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  1. Operator_Hoot

    Twitch Drops 0.8.4 —Check out What's New!

    Ok, so its 5 days after the new twitch drops have been activated. Yes, I got one within minutes of logging into WoWS & Twitch on the first day. But thats it. one drop in 5 days.
  2. Operator_Hoot

    [Updated 24/4] April’s Twitch Drops Just Got Better

    590 ironium, all the missions completed, and not one twitch drop in 6 days, comon WG
  3. Operator_Hoot

    Free XP as a Currency.

    Thanks m8, I know that FXPing ships is a crap way to advance, but I was literally looking for any other uses for free XP , and I never knew that I could convert free XP to Commander XP too.
  4. Operator_Hoot

    Free XP as a Currency.

    Ok, so aside from one million that I should keep for Alaska, every else should be ok to spend. I mean, the only ship the have close to release is Azuma, and I can't see WG giving away 2 free ships that close to each other. A British Carrier, not when they can make a bucket of money selling Ark Royal for example. So other than research and Alaska, there is nothing else I'm missing to spend free xp on?
  5. Operator_Hoot

    Free XP as a Currency.

    Hi MrConway (or anyone that knows more than me), I'm not sure if you can answer this, but I gotta ask. Will free XP ever be used as a currency to purchase ships again? I have acculmulated quite a bit of free XP and am nearing the end of the grind to unlock all the ships in all the trees. I reckon I have enough to unlock most of the ships left, but it would wipe me out just in case a ship is released (ahem Alaska) for free XP. However, as the Kronshtadt & Musashi used to be available for Free XP and have been removed and 'replaced' by Jean Bart & 'soon to be released' Alaska, yet Jean Bart is only available for Coal and I suspect Alaska will be too. So my question stands, Is Free XP useful for anything except unlocking ships and modules? Thanks in advance.
  6. Operator_Hoot

    Server Issues - 07/12 - Downtime 04:00 UTC 08/12

    I still cannot log in after I was booted out. However I was not in a Division so I don't know if my issue is connected or not.