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  1. OldChieftain

    Once again WG over compensates

    Look, you have made destroyer's a pain in the [edited]to play, when they should be the most fun. First you cater to the whining of BB player's and now they can dodge torpedoes with ease. You made torpedoes easy to spot. Now of course every single ship except DDs has planes (seriously, in a 2 CV game plus the capital ships planes I just drive into the nearest BB and try to get some torps off before dying); thereby removing a DD's only remaining asset -stealth. I understand in the beginning no one knew how to deal with torpedoes and the 'seemed' OP, but the aren't. reverse this trend making DDs untenable. Remove planes from everything but the CV. Seriously this prejudice against Dds is getting silly. Captain's perk- Vigilance and improved spotting planes. Upgrade- improved spotting range, every ship above tier 5 has planes, torpedoes spotted at more then a kilometer. rudder shift times under 15 seconds for giga-ton BBs. The DD is supposed to be a knife fighter and if it gets close you screwed up and your dead, best case you might take the DD with you, but not now. No, now you spot the DD around 10 km out you begin maneuvering and then bring it under fire; torpedoes launched 3 km or more away are an almost automatic miss. and you take half his HP with your salvo and your 5, 6, 7 km secondary's finish it off. Simple solution make DDs surface detectable only ( they are easy enough to kill after all ). Not going to follow the thread so replies will be unread.
  2. OldChieftain

    Over Pen

    It seems silly that a BB would drop a broadside onto a CV or DD and get so little damage. Penetration is too general and the damage needs to be proportional not only to the shell size/type but to the target type as well. So yes a BB "overpens" a DD so only would receive 6% of the shells damage but then say it calculates Shell class (403mm BB) vs target (DD) and then quadruples that so the hit does one quarter damage. it can't be a hard fix.
  3. OldChieftain

    Cleveland and Pensacola why not switch their place in the techtree?

    I agree to the tier swap. Especially as the Pensacola is a much older ship and less capable ship. The Cleveland would need a slight AP pen buff maybe but would otherwise do well.
  4. OldChieftain

    Kitakami STILL broken

    Seriously why are you ignoring the OVERWHELMING feed back about this ship; without the long lance torpedo the ship is UNPLAYABLE. Smoke was not the answer, reducing it's speed certainly isn't it can't maneuver, it can't gun fight. With those limitations there is no way to get into torpedo range since it has a detectability greater then the torpedo range ( I assume this is why you thought smoke was the answer). this ship was DESIGNED to quickly run to a place and drop a carpet of torpedoes forcing enemy formations to maneuver and break their line of battle and maybe even get some hits in. I enjoy that idea, but 10km torpedoes have the same 2k detection range as 20 km torpedoes so why not?
  5. OldChieftain


    After playing awhile I see that a large number of available maps are going to be needed. Far more then even in WoT. With the nature of ships needing space to sail inherent in a sailing game I understand this will be difficult. so I expect a lot of the maps to be very similar but still they will provide enough variety to keep it from being too boring. The reason for this is simple, it takes time to get to grips with the enemy. So if I am not evaluating tactics and positions by ship types (mine and theirs) I will get very bored, very quickly. 8 maps, got it memorized by type in the first 3 weeks. but variations of maps and as many different ones as is practicable will keep me thinking through the slow (and it needs to be slow) pre combat phase. Prioritizing map development would seem to be critical. As I said I believe it to be more critical then in WoT and would think 20 maps minimum. as right now the best one is the open ocean map...
  6. OldChieftain

    Score board

    A lot of the functionality of this feature is still not enabled. especially the ability to mouse over and see how many hits you got on a particular ship and their effects, fire, flood, pens, crits, citadels. This feature is far too useful, and beyond a MUST have for going gold it will allow CBTs to evaluate issues better forensically and report them with better accuracy. This isn't new from the ground up code here, this is a modest conversion from the WoT parent code.
  7. OldChieftain

    Kitakami wallows like a pig

    This ship is totally unusable and worthless to the point selling it should constitute theft. Here's why... 1. range. It gets spotted a full 1k before it can even launch it's torp spread. it has anemic guns to compensate for the number of torps and they barely reach beyond surface detection. 2. maneuverability. This is the biggest flaw with this pig. It can't turn, so no ability to evade fire as you try and get to a useful torp range (or even max range ffs). once you do manage to get in range can you turn to get the torps into their firing arc? No. 3. fragility. this glass cannon explodes long before it can turn to fire it's torps and as it can't turn no zig zagging for any hope of dodging under 11km (cruiser on cruiser it shouldn't be destroyed in 2 salvoes which most cruisers can fire before you turn to fire torps). 4. concealment. none to speak of really. I understand it isn't a DD, but the game mechanics make it unusable without the ability to get into firing range with it's primary armament, torpedoes. with the number of planes in a game TB, DB, Fighters, Scouts. you can only rarely sneak through islands or bergs to get a salvo off. Far too rarely to make it viable. How to fix this? It needs a faster rudder shift (recommend 8 seconds), smaller turning circle, and a 10.5 percent drop in surface detectability. So until this is tweaked I recommend avoiding this plague ship.
  8. OldChieftain

    manually switch targets

    I got to Tier 6 and didn't know this? Some one will be sacked back at the Lair, sacked I tell you!
  9. OldChieftain

    after action review

    I agree, I tweak my play based on intensive after action reviews. I need to know who I hit, with what shells, at what range, and what damage/criticals did I do. Also of course I hope a spotting mechanic will be input, even if it isn't worth anything XP wise, knowing if I spotted the enemies I fought and whether it was the ship or the scout plane would be very helpful.
  10. Non-sense? nooooo...it is probably a bit of both. It could use a bit of stretching and the bergs do need to stay.
  11. OldChieftain

    Independent main turrets.

    In my cruisers I often try to beat a BBs rotation and while I don't circle him I can at least get a few critical salvoes in during the extra time. So if I find it critical in a CA no doubt the DD drivers will find it the breath of life.
  12. OldChieftain

    recommended Torp tweaks

    It's a game, it is only loosely based on RL. I think we re talking about balance? I was at least.
  13. OldChieftain

    Auto Pilot Shennanigans

    When using auto pilot if you select a course requiring a turn the ship cant make at the speed it is traveling at ,the projected "actual" path should overlay on the selected path -say in red dashes?
  14. OldChieftain

    Server roaming

    This game has the opportunity to begin with a unified server structure that allows accounts to play in any area. Slow in the EU? the American East is up and playing. Staying up late to do some WoWs? there's matches to be had Down Under Mate! Seriously the lack of server roaming is a serious flaw in WoT and the most oft requested feature.
  15. OldChieftain

    XP gap

    On the American Cruiser line the gap between tier 6 and 7 is significantly greater then the prior progression and does not logarithmically follow the expected curve. perhaps the lower tiers need to be a bit more costly and the tier 7 a bit less so.