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  1. TuckerLT

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. no smoke except DDs, no radars and torps on BBs, WoW would be fun to play again. Instead of smoke give to CAs camo consumable, so they can extend invisibility and run away, i am sick of world of smoke.
  3. TuckerLT

    BB's sniping RN light cruisers

    pls. meanwhile French cruisers (except T10) having same paper armor, citadels as a whole ship, sailing wihtout ANY smoke and having MEGA speed BOOST who gives emmm NOTHING....
  4. TuckerLT

    This ranked is awful

    T6 small battles with CV is a circus. Better CV simple means 80% chances to win. GJ WG gj.
  5. TuckerLT

    Remove Draws!!!

    WG is it hard to remove Draws from the game?!!! You fckd up with your servers or with other YOUR problems and everyone loses flags, gets 0 exp, 0 dmg. If game didnt happened why you PUNISHING players!, Cant you tweak this so if game didnt happened for all of us it wont count AT ALL! Yesterday i got 4 draws, today again 1 already.
  6. TuckerLT

    Get rid of camping BB

    several things needs to be done to this problem: removing ALL torps from BBs, its unthinkable how they decided to arm German BBs with torps, why the heck other BBs will want to close for a brawl, you will get torped from your direct opponent.Second: just nerf BBs accuracy, if you cant hit you will be forced to brawl.(Now every crosshanded BB player can hit citas 19-20km away, especialy to French cruisers who have citas everywere , even in their captain hat.) Its logica to sit away in safe distance and rape.
  7. TuckerLT

    Zao needs a nerf.

    pfff boyz we have bigger problem, we need to nerf French Cruisers! that Engine boost+citas in the nose, [edited], sides makes line OP!
  8. TuckerLT

    Tirpitz draft needs to be fixed

    overloaded with torps and full of secondary shells? maybe took some extra radars, put more armor?
  9. TuckerLT

    UK cruiser nerf ?

    oh yea poor UK cruisers, most time 2-3 in one squad and non stop smoke 24/7... About Citadel..well French Cruisers has same one hit wonders, do they have OP smoke? no. some kind of shitty speed boost which is 99% pointless.
  10. game became unplayable. Quiting. and signed.
  11. TuckerLT

    BB's ruined this game

    i would say: German BBs ruined the game. After patch i see some new feature witch became norm, you pene German BBs armor and they get 0 dmg, on full HP. great no cita, no pene dmg. Kids heaven.
  12. TuckerLT

    German BB's are making me want to quit this game...

    well, i almost stopped playing this game because of German BBs, dont want to give unearned joy to the kids.
  13. buff every ship from German BB line, add 10km torps and radars, give 26km range. WG for the best company, friendly to kids! Uraaaa!
  14. TuckerLT

    Can we finally remove OP hydro from Bismarck?

    nerf, NO! buff whole German BB line! This toy keeping so many kids in play, more people- more money for WG! oh yea, just after 2 years we will see WG video with sad Russian sitting in his chair and saying: we decided to make sandbox warship game, to tweak all broken ships, our biggest mistake was whole German BB line, sorry- work in progress. (we saw it in WoT).
  15. TuckerLT

    Something really needs to be done about the Bismarck.

    you cant demand nerf of most popular ship branch, what kids or stat whores will do? They will never agree its OP, look it has rust near the anchor- NOT OP! Probably if you give Bismark to granma which never played any game, she will manage to kill some ships or at least do some nice damage, just by using wasd