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  1. Good to hear! Still wish there had been more communication during this whole process.
  2. Well at least you got a message from them, my friends and I haven't had any email from them at all.
  3. Wondering this too, wish there was a least a confirmation email when my friends and I entered. Probably nothing but the lack of communication even if its just with a email bot is spooky.
  4. Micromagos


    Sad that the all white For Meritorious Service camouflage isn't back, easily one of the best looking camouflages in the game. EDIT: Oh yay got a few from the 4 years since WOWS!
  5. Micromagos

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Thunderer really should have a free XP option imho not just because of the over saturation of coal ships lately but also as its kinda a douche move to take it off the tech tree and then sell it for that much.
  6. Micromagos

    Submarines are Coming

    Not entirely true as the US and Japan did experiment with submarines in fleet actions and built most of their sub fleet to be capable of participating in them. While their impact was not as big as with raiding operations the most notable fleet action success of submarines at least for the US was probably the sinking of the carriers Shokaku and Taiho during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. That said with some major exceptions the role they played was usually quite minor yes. Certainly if we were going for historical accuracy the Japanese subs would make a far better addition than the German or Soviet ones but no doubt WG wants to play off the hype of them and sadly the IJN just isnt popular enough.
  7. Micromagos

    Submarines are Coming

    Also worth noting the German homing torps were neither numerous nor that grand of an improvement over regular torpedoes given their 10 torps fired for 1 merchant ship kill ratio they achieved during the war.
  8. Micromagos

    Submarines are Coming

    Two initial impression gripes, like many im not a fan of the homing torps but i'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but why oh why are the subs going at 25-30knts with oxygen extension consumables. This is gonna be just like having a second smoke meta in the game that is just going to make killing them intensely frustrating if your DDs survive to hunt them and make an even worse case of game over for the team with no DDs left than it already is. I really hope it won't but this has the potential to kill the player base quite fast. I guess what I'm trying to say is WG take your time and really make sure you implement it well.
  9. So I had the idea when looking at the sail training ship in the Hamburg port and it reminded me of this pic with the Queen Elizabeth and the ship of the line HMS Victory at the bottom. Just replace the Queen Elizabeth or that destroyer with your ship and that would be a really classy port imho.
  10. Micromagos

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    Prince of Wales didn't keep sailing for much longer though.
  11. Completely agree a bit of a missed opportunity of if it stays this way on full release given the diverse selection of post war planes they could have chosen from. Granted I do like that they snuck back in a (partial) jet in the form of the wyvern turboprop.
  12. So looking over the WW2 destroyers modeled in WOWS I notice that they don't seem to have any obvious enclosed bridges, just the external navigation bridge. Looking at destroyers for other nations they have obvious enclosed bridges with lots windows, whereas the British destroyers seem to have just a couple of portals where windows would be. So I'm wondering did a lot of British destroyers in WW2 not have enclosed bridges or are they in there just limited to a few portals??
  13. Micromagos

    My feedback as a CV player ( cv rework )

    I like it but definitely want direct CV control to be added. Just seems like an important quality of life element that's important to have as an option as I feel you should be able to directly control any ship in WOWS. In addition to being important in making it less frustrating when your CV is being attacked by the other CV.
  14. For that matter better ways than just being outright rude to people. While we all do get frustrated at times, if you want to be taken seriously and have a discussion of your argument you should hold yourself to a better standard.
  15. Micromagos

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    I know right! I mean its not a question of skill its a question of the delay being so great that its a piece of cake to outmaneuver the bombs just by looking at where the dive bombers are dropping. You easily have enough time to move the ship out of the path of most if not all of the bombs even with the more lumbering BBs.