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  1. ArkSyve

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Hi, I'd like to participate. Thank you kind sir.
  2. 131. In for Alabama. Thank you for organising this!
  3. ArkSyve

    how many € you spent on mega santa gifts?

    0, surprise mechanics are banned in Belgium Not that I would buy them anyway.
  4. ArkSyve

    Capping bug

    Same problem here. For me the cap progress bar will also fail to show up at times. Don't have screens but yesterday a cap I was contesting was captured withing 10 seconds of me exiting it by the ennemy DD. The cap progress bar wasn't showing up and on the map the cap instantly flipped from white to red. Only the progress bar at the top seemed to show the right information.
  5. ArkSyve

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    The exact same thing happened in WoT some time ago when they made drastic changes to the KV-5, a (somewhat popular) tier 8 premium, with owners having the choice between keeping the new vehicle or get a refund. The general opinion on the matter was similar to the current GC case : Unending uproars on the forum, hoardes of players claiming that they would get their schekels back at any cost. With claims of WG's actions being illegal (side note: WG perhaps changed the legal agreements on that in the eula noone of us ever reads but agrees upon every single patch) , imaginary lawsuits being tossed around and whatever... As far as i know those complaints led nowhere as, in the end, the rebalance happened and everyone had to suck it. What does it have to do with us? I'd say this is a head's up. I'm expecting WG to go through with the uptiering no matter what. The official forum only represents a fraction of the playerbase and I've hardly ever seen cases where WG made consequent choices based on forum feedback and am not expecting anything else from them at this point. After all the silent masses are the paying customers. I personally am hoping for a little more adjustments to the ship than just 25mm bow armour. Not much, but introduced as is I reckon she wouldn't be all too competitive. Perhaps they'll balance her out sensibly through multiple supertest iterations. Good thing I picked my Cesare up for 50% of it's dubloon price.
  6. ArkSyve

    Buff needed to middle tier dds?

    From my mid-tier experience i have to disagree with you on one point: the lack of DDs per game. Sure, every now and then I have a game with few to no DDs in it, but these are pretty rare. I always meet a healthy amount of DDs per game, especially with all the torpedo centric missions lately. Imo 2-3 DDs per side is perfect, and this is what I get when there's no mission forcing everyone to take their torpedobote out. Cruisers on the other side are pretty rare... However I do agree on the fact that some regular detroyers in the T5-7 bracket could do with some love. I play the Germans and the Soviet at those tiers, let's break down on what I think of each: T-22 I enjoyed, surprisingly, could do with some better concealment maybe ; Gaede is meh when it comes to maneuvrability and specifically acceleration, she also eats a ton of pen damage from BBs (reeeeee) ; Maass is fine, she has strenght and weaknesses and is fun to play ; Podvoisky was unfun, can only go for the surprise arround the corner torp rush, and the guns aren't really comfortable to use either. Ends up being good at contesting caps only ; Gnevny suffers from similar problems as Podvoisky, my biggest gripe is the horrible turret traverse, also suffers a ton from uptiering ; Minsk I don't own yet, but doesn't look groundbreaking either. I should stress I don't have AFT on my commander as EM is mandatory along LS ; Isokaze is also in my port, not really enjoying it, nor am Iooking forward to Minekaze, I wouldn't mind shitty guns if the torpedoes were more comfortable ; I also own Gallant, she's nice but could do with a little something torp wise. Now onto the other lines and what I can tell from encountering them: The Pan-Asian are definitely doing (too?) good, Gadjah and Fushun are fairly strong and Jianwei is competitive ; IJN boats on the other hand look like a massive struggle, only Shiratsuyu and Fubuki seem enjoyable, buffs are needed ; US DDs are doing ok, good close range fighters, torpedoes are a bit weak at T5-6, statistics would imply small buffs are welcome. In short: -DD population is fine -Buffs are required on specific ships, but not on the class as a whole
  7. ArkSyve

    Year preview 2018

    varyag Essentially what Aotearas said, plus a hyothetical italian CA/BB line for late 2018.
  8. ArkSyve

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Emergency Pringles tubes.
  9. Alright, nice, just what I needed. Thanks.
  10. Hello, The official portal post about the new clan battles season is pretty confusing regarding rental ships and their commanders. So, will the commanders used on rental ships be reset (skill wise) upon their removal at the end of the season? To maximize my effectiveness in rental ships I operated quite the captain shuffle and ended up running a reskilled cruiser captain in the Grozovoi and a detroyer captain in the Zao, which I don't mind for the time being. I would be quite annoyed however if my captains ended up stuck with the wrong skills at the end of the season, hence why i need the clarification to organize my captains accordingly. Thanks in advance.
  11. ArkSyve

    New Game mode required

    Timegated caps is not a bad idea in my opinion. A certain game (Fractured Space) has a similar system, combining both regular caps and a central timegated cap. And it works pretty well. People first fight for the hard caps (they give points in a siilar fashion to WoWs), and then, if they have the possibility, go fight for that central cap which is unlocked after 5-10 minutes. What matters is that that cap doesn't act like a regular one, but instead gives a massive, one time boost (in the form of damage/speed buff) to the team that secured it and afterwards becomes basically useless, since it won't give out any more boosts. What the map in fractured Space looks like Something similar could be implemented into WoWs on the basis of the domination game mode. Make one of the caps (preferably a central one), become timegated and award a huge 100-200 points boost upon securing. Interesting tactical choices on when/wether to disengage and head to that cap will have to be made. However two massive problems instantly arise : It might also be grossly overpowered, a team with an early DD advantage will have it pretty easy to secure that cap and have a (too?)good chance at winnning the game. Wouldn't lemmingtraining one external cap, overwhelm it (or counter a possible ennemy lemmingtrain) and then just head to that central cap be a too easy tactic to win the game? Maybe this can be avoided with the point boost being only a tactical choice, not an you-cap-you-win choice, and the timegated cap not being a central one. All in all, whilst this is a pretty rough idea it might feature new positioning options and disengagement choices, overall bringing something fresh to the game modes. If done properly it has it's place in WoWs and I'd be up for that. tldr: domination mode with one timegated cap maybe?
  12. ArkSyve

    Shiflt-and-tilt option

    Besides looking nice it doesn't seem that usefull. Would even be kind of a hindrance in-game I believe. Would look good in the port free cam to make some screenshots, but I'd rather see WG work on something else.
  13. Decided to go for it and buy 5 huge santa crates. What I got: -30x ouroboros flag -30x frosty camo -30x frosty camo -Hood -30x frosty camo I would initially rather have dropped Alabama/Lo Yang (already own Gallant) or some dubloons. But the Hood is a nice surprise, I believe I'll enjoy it. Camos and flags are excelent and will be of good use. Overall a good buy, I believe I got a lot for my money. Even though it is totally random and I could have only dropped rather disapointing stuff, the drop rates seem pretty fair in my opinion.
  14. ArkSyve

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello, I'd like to enter the raffle. If by chance I win a ship, then be it that sexy T-61 please. Praised be all the generous donators.
  15. ArkSyve

    The black friday sales

    So yeah there is now finally an article detailling the special sales we're getting for black friday. Only 15 hours late... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/black-friday-discounts/ Looks like the usual good stuff we have for special event sales. But then you look at the tech tree sales and then you notice: They only discounted certain ships, because [edited]us. Honestly there are more ships not discounted than ships actually discounted. Quick check on the other server clusters...yes, Asia and NA do not have all of these restrictions on ships sales. Looks fair right? In details: Indianapolis, Kaga, Hood and Mutsu are restricted on NA and Asia. For EU, well see for yourselves: "50% Off - All Tier III-IV Ships 40% Off - Tiers V-VI (Excludes: Gallant, De Grasse, Duca d'Aosta, Mutsu, Okhotnik, October Revolution) 30% Off - Tiers VII-VIII (Excludes: Kii, Enterprise, Alabama, Hood, Kaga, Blyskawica, Indianapolis)" Alright, I could guess some of those are special event ships (Oktobra,Gallant) and some may be not on sale because they are OP (Kaga), which, to me, doesn't justify them not being on sale though. But hey, I guess WG can get away with that. But what about the other ships? Are they too recent? Is it because they are also on sale in the premium shop right now? That is in now way a justification and downright a [edited] move. Isn't the Okhotnik even not in the tree? Why WG, why? Are you afraid ships not sold in overpriced packages (the 450€ one is memes) will not bring in money? While we're at it. Seeing as how the tech tree is being shat on, I guess there's no hope for many new premiums being introduced to the tree.. Which concludes my rant...currently I'm 300% salt because I was getting hyped for some new premium ships in my port, but it's not going to happen.