won't reach. Therefore your first priority should be to play defensively and punish any enemies who overextend. This happens in nearly every random battle, but even in clan battles up to high typhoon league. Only think about more aggressive action if the enemy does not give you such free kills. But there is no need to be more aggressive than your enemy if you are evenly matched. Having a standoff at 15-20 km is nothing unusual and should not worry you. Why should you make a risky move if the enemy doesn't? Instead, just trade as effectively as you can and gain a lead that way, or look for another position where you can be more effective. This way you will soon open up spaces to take caps. Caps are primarily a tool to force the enemy to push into you. You don't want to let the enemy take any caps, because having fewer caps means that you are forced to push. Your goal is to put the enemy into a spot where they are the ones who need to push. Proper openings for aggressive plays are rare, unless the game is already decided one way or the other. The decision to make such a play should only be the result after you have evaluated all dangers. This is how you learn to see the highest % plays, the plays that are most likely to give you an advantage in the game. If you learn how to play save first, you will progressively see more and more openings where you can push for more damage and be a bigger frontline presence without taking real risks. A rundown of how this works in reality Let's say you stick to the whole checklist of dangers. How does a game pan out if the enemy fails at it? If the enemy fails at the first step, they overextend into your team's firepower giving you a lead in HP or ships. Then you can slowly push the enemy away from the caps win from there. If the enemy gets into a position where they can no longer retreat against a superior force, for example because they hugged an island too far up, you can slowly move up and pick them apart without having to take much of a risk. If they lose ships to torps or get aircancered... well, free win. and 5. - if they aren't in a position to threaten you at the caps, take the caps and wait it out. If they do not make any of these mistakes, you are now locked into an even game. The caps are presumably covered by radar and/or nearby DDs. Some cruisers may hug islands to provide radar or AA, most of them are in the open water wth the BBs however and are free to pick their fights. Now its about coordinating the threat to take a cap, vision, and firepower support to get better trades on the enemy. You have a real game on your hands. Ist das der gesamte Guide oder nur ein Auszug? Hört sich sehr interessant an, falls das nur ein Teil ist wäre ich dankbar für den Link dorthin. Wenn ich auch nur einen Teil davon umgesetzt bekomme könnte das mein Spiel eventuell auf ein neues Level heben.
  14. Schwabenmaxe

    Der Moment wenn wargaming das nächste spiel schrottet.

  15. Schwabenmaxe

    Ist HE OP?

    Superman kann das