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  1. TuckerLT

    Great things the skill rework gave us

    now i have unused money and time to play new gatcha game. It was a good swap!!! :D :D :D
  2. TuckerLT

    Rollback when ?

    wanna roll back? Stop playing. Wanna some changes for good? STOP playing. If all those who are unhappy would just turn off WOWs in one month there would be roll back, or at least BIG tweaks! but yea, all who cries still playing and for some who think like spechuuul, well they will always be happy of everything as long as their narcistic feelings are satisfied. Your choice.
  3. TuckerLT

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    Azuma reload 20s... well bye bye.
  4. TuckerLT

    Karma system is totally broken

    Smolensk / CV or 3x OP ships squads gets - karma insta for me. Enjoy boyz, you earned it :D
  5. TuckerLT

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    CV is basicly WG proud attemt to dumb out the game. Lets say you are BB- you angle, you wiggle , you pointing nose forward...great! skill matters. NOPE, here comes air pr0st (the person who sells for the money) and you are becoming absolute nothing. Great. OK OK you are the cruiser, you using medium range stealth to sneak , salvos to enemy broadside, flanking maybe, torps, ambush DDs , planning to wiggle to the island for cover. NOPE, here comes air pr0st (the person who sells for the money) and you are spotted, if you cover, you again dead of 2 bomb drops, side rockets, torps. Great. OK OK you are ocean shark DD, stealth is your thing , every meter counts , you want to close to drop the torps, you cap with fingers on smoke or forward button, you battle other DDs, dodging cruisers death rain HE. skill matters, yuhuuu. NOPE, here comes air pr0st (the person who sells for the money), spotted even if you drop the AA, all fire turns to you, it drops spotter plane in the middle of the cap, bye bye capping. the moment you are out of smoke, on smoke cooldopwn, you are again- dead. one salvo and half hp is out...but wait wait i popped smoke, i am at least save now. NO my friend, WG made special CV for you! Roosvelt is da house. 20 blind torps into smoke on one side, turn cross torps into smoke again. have fun to die or go out of smoke. result the same- death. Did i finished whining -nope. lets add good AA/moderate speed and even secondaries, so if CV player is at least ok, he can run from you all day with planes doing what is done in red district in Amsterdam. FUN FUN FUN. PS.random coments on CV bross: git good, use AA, play in packs of ships, dont go alone. 2PS. nothing will change there.
  6. TuckerLT

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Simple. CV and Subs. I might mad on some other things, but well its a luck thing, like random teamates, its ok. You want friends/clan- clan battles. Can you avoid cancer with name CV? no. Subs....on par to CV. Lets say CV made me quit already for couple of months, might do long bye bye when subs comes.
  7. TuckerLT

    CV Rework Discussion

    CVs killing new playerbase faster than Kamikaze R torpedos. You can blame yourself for broadsiding, but what can you do when your AA at low tiers sux balls, and you facing 2x CVs or freaking +2T higher CV... mongols can say: stay together- well if you not in a AA monster you can be in a group of 3, you will be raped without any problems. Also we know how hard is to keep "together" in randoms at least 4-5km. CVs impact to gameplay is huge, at lower tiers its all about whose CV player better, they deciding 50% of games who wins. Got bad CV player, well you can do unicum gameplay, any better CV player will see that you are main threat and goodbye.
  8. TuckerLT

    Nerf Smolensk

    you dont nerf children best toy. you dont nerf favourit seal clubbers who comes in squads for optimising (only their) fun. you dont nerf mongolian tech trees when game is made in Mongolinistan and propaganda demands "net analogov v myre" (aka best of the best in the world.the only one of the kind).
  9. TuckerLT

    Stat padding

    maybe you have enough coal for Smolensk? if yes, your problem is solved.
  10. TuckerLT

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    i played just a bit on it and one speshul like you came to me stright like proud unicum. Well he got torped by me and went into port.
  11. TuckerLT

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    you all shut up, Smolensk is a taboo in WG. All children and seal clubbers loves it. All those who wants to feel speshul loves it too. Also mind that any bad opinion about OP Smolenks is the same like to say: free Hong Kong. Its Russian game with huge bias towards soviet ships (Stalin, Smolenks, Kremlin). Putler will close their game if it would be otherwise. Excelent vs BBs only? wtf you are smoking? if you on radar cooldown or dont have it, you are toested in cruisers, DDs... I dont even want to play it as i feel like cheating. Smoke, torps, overpens, insane pew pew. WHATS worst, Smolensk stopping the flow of the game, as this ship can fcking carry games like no other. 1. Nerf Smolenks. 2. Fire every mongol who tested it and sed its ok. PS. every smolenks i encounter: gets plays poorly report. thats my protest.
  12. TuckerLT

    Best way to play the Kremlin

    if you sturgling with Kremlin, just turn ship 30 degree angle, set speed to 1/2 put something heavy on the button W and go to the toilet, watch the movie, help clean the house. Just dont touch the freaking keyboard, your hands making Kremlin bad, so leave it alone, it will do the rest :D
  13. wow, just wow, how can such broken OP ship be released... ah yes its Russian, who do we have as OP another one? AHHH Stalin..oh well its again Russian.. Motherland the strongest!!! i didnt deleated game, but i just turn ed off it for a week, after last Smolensk game. first dude went FAST under island and then started to melt all around , when we spoted it he just popped a smoke...melted another one, then semi angled got overpens and moved 5km til he poped another smoke and deleated other reds around. Dude basicly did it without any skill, well if you count running behind the island...Did they fcking testing ships? or those testers are like Noaster- HEY GUYS new ship i am trying is not OP so i am very unhappy!!! fck such testing. It needs nerf asap and freaking huge nerf.
  14. TuckerLT

    bots invasion

  15. Sugertukas, i understand that the feeling to be special (when he is not) is so strong, that some of us shuts their ears and eyes to real problems, devs likes those type of narcistic people as they can point to them and say: hey there is no problem, look all happy. (tho 80% would be not). Thats how we getting shitty AAA games over and over, companies like EA spits spits on normal playerbase. for picture i got last days: low tiers 80% games 2xCVs. Here i got SC for another WoW dev gem 3x CV on each side. Well 6 people had fun in this game, guess who? CVs broke- cammo, flanking, end time gameplay strategy (because if you are not in AA monster and there is couple of you left + enemy CV, you fck up.) but its ok, SOME SPECIAL dudes like it, emm i am sorry i need to say Skilled ones (so they can feel better).