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  1. Zoom in/out bug

    Sorry for bothering you. It was my favorite but 15 year old Logitech keyboard, that was malfunctioning. Replacing the keyboard solved the problem. Thanks a lot for good replies.
  2. Zoom in/out bug

    Problem seems to be solved. Seemed to be a hardware error at my keyboard. After 15 years of use, my Logitech keyboard seems to be out of order. Replacing it, solved the problem.
  3. Zoom in/out bug

    Tried that tooo. I use the default keys, so. Not really much to reset.
  4. Zoom in/out bug

    Another example I just encountered. At start of video, I encounter the problem, when I try to focus guns on BB while backing and a CA approaches med from behind. At 1:10 and on, I without success attempt to focus on a CA, my sights going back every time I try to focus. This happens with every mouse I try to use with the game. Really an anoying byg, that makes the game unplayable.....
  5. Zoom in/out bug

    Changed mouse, problem still there. Happens every time I focus on and fire at an enemy, when I am near an island or installation. Is there a setting i may have changed somehow? The bug has been there since 0.7.5. But has become worse and worse by time, I think..
  6. Zoom in/out bug

    Anyone else having this quite annoying bug? As my ship nears an island, my sights will no longer stay focused on my enemy. It just keeps scrolling in and out. If I zoom in again, it immidiatelly zooms back out to my guns..... At 5:50 and 9:30 here, this bug eventually kills me, as I am no longer able to keep focusing my enemy and he kills me.