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  1. Well, the Myoko was back in the days A T8 cruiser....
  2. Dai2

    How to trick the matchmaker

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Why did you do that VUK? Seriously? It didnt even tresspass any rules!
  3. W8... You are comparing a tier 8 with a tier 7? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?
  4. Dai2

    What does this mean?

    Yes , but sometimes the hard stats can also be misleading. (!) As an example , the des moines has a higher AA defence rating , then the Baltimore, but the Baltimore AA stats would make us think that they are better. Now, the des moines still is a better AA ship, even though it has worse stats then the Baltimore's AA. A des moines will 1 shot 1 kill of a plane. A Baltimore will spray the sky with 40 mm cannons until something is shot down.
  5. Dai2

    Green vs Red Map

    Simon is the best cat name I've ever heard
  6. Dai2

    atlanta a WET paper ship

    Also true. But 1 turret destroyed=all 6 turrets firing.
  7. Dai2

    Demolition Expert vs. AFT vs. Last Stand

    AFT all the way mate. With + 20 % fire range, if you stay at long range you can fire without being detected. By the way it is impossible to get a second T4 skill if you want a T5 skill, as captains are limited to 18 skill points.
  8. Dai2

    With such MM i consider stop playing .....

    WG's stronk answer to issue: Be careful with the Imperial japanese flag, OP... Looks at VUK....
  9. Dai2

    atlanta a WET paper ship

    The atlanta is an exellent gun destroyer. LTP.
  10. Dai2

    Steel Ocean will not be a threat to WoWS

    ..... ..... ..... Nice trolling bro !
  11. Dai2

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    You forgot the Viribus Unitis.
  12. Dai2

    What temp is your cpu when playing WoWS

    M8 Intel CPUs are made in Malaysia
  13. Dai2

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    You have no right to do that! Pensacola skin MUST be made out of old-style glass pepsi and cola bottles!
  14. Dai2

    Heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen vs a T-34 brigade

    Not only the U-boats, even the italians trolled you guys with their tiny detachement of submarines, the betasom.
  15. Dai2

    Drunk skipper weekend or what?

    Yeah. But what are you complaining about? If both teams are as bad as you describe, and if you are "normal" , then it should be easy to win, isnt it?