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  1. Admiral_Kai


    Hi guys anyone else have issues with Bismarck Dispersion? I'm lucky if I get 20k dmg per game I jump onto my Tirpitz and do over 100k with no dispersion issues its driving me nutz and I'm playing no differently or aiming differently
  2. Admiral_Kai

    Public Test General Feedback

    unable to connect to the server!!! i was just on it playing :/
  3. Admiral_Kai

    WG's gift of new levels of frustration

    your still not getting it.... wheather your a good player or not you cant win it for the team you need to work together to win not split up like a bunch of headless chickens like my team seems to do all the time. and the comment i wrote b4 wasnt just aimed at ranked its random battles too..... this is an mmo you can only win by working as a team.... i had over 80% win rate in CBT now with no change of how i play its 45% i think
  4. Admiral_Kai

    WG's gift of new levels of frustration

    Are you kidding me? your post is most idiotic one i seen on here so far.......... ranked battles is wholey dependant on ppl working and coordinating together WHICH DOES NOT HAPPEN, either coz they idiots or dont speak same language. In this game your only as good as your team as it only takes a couple to screw the whole team over
  5. Admiral_Kai

    BB's vs CA's

    ppl are going to put "you not hitting it in right place" if you think that dont post a reply coz this game is RNG all the way not skill
  6. Admiral_Kai

    BB's vs CA's

    in what planet did you guys at WG get facts from? a battle ship would insta kill a cruiser within 10km with 1 salvo and me and a few friends constantly only get 1140-2280 dmg on them this is a joke 1 match i get 8-9 citadels then it feels like the game punnishes me for a few games later by only letting me dmg other by 1140-2280 each shell im not the only person im sure to feel like this ive sold my montana as it was just a loss of creds every match even on a win (and dont say WoT is the same coz no it aint i have deathstar and play it constantly and fire AP as standard and its win win win with creds even on a lose game)
  7. Admiral_Kai

    PT server failed to connect

    TY Praetoria
  8. Admiral_Kai

    PT server failed to connect

    TY slo mo for your reply as for you xPraetoriaNx i proberbly missed seeing it due to the fact everytime i try to log into wargaming via a web page it says player with that email does not exist "constantly" and i have no idea what cest is i use gmt like the rest of EU and australia
  9. Admiral_Kai

    PT server failed to connect

    hi guys i downloaded the test server created a new account which it asked for and all i get is failed to connect to Server anyone have any suggestions?