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  1. So looking over the WW2 destroyers modeled in WOWS I notice that they don't seem to have any obvious enclosed bridges, just the external navigation bridge. Looking at destroyers for other nations they have obvious enclosed bridges with lots windows, whereas the British destroyers seem to have just a couple of portals where windows would be. So I'm wondering did a lot of British destroyers in WW2 not have enclosed bridges or are they in there just limited to a few portals??
  2. Micromagos

    My feedback as a CV player ( cv rework )

    I like it but definitely want direct CV control to be added. Just seems like an important quality of life element that's important to have as an option as I feel you should be able to directly control any ship in WOWS. In addition to being important in making it less frustrating when your CV is being attacked by the other CV.
  3. For that matter better ways than just being outright rude to people. While we all do get frustrated at times, if you want to be taken seriously and have a discussion of your argument you should hold yourself to a better standard.
  4. Micromagos

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    I know right! I mean its not a question of skill its a question of the delay being so great that its a piece of cake to outmaneuver the bombs just by looking at where the dive bombers are dropping. You easily have enough time to move the ship out of the path of most if not all of the bombs even with the more lumbering BBs.
  5. Micromagos

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Or more likely that the AP bombs are a sick joke. For gameplay they don't make any sense as the HE is literally better in every way, it doesn't even require setup because of the circle drop, it has a higher maximum damage, and the elephant in the room there is no colossal delay which means you can literally outmaneuver it and makes manual drop worthless. Either the ship was rushed cause someone in marketing said we need more $$$$$$ as the balancing team begged for more time. Or else the balancing team really didn't invest any time in this ship just went over it briefly and said screw it. I'm guessing its the former but who knows maybe its not marketing but just sloppy balancing. The only reason the ship has semi decent stats is because people are NOT USING the AP bombs.
  6. Micromagos

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Thanks for updating this!
  7. Micromagos

    Please remove the map "Ocean" from the game

    Nope it should stay, its unique, its enjoyable, its a nice change of pace, and with the sheer number of maps now it doesn't come up often enough to be all that bothersome to those who don't like it.
  8. Micromagos

    Bastion Poll 2.0

    "Experienced high tier player" Ahhhh there went any chance of my taking this discussion seriously. If even a quarter the people who picked that option were experienced, high tier would have a very different meta.
  9. Micromagos


    German Tier 8-10 Battleships are still missing their aircraft. In update 0.5.15
  10. Micromagos

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Thank you! RL should come first of course
  11. Micromagos

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Hope this gets updated at some point. This mod still makes such a big difference in immersion to me.
  12. Micromagos

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got two in the same day 250 damage control parties and 10 million credits. Needless to say I was more excited over the latter.
  13. Micromagos

    Where's the s5 flag?

    Ignoring principat above me who seems more eager to flame you than answer questions...... Long story short we don't know at the moment The NA servers are getting the Wilhemshaven flag as are the RU servers. But there is currently no information to my knowledge of the EU servers getting any kind of reward. Whether this is simply miscommunication from WG EU or if they have some specific reason for not giving it as a reward we quite honestly don't know.
  14. Micromagos


    German tier 8, 9, and 10 BB spotter and catapult fighters are still not visible on the ships in this patch version. The game could be treating it as if it is being viewed from the perspective of another player.
  15. Micromagos

    Bug Reports

    1. Description German Battleships Bismarck (tier 8), F. Der Grose (tier 9), and G. Kurfurst (tier 10), are all missing their catapult fighters and spotting planes. UPDATED 10/28 : The catapult attachment for the planes is missing too which may be part of the problem. 2. Reproduction steps Launch a scout plane or fighter in a match (It will launch instantly). Or play the battleship in a game or look at it on the main menu. EX: 3. Result This bug causes them to instantly launch their planes with no warm up period. 4. Expected result Plane models should be present on the catapult. Plane launches should not occur instantly but after a brief duration