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  1. ItachiZero

    unfair pink?

    I would say its unfair because it happens me once and it wasnt on purpose. and again It just did. and lastly it seems like one of the old patches was the issue. in the end. so reinstall is the only option
  2. ItachiZero

    unfair pink?

    it is the first time it happens in alittle while but it never happend at the same time. and I got another penlty this time for trying to play the game and experiencing the same problem again
  3. ItachiZero

    unfair pink?

    well I every now and then gets kicked out of the server this time as well but this time I get rewarded with being pink. is there something I can do to gett this rewoked? just kicked out before I even could see the loading screen.
  4. ItachiZero

    The First Battle of Narvik - Discussion Thread

    been there sir :D
  5. ItachiZero

    The First Battle of Narvik - Discussion Thread

    good article and now I want port narvik in the game
  6. ItachiZero

    Black screen

    getting a black screen during Ranked. two times. so what is wrong this time
  7. ItachiZero

    Pin-ups 2018?

    well are they that harsh in sweden???
  8. ItachiZero

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    så dere har en discord eg kan joine??? hmmm
  9. ItachiZero

    Finally some recognition for the Royal Netherlands Navy?

    its great. hope they get some prems yet. I want HNoms Stord sooner or later as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HNoMS_Stord_(G26)