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  1. neither em I. I am no place to judge at this. Fujin, Kamikaze and Kamikaze R. Also why is it the Kamikaze R where ppl scream paytowin? it was literly earned I cant think that event had any way to pay for it. if fubuki was still at tier 8. it would probably be my top played ship. sad days -_-
  2. assuming that they are red is one thing assuming they are purple. "but then again your a filthy sealclubber xD"
  3. dont care enough for that. neither care enough for him to show his stats. I just pointed out my point and if he dont cares for that. it is fine too.
  4. no. because unlike wg that dont show it and tell us that we cant tell even if they did. I say that if you check someoneelses stats then you can atleast let em see yours which is what I been on. also WGs "stats are irrelevant" division is great fun.
  5. I dont see anything else to reason that comment (on purpose or not) and the reason to not run naked is useally because of shame. I know that there is other reasons in todays standards but yeah. You were quiet dismissive of his statements because of his stats. I dont mean it is generally unfair but you cant hide your stats anymore then. and this is an opinion. if you shoot at someones stats you should atleast show them your stats. and that means going public with em. because this is a public place.
  6. ItachiZero

    What keeps you playing WoWS?

    as long as I have fun with the game...........arrrgh!!!
  7. so stats shaming meanwhile hiding your own stats?
  8. ItachiZero

    Update 0.10.9 - Bug Reports

    why is all of my acheivments gone?