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    Italian Battleships. RN Imperatore Augusto new design

    Thank you very much :) Well, regarding your doubt, to put it simply i think that this ship is balanced due to the fact that all its strong points, damage, secondaries, speed, AA and armor, have some big drawbacks, which are not terrible but can be a serious disadvantage. For the main guns these are related to range, accuracy and number of guns, especially range and accuracy, which for a tier X are some of the most important factors. The secondaries are numerous but even in this case they have a range of only 7,3 km and their accuracy is nothing exceptional, as can be seen on Lepanto and Cristoforo Colombo they only work well at close range. Even AA defenses have the same problem, strong and quite numerous but the majority of them with very close range, especially when compared to other nations (this feature in particular is something that all italian ships have in common, however powerful the AA can be, it will work best at close or medium range, and in tier X this can be a serious matter). What saves this ship is the presence of the 135 dual purpose guns, which makes her more similar to her counterparts. Regarding the high top speed the drawback is obviously its maneuverability, just a little lower than Cristoforo Colombo. And finally for the armor, sure there are features like hidden citadel, turtleback, very strong armored belt and strong bridge all over the ship, probably this is the only very strong point about this ship, but even this feature has its problems and i believe that they are balanced by her dimensions. As I already said they are a big weak point, since this ship is 8 m shorter than Cristoforo Colombo, so its camo values are not so far from hers, probably since it doesn't have SAP and smoke they'd be a little higher but it would be something really really small. The superstructure is huge and every HE that hits is almost certain to cause heavy damage. The turtleback is 32 mm thick, which is the second thinner of all battleships (the first one is on Colombo with only 25mm), so long range shots that manage to hit the sides can pierce it without too many problems, furthermore, despite having a 70 mm belt that covers bow and stern, the hull is only 32 mm armor and it will take full penetrations by big caliber guns such as Yamato's and such. Also the sides are reeeeally big, and with a little aim almost every shot would cause a full penetration with lots of damage. The only parts of the ship that would cause an overpen when shot would be the bow and the stern tip from the sides (and obviously the superstructure). So it's true that this ship has a lot of strong points, but has a lot of features that balance them. There are some battleships in game that are much more extreme than this one. A clear example, the Republique. It has a lot of features that make it clearly overpowered. First, the guns. It has the 2nd longest range of all BB in game (Yamato and Shikishima 1st place on par) and some of the best AP and HE rounds in game, and despite having only 8 guns and a high dispersion value it can land very accurate strikes with full penetrations or citadel hits. The secondaries are really numerous and powerful, and also have the best range in game, superior to german ones. Even the AA is extremely strong, comparable to a light cruiser. Furthermore it has high speed and acceptable maneuverability, very high armor with a really strong turtleback and a citadel almost completely underwater, and camo values superior to a ship of her size. Sincerely, i think that Imperatore Augusto is a strong ship but not OP. It has several strong points but they're not exaggerated, like those on Republique as i said before, and there are even several weak points. For this reason i think that despite everything, it is a balanced ship. Cause for every strong point there is a drawback. Anyway this is only my personal opinion. It's true that this game is an arcade and not a museum, but for some ships and nations it clearly is. The historical accuracy of WG applies only to what interests them. It's nothing new that this game is ridiculously biased, and this is simply wrong. Do it for everyone or for none. Sorry for the long explanation XD Anyway as i already said, this is only my opinion and other players thoughts are always welcome and useful. Also regarding the SAP damage, probably 1/4 of total damage would be too much, but 1/5 would be more plausible, it would be 2500 instead of 1250. If we take Cristoforo Colombo as example, the probability of being obliterated would be high only at really close range, and only if all the shells hit the target, something that probably would happen only at point blank range. And usually if this happens there are a dozen torpedoes approaching the ship :P
  2. With the release of the Italian battleship line a few months ago, the italian tech tree is starting to resemble what a normal tech tree should be. Setting aside that the line could have been done a lot better (and I mean A LOT!) and that personally I don't like it how i hoped when it was announced and was a disappointment for many reasons, which I'll discuss at the end of this article, I want to talk to you about the ship that 2 years ago, I tought was the best candidate to be the regular tier X of the BB line, and with the sources found on the web, I redesigned using Photoshop in the best way I could. The Ferdinando Cassone battleship, which I renamed, Regia Nave Imperatore Augusto. Since the actual regular tier X is the Cristoforo Colombo (based on the Edgardo Ferrati G1) it's quite obvious that the Ferdinando Cassone's battleship can't be the top of the line anymore, or rather the top of this line. Gathering enough material, the Imperatore Augusto could be the tier X of another line of battleships (which probably most of them would be only blueprints or even invented, but in WoWs this is not a problem, and I already have an idea of how it could be, but I'll talk about this in another occasion), or in the absence of such material, simply become a premium tier X battleship. There is something though that had me worried for quite some time regarding the Imperatore Augusto, and that is, its appearance. While I really liked the final result of the job I did, there were other players who (rightly) thought my model was not quite right, for example in the disposition of the secondary and AA armament, or in the shape of the aft deck, or also in the number of the funnels on the ship. At first I didn't give it too much importance, but soon after I realised that actually, it could have been done better. So I started thinking, what can I do to make it more realistic? After some time I decided to do a new model of this ship but for many reasons, including the pandemic, a lot of time passed before I could end it, and since the original model was quite successful in terms of popularity and I liked it very much (at the time I published my article on the forum, I was probably the first to make a WW2ish design of the Ferdinando Cassone project, since apart from my version, there were no others from the internet; the same happened for the Edgardo Ferrati G1 that I renamed Goffredo Mameli, the actual Cristoforo Colombo, but that's another story), I was pretty sure a new model wasn't all that much of a priority. But when the Italian BB line was announced and then revealed, as I mentioned at the beginning, my opinion drastically changed. In the end, I completed the new version of my original model, a sort of upgrade in terms of realism, with the aim to send it to WG. I made various models of different ships and projects of the Italian Navy (which I plan to show on the forum in the future and maybe send them too to WG) and everyone of them was very hard but satysfying to do, personally I think that all of them are well done and quite realistic (speaking in terms of historical accuracy), and I like all of them, but this one, is my favourite, even better than the original one. So, without further ado and thanking all of you for reading this introduction, here's my job completed. The New "Regia Nave Imperatore Augusto"! For those who are interested in the story of Ferdinando Cassone's battleship or have not seen my first article, here's the link to get some infos about this project, but remember, this article is the definitive one regarding the ship, not the original one! As I already said, this is a redesign, most of the features it had in the original model such as dimensions, armor, engine power and main armament are obviously still the same, what has changed as you can see, is the shape of the super structure, the secondary guns and the AA defences layout, and the funnels. The main armament of the ship is still composed by 4 turrets with twin 456mm/46 guns, the largest caliber ever installed on an Italian ship. The secondaries are now composed by 2 types of guns, the 152mm/55 in 6 triple turrets that serve as normal anti-ship guns, and the 135mm/45 in 8 twin turrets which are used as dual purpose guns. And for last, the AA armament is made with 65mm/64 twin cannons and 37mm/54 autocannons in quadruple and twin configurations. The ship still possesses 2 catapults that can be used by a Scout or a Fighter. The armor belt is 456/350/150 mm, and the deck is 50+120 mm. The engine power is 216000 HP with a top speed of 31 knots, and the total weight is 65000 t. Here's a summary of its features and of some values it could have in game: DIMENSIONS: LENGTH: 274,75 m BEAM: 40 m DISPLACEMENT: 65000 t ARMOR BELT: 456 mm , 350 mm, 150 mm DECK: MAIN: 50 mm SECOND: 120 mm HIT POINTS: 93000 TORPEDO PROTECTION: 45% MAIN BATTERY: 456mm/46 OTO 1942 4x2 RATE OF FIRE: 2,23 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 27 s ROTATION SPEED: 5 deg./s 180° TURN TIME: 36 s MAX AP DAMAGE: 15000 AP SHELL VELOCITY: 781 m/s FIRING RANGE: 21,9 km MAX DISPERSION: 275 m MAX HE DAMAGE: 6600 HE SHELL VELOCITY: 800 m/s CHANCE OF FIRE: 38% SECONDARY ARMAMENT #1: 152mm/55 OTO 1936 6x3 RATE OF FIRE: 5 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 12 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 2100 FIRING RANGE: 7,3 km CHANCE OF FIRE: 7% SECONDARY ARMAMENT #2: 135mm/45 OTO 1938 8x2 RATE OF FIRE: 9 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 6,67 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 1900 FIRING RANGE: 7,3 km CHANCE OF FIRE: 9% AA DEFENSE: 135mm/45 OTO 1938 8x2 FIRING RANGE: 5,2 km 65mm/64 Mod. 1939 10x2 FIRING RANGE: 3,69 km 37mm/54 Breda 1933 14x4 - 8x2 FIRING RANGE: 3,51 km PROPULSION: 216000 hp MAXIMUM SPEED: 31 knots TURNING CIRCLE RADIUS: 970 m RUDDER SHIFT TIME: 17.2 s SURFACE DETECTABILITY RANGE: 17,42 km AIR DETECTABILITY RANGE: 14 km PLANES: SCOUT: IMAM Ro.43 FIGHTER: Reggiane Re.2005 These features are the same that I gave to the original model, but I changed some of them to make it more balanced and added others to make the ship description more accurate, and these are the HP pool (changed from 99800 to 93100), the range (changed from 23,75 km to 21,9 km. I decided to decrease it to make it more similar to the other Italian BBs in game, but anyway superior to all of them, since these guns would still be the largest ever installed on an Italian battleship), reload time (changed from 26 s to 27 s) and maximum dispersion of the main guns (the dispersion is similar to other guns of the same caliber, like Ohio and Kremlin. Even if it is higher than the max dispersion we find on the Cristoforo Colombo, the guns on the Imperatore Augusto would still be more accurate, because of the higher range), and the range of the secondaries (that were changed by WG before the release of the line). Furthermore I added the torpedo protection value, the initial speed of AP and HE shells of the main battery, the fire chance for the HE shells of all types of guns (even in this case, all these values are based on the already existing models or are arranged to balance the ship), the rotation speed of the main battery, the turning circle radius and rudder shift time, the detectability range from the sea and the sky, and the planes carried by the ship. What this battleship has to offer are powerful guns, great secondaries, good AA, great top speed and excellent armor. In few words, a well balanced ship, something that alas most of the Italian battleships in game aren't. In addition to this, here'also an image of the original project regarding the mid section of the ship, in particular of the engine room. Basing myself on this drawing realised by engineer Cassone, I made the armor scheme of the entire ship, in all orthogonal projections. So as you can see, this ship has an extremely strong armor belt and a well protected citadel (this last feature in particular was something that most of the italian battleship built had in common, especially the Littorio class, as can be seen in the projects that can even be found on the web, but hey, what historical accuracy and reliability can have an Ansaldo or FINCANTIERI original project?), hidden below the water line and protected by a 32 mm turtleback armor near the anti-torpedo bulkhead on the sides and a 150 mm armor plate on the roof, also there is the second armored deck (120 mm) that covers all the vital parts of the hull above the engine room for an even higher protection. Furthermore both the engine room and the citadel are separeted respectively from the armor belt and the anti-torpedo bulkhead by an empty compartment that acts as spaced armor. Nevertheless this battleship is not invincible, and as the original one, this new model maintains the same weak points: very large dimensions, big super structure easily pierced by HEs, poor camo values (slightly better than Cristoforo Colombo being 8 m shorter but still bad) that makes her easily spotted from both sea and sky, few main guns (especially if compared to Cristoforo Colombo!) with average range and quite poor long range accuracy, medium-short range AA, and average maneuverability. Here's also a configuration of the consumables it should mount (something that I didn't for the original model): SLOT 1: DAMAGE CONTROL PARTY SLOT 2: HYDROACOUSTIC SEARCH (3 CHARGES) SLOT 3: CATAPULT FIGHTER or SPOTTING AIRCRAFT (3 CHARGES) SLOT 4: REPAIR PARTY (3 CHARGES) This configuration is quite standard in terms of consumables, but also different when compared to other Italian battleships. This ship doesn't have the Exhaust Smoke Generator that the normal line from tier VIII to X has, and in terms of pure survivability this is another weak point since there's no possibility to avoid enemy fire once the ship has been sighted (except for hiding behind islands), however she can use the Hydroacoustic Search, something that only a few ships in all the Italian tech tree can use (literally, only 3, Duca degli Abruzzi, Duca d'Aosta and Gorizia), this can help the ship to defend itself better against torps and other surprise attacks without the need to use the scout plane. As you have probably noticed, this battleship doesn't have SAP shells, neither for the main or the secondary armaments. This choice is dued mainly to 2 reasons. The first is that I'd like this particular ship to be as much as normal as possible in comparison to its counterparts, since all Italian non premium battleships are practically the same. And the second is that I'm tired of seeing SAP on every single Italian ship added in game, jokes aside, I think that a ship with HE shells on main and secondary guns is simply better, easier to manage and funnier to play, but if I really had to mantain the SAP as a trait typical of Italian ships, especially when talking about the possibility of having this battleship as the tier X of a new branch, I'd choose the SAP on secondaries, this way the branch would be different from the original and even more particular and unique (probably if this was the case, I'd have to change some of the ship's values and remove others, but this is something that I'll do if and when the time comes). Personally I think that this battleship could be a great addition to the Italian tech tree, be it a regular or a premium ship, and with these new features I am convinced that it is quite well balanced, probably more than the original one. Anyway I'll send my work to WG hoping one day to see a good representation of this ship in game, I'd be really happy to see a modern version of Ferdinando Cassone Battleship in game done with a certain criterion and with passion, even different from my model but well done, not just a cheap one done only to please a few players (which are not even that few anyway). Since we're now at the end of this post for what concerns the Imperatore Augusto, I thank you again for your patience and for reading my article, and as I said before, I'll talk about what I didn't like regarding the Italian battleship line when they were announced, and also a few things about the event when they were added in game. Setting aside that the line could have been done a lot better (and again, I mean A LOT!) and that personally I don't like it, this line was a delusion for many reasons. First of all, the huge, very numerous and unfair nerfs done before the release to the armor values especially at tier VIII, IX (Marco Polo included) and X, with the excuse "We want the feature of high armor with tough citadel and turtleback to be a hallmark of only german and french battleships". The features such as reload time, dispersion, HP pool and camo values; everything started with a certain value, not excellent but not bad, and after a very long series of nerfs ended to what it is right now. Why the line starts at tier IV and not III? The tier III could have been the Cuniberti 17000t battleship or even the San Giorgio class. Why the Dante Alighieri is the only tier IV non premium BB in game with only one hull when it clearly underwent a modernization in 1913 where it even became the first italian battleship to carry a seaplane? Just to let you know, the Dante Alighieri recently added in War Thunder has this hull and not the one in WoWs. At the beginning, the Exhaust Smoke Generator was supposed to be equipped starting at tier VI, but now it starts at tier VIII. Maybe at tier VI it could have been too much but why not start it from tier VII? This point in particular connects with the following. Why the Francesco Caracciolo standard hull is not the original pre-WW2 one? Why it doesn't mount the 381/40 guns that were built especially for this class? It never mounted the 381/50 of the Littorio class, they could have been the top researchable guns but at least consider the existence of the original ones. Why its reload time is sooo long at 33 seconds? And why not give it the Exhaust Smoke Generator since its camo values are terrifying and it does not have a scout plane or fighter? Especially when you can see the smoke tubes at the bottom of the stern. Why the Marco Polo, which is none other than the U.P.41, is aesthetically different from the original project? They only had one job to do, copy the model from the project, and I assure you, it' easy. Why there are all those inflatable boats all around the Cristoforo Colombo deck when that space could have been clearly used to add some more AA to the ship without compromising the use of secondary guns? It's really impossible for an Italian ship to have an AA base value over 83? For those who have not noticed yet, Cristoforo Colombo and even Lepanto (with top hull) have the same AA values as Venezia. Why there wasn't an Italian Battleship collection in the event? Every time a new line is added in game there is a collection to celebrate it. Why not this time? And also why the infamous SAP do only 1/10 of maximum damage to destroyers when there are HE that can totally obliterate them with just one hit? It could have been 1/5 or 1/4, but 1/10 is really too much. I know we're talking about WG here and I'm probably too serious about this matter too, but I like this game and seeing it sink like this it's really irritating. Furthermore some of these things are completely senseless, equivalent to beginners mistakes, and it's something that a company like WG shouldn't do. Despite all this I still think that this line, just like the entire italian tech tree, can be enriched with lots of other ships, and with the right amount of buffs to those already existing ships that are clearly underpowered, become very satisfying to play. Hoping to see some improvement, and forgetting what awaits us in the near future (like russian carriers, I mean it was obvious that sooner or later they would have done it, it's simply too strong for them, but come on...), thanks again for your patience and for reading my article! P.S.: I've got one last surprise regarding Ferdinando Cassone's battleship, if you want to know what it is, don't miss my next article!
  3. During World War II, the Italian Navy was the fourth most powerful and largest navy in the world, composed of a large variety of destroyers, cruisers, battleships and submarines, except for aircraft carriers, that were built too late to be used and were never completed. One of the most interesting facts about the Italian Navy, it's the huge number of projects and blueprints that were developed among the years, even before the outbreak of the Great War. Some of these projects were particularly ambitious for their time and even if most of them remain unknown to those not interested in naval warfare (or the Italian Navy itself), in our case, these projects represent what World of Warships is or in some cases could be. As i already said in my previous post, which you can find here if you are interested, in this post i'll deal with one of the projects i previously wrote about, a project that in my opinion, can be one of the most (if not the most) particular and interesting ships in the game, and the best candidate to be the first Italian premium tier X battleship. The Edgardo Ferrati Battleships A very important (and forgotten) figure of naval design in the period between the two wars, Rear Admiral and General of naval engineering Edgardo Ferrati was the creator of the Caracciolo class battleships, the first attempt to create a fast and powerful battleship in response to the British Queen Elizabeth class. The class was composed by four ships: "Francesco Caracciolo", "Cristoforo Colombo", "Marcantonio Colonna" and "Francesco Morosini". These battleships were designed in 1913 and commissioned the following year, unfortunately, only the first ship of the class was built and only partially. The battleship was launched in 1920 but due to economic reasons its completion was first stopped and then cancelled. Having the hull as the only completed part, it was proposed in two occasions to convert the ship in an aircraft carrier, firstly in a vessel similar to the British HMS Argus (or a floatplane carrier), and the second time in 1921 when a new design featuring an island superstructure was proposed, even a total conversion in a merchant ship was considered, but again, for economic problems, all these projects were cancelled and in the fall of 1921 the ship was started to demolition that was completed in 1926. As already said, the Caracciolo Class would have been a ship very similar to the HMS Queen Elizabeth, but the real interesting fact about these ships it's the initial stage of their design, because the one that we have just discussed, was only the final version, revisioned in multiple occasions by General Ferrati and all the other members responsible of the project. The original designs, were way moooore interesting, audacious and ambitious then the final one! And here, the real discussion of this post begins. The Edgardo Ferrati Projects Thinking about the Caracciolo class, it would be logical to think that during the development of the project, the first design proposal would be somehow similar to the final model, and that it evolved gradually into what would have eventually become the Caracciolo class battleships. However, in this case, the initial design that General Ferrati had in mind for the Caracciolo class did not resemble in the slightest the final version. Ferrati designed not one, but 3 series of possible variants for his ships, called F,D and G; these projects were quite similar to each other, and in a sense, each of them was the evolution of the previous one. The F series was the first variant, the D the second, and the G the third and last one. All these ships were designed as super-dreadnought battleships, featuring 381 mm guns, a great number of secondary guns, a quite armoured hull, and a top speed of about 28 knots. Features that they passed on to the final model of the Caracciolo class, but what catches immediately the eye, and that's what makes these ships really interesting and totally different from any other italian battleship, is that all these ships had 381 mm guns mounted in a quadruple configuration. The first one, the F series, was the lighter of all the 3 variants. It was designed with 2 turrets with quadruple 381 mm guns, a great set of secondary guns that comprehended 8 turrets with dual 170 mm guns, 24 single mounted 102 mm guns and 8 533 mm torpedo launchers. Its engines with a power between 55000 and 75000 HP would have allowed her to reach a speed of 25~27 knots. The armour would have been quite light, being only 270 mm in the most armoured parts of the hull. The F series was composed of 2 ships: the F type: and the F' type, almost identical to the F type but slightly bigger and with a more powerful engine (95000~115000 Hp for a top estimated speed of 31 knots) The second one, the D series, was similar to the F' type but with a different armament and a more powerful engine. Instead of 2 quadruple 381 mm gun turrets, the D series was armed with 12 guns in 3 turrets. The secondary guns were almost the same of the F series, but it differed from type to type in quantity terms. The engine power was estimated between 65000 and 85000 HP for a top speed of 25~27 knots, pratically the same of the F series. The series was composed of 5 ships and all these variants had a different layout regarding the armament and its configuration. The D type (16 dual mounted 152 mm guns, 20 single mounted 102 mm): the D bis type (12 dual mounted 170 mm guns, 20 single mounted 102 mm): the D' type (16 dual mounted 170 mm guns, 20 single mounted 102 mm): the D'' type (12 dual mounted 170 mm guns, 20 single mounted 102 mm): and the D''' type (20 single mounted 102 mm, no 170 mm or smaller guns, also less engine power than the previous models but mantaining the same top speed not having the bigger secondaries): And finally, the G series. The biggest, heaviest and most powerful of all the series, comprehending General Ferrati's favourite model. This series was armed with not 2, and neither 3, but with 4 quadruple 381 mm turrets! A huge number of guns for such a big caliber. Just like the F series, the G one was composed of 2 ships: the G type (20 single mounted 102 mm): and Ferrati's favourite version, the G' or G1: At this point, i guess it's clear what's the ship that i consider as the best candidate to be the first Italian premium tier X battleship, so without further ado, let's take a better look at the protagonist of this post, the Edgardo Ferrati G1! The G1 battleship is wituout a doubt the apex of all Ferrati's projects. Its greatest feature is certainly the armament; 16 381 mm guns, 16 dual mounted 170 mm guns and 24 single mounted 102 mm. It's something you don't see very often. But being only a project, and developed in 1915, here comes again the same little problem related to all projects and blueprints, the appearence that they should have in game. But this is not something that a little work cannot resolve, and as i already did for Ferdinando Cassone's Battleship, or as i called her, the "Imperatore Augusto", i've made the same thing for the Edgardo Ferrati G1. After almost 9 months of long and satisying work (always done in my free time), here is what should be (according to me) the first tier X Italian premium battleship. The "Regia Nave Goffredo Mameli" of the "Unità d'Italia" class! As for the "Imperatore Augusto", everything was made with Photoshop, and design and ship features apart, it was organised and completed in the same way. Documentation on the project, reworking the original design, developing a model similar to contemporary Italian ships, finalization of the work with details and technical informations, everything. It was a very long work but in some ways, easier than the first one. Now let's talk about the ship's features. As i've already said, the main armament consists in 4 turrets with quadruple 381mm/50 guns, the same guns used for the Littorio class (the original project intended to use 381mm/40 guns, the same expected for the Caracciolo class, but being a rejected project and a "what-if" more modern design, with also all the 381mm/40 built never installed on a ship and used for other purposes, such as coast defense and railroad guns, i opted for the newest and most advanced versions of these guns). The secondary guns are 8 turrets with twin 170mm/55 guns, an unusual caliber for the Italian navy and probably the biggest ever installed on a ship for a secondary gun (except for the 1908 italian armored cruiser RN San Giorgio class which mounted 190mm/45 guns, but this is another story). The AA armament is composed by 3 types of weapons, the well-known 65mm/64 gun (14 in twin mounted configuration and 4 in single mounted), the 37mm/54 autocannons, and the 20mm/70 machine guns. The ship possesses one catapult that can be used by a Scout or a Fighter. Regarding the ship features such as armor and engine power, General Ferrati wrote that the armor was 270 and 170 mm distributed all along the hull, while there are no info on the engine power (or simply i couldn't find them), but realistically speaking and considering the size and the weight of the ship, it had to be more than 150000 HP. For dimensions and weight even though they were specified in the project, i had to compromise, because considering the dimensions of the armament, the bridges, the funnels and so on, the ship could have never been like in the project. And in some sense is also logical; the original dimensions and weight should have been 225 m (lenght) and 37200 t. Considering that the Littorio was 237,8 m long for 41377 t of weight (45963 t full load), a ship like Ferrati G1 smaller and lighter than that is literally impossible. In the end, the G1 ended up looking like the Yamato, a little bit longer and with a similar weight. Here's a summary of its features and of some values it could have in game: DIMENSIONS: LENGTH: 269,65 m BEAM: 40 m DISPLACEMENT: 71000 t ARMOR BELT: 380 mm , 270 mm, 170 mm DECK: MAIN: 35 mm SECOND: 120 mm HIT POINTS: 88000 MAIN BATTERY: 381mm/50 OTO 1934 4x4 RATE OF FIRE: 2 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 30 s MAX AP DAMAGE: 12000 FIRING RANGE: 25,8 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #1: 170mm/55 OTO 1942 8x2 RATE OF FIRE: 7,5 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 8 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 3000 FIRING RANGE: 8 km AA DEFENSE: 65mm/64 Mod. 1939 14x2 - 4x1 FIRING RANGE: 3,69 km 37mm/54 Breda 1933 12x4 FIRING RANGE: 3,51 km 20mm/70 Breda 1935 16x6 FIRING RANGE: 2,01 km PROPULSION: 185000 hp MAXIMUM SPEED: 27 knots This battleship is somehow the opposite of her regular counterpart "Imperatore Augusto", but nonetheless interesting. Sligthly littler but more massive, with more main guns but less firepower per shell, bigger secondaries with longer range but fewer guns with a longer reload, a larger number of AA defenses but with less range, less armored but yet slower; in a few words, what you'd expect from a super-dreadnought. A ship like this has very good pros but also some dangerous cons, for example the size. Even if slightly littler than "Imperatore Augusto", the bridges are big and the superstructure is massive, making it easy (if not easier) to spot and to attack, the ship's speed is also low for a tier X, only 27 knots (just like the Yamato), this means that would be difficult to reach safe zones when under fire, also try to bounce some shots and especially dodge several torpedoes from multiple directions would be a serious problem. Also even if well armored (though less than "Imperatore Augusto"), both the hull and the citadel (this one being protected under the waterline), broadsides from short range or accurate shots from great distances can be really dangerous. So in the end, i think that the ship in itself is quite balanced. Anyway, an aspect that i want to discuss with particular care, is the main armament. As i already said, the ship is armed with the same guns that equipped the Littorio class. Now, for those who are not familiar with the Littorio class, and in particular the Roma in game, the 381 mm guns on the Roma have a range of fire of 18,1 km. This feature is a value that WG has given to the ship trying to make it well balanced. Now, not only Roma is not balanced in different ways but this feature in particular is wrong both phisically and most important, historically speaking. In fact, the 381mm/50 on the Littorio class were the most powerful weapons of their caliber, comparable to those of much greater caliber, and one of the most powerful naval guns ever built. This was largely due to their exceptional muzzle velocity, although this came at a cost. The high velocity and energies in the firing chamber lead to a much faster rate of barrel wear compared to other naval guns, and also resulted in excessive dispersion at long range. Because of this, the final velocity of the "Palla" rounds was reduced from 870 m/s to 850 m/s. Even with this reduced velocity, the 381mm/50 had the longest range of any guns ever mounted on a battleship, having the 884.8 kg AP rounds able to reach 42,8 km at the maximum elevation of +36°. This out-ranged the 46cm/45 Type 94 of the Yamato-class by almost 800 meters, and the 16"/50 Mk.7 of the Iowa-class by over 4000 meters. From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannone_da_381/50_Ansaldo_M1934 Having said that, it's obvious that the "Goffredo Mameli" can't have the same range as Roma for his main guns, also and more important, WG should change Roma's range to a more realistic one, cause 18,1 km on a tier VIII battleship is penalizing and pretty ridiculous, even if the guns are capable of penetrate everything this range is nothing more than a joke, especially when is given to the ship that had the guns with most range ever built, but this is again, another story. So to sum up, in the specifications of the armament, i gave the 381/50 a more suitable fire range, leaving however the record to Yamato and Shikishima for fame reasons. Obviously, all the features of the ship are arranged, and many things have not been considered, the only thing that i considered in particular when re-designing the G1 is that i don't want Semi AP shells on this ship. For a battleship like this i think that the usual AP and HE system is the best option. Anyway going back on the main topic, the most important thing and what i wanted to convey to you all, is the fact that there are a lot of projects that could be added in game to make the Italian tech tree a fine and great addition to WoWs, both for regular and premium ships. And finally, the reasons behind the ship name. Goffredo Mameli was an Italian patriot, poet, writer and one of the most important figures of the italian period called Risorgimento. He is also the author of the Italian National Anthem, "Il Canto degli Italiani". The Italian Risorgimento is also the period in which Italy was united under a single flag, with the help of some of the most important italian figures of all times, like Giuseppe Garibaldi, Giuseppe Mazzini, Camillo Benso, and of course, Goffredo Mameli. Now, the Edgardo Ferrati battleships may even have been the projects for the Caracciolo class, but in WoWs, they have the possibility to be a new and totally different class, and here comes the name. The "Unità d'Italia" class, that unites the F,D and G series just like the Italian flag united all its regions, for which i created this emblem, that could be used for example as special flag, together with the small hull detail on the bow And as i did for the G1, i plan to make a new design for a model of both the F and D series, placing the new ships as premiums for the Italian tech tree, in order to have tier VIII, IX and X. And who knows, maybe even something more. I won't anticipate anything here but i think you have already an idea of what i want to make :) I think that the Ferrati G1 could be a great addiction to the game, both for the italian Navy fans and for those who simply like playing with battleships; it would be fantastic to see it in game (Who wouldn't like to fire a full salvo with 16 381 mm guns?). And just like the Ferdinando Cassone project i made, it would be an honor if WG decided to take inspiration from my design for this ship. Anyway, always hoping to see the Italian BB line in game and in general a full Italian tech tree (and possibly a good one, not one done just to stop the community requests), thank you very much for your patience and for reading my article! Sites used for references: https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/general-ferratis-1915-battleship-designs-f-and-f/ https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/general-ferratis-1915-battleship-d-serie-designs/ https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/general-ferratis-1915-battleship-g-series-designs/
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    Italian Battleships. The top of the line

    Thanks a lot :) Yeah i considered the "problem" about the variety of gun calibers in the beginning, and as you already said, there could have been different solutions about it. Let me explain why i made it like this. First, as i already said in the original post, i wanted to use the first variant of Cassone's battleship, cause i really liked the disposition of the 152 mm turrets (similar to that of the Yamato) that made it more interesting and more particular than the second one, and also a little different from other tier X BBs; considering this, i wanted to make the secondaries a little more realistic (compared to other nations) and more powerful (cause the 90/53 even if have 2 barrels instead of the normal one, are still quite weak for a secondary), so i opted to mantain the 135 mm guns together with the 152. Second, without the 135 guns the ship would have had a configuration almost identical to Littorio and U.P. 41, and it can be a good thing in terms of tier evolution, but a tier X BB with a number of secondaries a little higher than a tier VIII and pratically the same as a tier IX would have been quite mediocre in terms of pure firepower. Also, the presence of these guns can be seen as an evolution of secondary guns already present on older Italian BBs, such as Conte di Cavour or Caio Duilio class; Conte di Cavour battleships mounted the 120/50 together with the 100/47 as secondary dual purpose guns, while the Caio Duilio had the 135/45 and the 90/50. The 135/45 dual purpose on the Imperatore Augusto can be seen as the apex of this category, and i think that considering the global aspect of the ship and its tier, this evolution is acceptable. And finally, the funnel is only one simply for a reason of space and convenience. As you can see in Cassone's project, the ship did not have an aft superstructure, and this in a more modern warship is unrealistic. Considering the dimension of the hull and the space occupied by weapons and superstructures, the ship could never have had 2 funnels without altering the design in a major and unacceptable way, so i opted for a larger single one. I hope i explained it well :)
  5. TheMasterDragon

    Italian Battleships. The top of the line

    Thank you very much :) Yeah i considered the 65/64 when i was working on the initial design of the ship but in the end i opted for the 90/53. There are 2 reasons for that. The first is for the continuity of the line, cause both the Littorio and the project of the U.P.41 had the 90/53 as dual purpose guns, in particular the U.P.41 had these guns in a 2 barrel configuration, and using the same armament on the tier X (with maybe slightly better features) seem more logical. And second is because 90/53 are dual purpose guns while the 65/64 are only AA guns, and i didn't want to loose a secondary armament XD
  6. TheMasterDragon

    Italian Battleships. The top of the line

    Thanks a lot :) In the beginning i considered the 65mm/64 as an option for mid-high caliber AA, but having on both "Littorio" and "U.P.41" only the 90mm/53 and low caliber autocannons, i opted for a more similar configuration. From the start i wanted the 135mm/45 as dual purpose secondaries, and having both 90mm/53 and 65mm/64 would have been quite a problem, especially for size reasons. The ship would have been even bigger than now and unfortunately not too realistic XD However i think that the 65mm/64 AA is a great weapon. For the complete BB line i know what you mean (and i'm especially afraid of the worst case scenario), unfortunately the first and in particular the second generation of Italian battleships were built in and after WW1 and almost all of them were updated at the same time and in a very similar way with few differences, (see for example the "Conte di Cavour" and "Caio Duilio" classes). I too have planned a complete BB line (and a complete tech tree too XD maybe one day i'll post the other branches too) and as you already said, the first tiers would be a little OP compared to the others, at tier VI the situation changes and you'd have a ship a little weaker despite being the evolution of the tier V, but this problem would be resolved with a few balancing (more HP, better reload time and accuracy etc...). After that, in the higher tiers, the situation is different, the tier VII would be the first step to the top of the line and the transition between second generation BBs and the "Littorio" class, in a few words, the real change in the line. After that, "Littorio", "U.P.41" (for which probably we'd need another name but i have an option in my line) and finally Ferdinando Cassone, or in my case, "Imperatore Augusto". I'd like to see your ideas too, and a comparison is always welcome, after all two (or more) heads are better than one XD Thanks again :)
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    Italian Battleships. The top of the line

    Hi everyone! With the release of the Italian tech tree in the next update 0.8.9 (Hooray!) and its cruiser line, its quite obvious that Italian ships fans can expect a lot more in the future. And probably, one of the most awaited lines in the tech tree is the battleships line. The Italian BB line could be completed from tier III to X without too many problems. There are only 2 Italian battleships in game at the moment, both of them premium, the tier V "Giulio Cesare", and the tier VIII "Roma". Between the First and Second World War, several battleships and large battlecruisers were built in Italy, and amongst them, the most advanced and powerful ones were those of the "Littorio" class, composed by 4 ships: "Littorio", "Vittorio Veneto", "Roma" and "Impero". The "Littorio" class, as we have already seen with "Roma", is the perfect candidate to place at tier VIII, so it's logical to assume that in an Italian BB line we'll have the "Littorio" as the regular tier VIII. But after this, here appears a problem that those who are familiar with the Italian Navy will probably know too well. The high tier battleships will have to be based on blueprints and projects, as no other battleship was built after the "Littorio" class. But the problem is quite easy to resolve, as there is a candidate for both tier IX (almost certain) and tier X. The tier IX, in my opinion, will be the project called "U.P.41", that i'm sure lots of you already know. An improved and most advanced version of the "Littorio" class armed with 406 mm guns. This ship is the perfect successor for the "Littorio", and balancing features and name aside, i'm sure we'll see this ship at tier IX when the Italian BB line will be presented. The tier X should be something that resembles all the previous ships, and at the same time adds something valuable and notable to all the line. For this reason i think that the best candidate for the top of the line is the ship i'm gonna talk to you about. The Ferdinando Cassone Project In 1921 the italian engineer Ferdinando Cassone, published an article in "Rivista Marittima" in which presented the idea of a large (very large) battlecruiser like no other before. This ship was the largest and most powerful ever discussed for the Regia Marina. An innovative design with interesting featurs, Cassone's battlecruiser would have been one of the most powerful battleships in the world, but unfortunately remained only a blueprint. There are two variants of the project. I'm quite sure that most of the players who like Italian ships are quite familiar with this project just like the "U.P.41", 'cause the ship itself it's not a mistery, and a ship with these features wouldn't be too hard to place in game, the only real problem regarding the Ferdinando Cassone is literally its appearance. Beeing a project made in 1921, a ship like that would look out of place among the others, but we know that even this is not a real problem, because in the case the ship would be designated as the top of the Italian BB line, old or not, the developers would think to fix it. But not knowing if this will happen and if this ship will actually be inserted in game, i decided to try to give Cassone's battleship a new design myself. After having documented on the subject, and comparing the old ship to the newer ones of the Regia Marina, assuming that it would have been the successor of the "U.P,41", and after a long work of almost 9 months done in my free time (long but funny and satisfying), i've completed the new appearance of the ship, so without further delay, i present you what should be (according to me) the top of the line of the Italian bettleships. The "Regia Nave Imperatore Augusto"! First, i used the ship profile as model and colored it with Photoshop, for having a first idea of what the ship could become. As you can see, i chose the first version as model, since i thought that the second one, despite having a more compact structure was lacking the secondary turrets, that in my opinion, made the ship more interesting (and more beautiful) to other players. And after this began the real challenge. The creation of the hull, the bridges, the turrets and all the features and details of the battleship. Again, i made it with Photoshop and it was really (reeeeeally) complex to finalize, as the dimensions of the file, the quality of details, number of layers and groups is obscenely high (the program response was slowed down of 2-3 s sometimes) despite the Paint-like appearance, so here it is, my work completed. For the bridges and the turrets i took inspiration from both "U.P.41" and "Littorio" classes, creating an evolution from tier VIII to X as much natural as possible. The main armament of the ship is composed by 4 turrets with dual 456mm/46 guns, that is the largest caliber ever installed on an Italian ship. The secondaries are composed by 3 types of guns, the 152mm/55 that serve as normal anti-ship guns, the 135mm/45 and the 90mm/53, which are both used as dual purpose guns. And for last, the AA armament is made with 37mm/54 autocannons. The ship possesses also 2 catapults that can be used by a Scout or a Fighter. Some of the ship features such as part of the armor and engine power where specified by engineer Cassone and are quite impressive. The armor belt is 456/350/150 mm, and the deck is 50+120 mm, quite similar to battleships like Montana. The engine power is 216000 HP, that in the original project would have given a top speed of 35-40 knots, but the original project was also estimated to reach a weight of 45000 tons, other fonts claim 57000 t, but considering the new technology and the new structures added, i opted for a weight similar to that of ships like G.Kurfurst and Montana, 65000 t, and for a top speed of 31 knots, a good speed for a battleship of its kind. Here's a summary of its features and of some values it could have in game: DIMENSIONS: LENGTH: 274,75 m BEAM: 40 m DISPLACEMENT: 65000 t ARMOR BELT: 456 mm , 350 mm, 150 mm DECK: MAIN: 50 mm SECOND: 120 mm HIT POINTS: 99800 MAIN BATTERY: 456mm/46 OTO 1942 4x2 RATE OF FIRE: 2,31 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 26 s MAX AP DAMAGE: 15000 FIRING RANGE: 23,75 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #1: 152mm/55 OTO 1936 2x3 RATE OF FIRE: 5 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 12 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 2100 FIRING RANGE: 6 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #2: 135mm/45 OTO 1938 8x2 RATE OF FIRE: 9 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 6,67 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 1900 FIRING RANGE: 6 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT #3: 90mm/53 OTO 1939 16x2 RATE OF FIRE: 15 shots/min RELOAD TIME: 4 s MAX HE DAMAGE: 1300 FIRING RANGE: 6 km AA DEFENSE: 135mm/45 OTO 1938 8x2 FIRING RANGE: 5,2 km 90mm/53 OTO 1939 16x2 FIRING RANGE: 4,55 km 37mm/54 Breda 1933 12x4 FIRING RANGE: 3,51 km PROPULSION: 216000 hp MAXIMUM SPEED: 31 knots Obviously these features are arranged, i tried to adapt the original model to the actual ships and i think the result is quite well done. Features of the italian battleships as far as we have seen, are good (or even excellent) penetration and high damage with main guns, good mobility and agility, great armor and torpedo protection but weak citadel (especially "Roma", considering that the real ship citadel was placed under the water surface and not so easy to hit, and this is something that in my opinion should be fixed, but this is another story), and secondaries and AA weaker than other counterparts. Cassone's project is an example of what we could expect from a tier X ship. Powerful guns, great secondaries, good AA, good mobility and excellent armor. In few words, a well balanced ship. Obviously even this ship has its weak points, for example dimensions. 274,75 m of length is a big number considering that Yamato is 263 m long, and the super structure is also big so this would make her quite an easy target to spot and to attack. Also, the number of main guns is quite low, only 8 guns when other nations have 9 or 12 cannons on their side, so even if the damage is high and the reload speed is low the DPM can be outclassed by other ships. The armor belt is very thick and the citadel is well protected, but broadsides for short range or accurate shots from great distances could put the ship in serious trouble. And the AA defense is powerful but its firing range is still quite low. Anyway as i already said, these features are arranged and i haven't considered things such as dispersion and initial velocity of the shells, the chance of fire caused by HE shells, the possibility of having the Semi AP shells even on this line and its damage, the maneuverability and the concealment and so on... I've made all of this to give an idea of what this ship originally was and of what it could be if inserted in game, and i sincerely think that i've done it quite well. To sum up, i think that this ship is the best candidate for the top of the Italian BB line, and also being a real project instead of an invented one makes it even more suitable for this role. So i hope that when the time comes, WG will use this project for the BB line, and it would be an honor to see a battleship similar to mine in the tech tree (it would be an even greater honor to see my ship in game with my signature XD). P.S.: The name i chose, "Imperatore Augusto", is due to the fact that the Roman Emperor, Augusto, was one of the greatest rulers of the Roman Empire, and the nephew and heir of the greatest and most famous Roman Emperor of all times, Giulio Cesare. And having the "Giulio Cesare" as a premium tier V battleship, i think that this is a nice and appropriate name to give to the tier X. I plan to make a restyle of another project for a possible tier X premium Italian battleship, when i'll have enough time. And once finished, i'll prepare another article, but i don't anticipate anything not to spoil the surprise ;) Hoping to see the Italian battleships in game as soon as possible, thanks for your patience and for reading my article! Sites used for references: https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/cassones-large-battlecruiser-proposal-1921/
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    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    Hi everyone! Here's my recruitment poster (non-clan)! A simple, old-style picture with a direct message. Nickname: TheMasterDragon Server: EU
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    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    Hi everyone! Here's my recruitment poster (non-clan)! A simple, old-style picture with a direct message. Everything was hand-made by me Nickname: TheMasterDragon Server: EU
  10. Hi everyone! Here's my camo, the "Red Riot", a tribute to Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, with a simple yet effective design Nickname: TheMasterDragon Server: EU Happy Holidays!