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  1. Squarebasher54

    Armor Viewer

    I like the addition of the armour viewer, just one thing that I would prefer is to have all armour off when you go into the viewer rather than on.
  2. Squarebasher54

    Tirpitz immune to Budyonny HE

    You are the troll, I am asking if anyone else has experienced this.
  3. Squarebasher54

    Tirpitz immune to Budyonny HE

    I know where to hit and how to use AP.
  4. Squarebasher54

    Tirpitz immune to Budyonny HE

    11 HE hits on a tirpitz with the budyonny guns, not a single point of damage scored or fire set and that is with DE, not sure if this is a bug or a buff on the tirpitz. If the budyonny cannot do any damage to a tier 8 BB then it should not have to face them.
  5. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    Looking at the previous similar event which was collecting the pearls for the KamiR, you could get similar treasures unlocked with your pearls. I have looked back in the news announcements but can see no mention of a cut off date to spend your pearls in that event so why in this one.
  6. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    How would it annoy any other player it would not affect them, I can understand that it might annoy WG that they would have to give away something for free that you have earned in the game.
  7. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    Because as I have already stated I missed the announcement, and there is no reason why you should not have been able to spend the diamonds for at least a week after the event ended.
  8. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    I am sure it would take little effort from WG to reopen the treasures link if they wanted to.
  9. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    Regardless of the announcement I still do not see the harm of extending the time available to spend diamonds earned, and I would have thought other players might be a little sympathetic instead of being supercilious.
  10. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    Don't call me sir, I missed it if it was there my logic stands.
  11. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    I not saying WG should make an exception, I just cannot understand what harm it would have done to have left it open for a few days longer. I played hard to get those diamonds and just missed the announcement that it was closing, so the event runs for a whole month and spending the diamonds ends in 2 days well there seems little logic in that, and you people are not helping. If WG want to see players lose interest in a game then that's the way to do it.
  12. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    I am sorry but that is BS.
  13. Squarebasher54

    Treasures option.

    Where has the treasures link gone on the grand naval battles page gone, I have not spent all my diamonds yet.
  14. Squarebasher54

    BB North Carolina

    I just got the NC recently and I am having difficulty with it to, the only citadel I have managed so far is on a CV lol, it is still the base loadout but there is no upgrade to the guns. On the colorado I had no such problems, plenty of citadels when you expected to get them.
  15. Squarebasher54

    Nicolas captain tier 4 choice?

    Thanks for the advice, I think I will either go for DE or SE, AFT as you have said seems hard to make the most of, I had AFT on the cleveland before the change to the captains mods, and it was difficult to make the most of.