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    Weekly Combat Missions – Happy New Year!

    Have boght 8 big x-mas crates, won 19.. all was camo, total 3 types.. PURE SWNDLE, i am so pissed that i used 30 dollars on 2 types of camo repeated all crates.. THANK YOU!!!!! Not even different bad suff, but same bad stuff in ALL MY CRATES.. I see others has gotten ships.. I AM SURE.. IF I BUY 50 Crates, i wont get 1 bad ship even,. only 4-6 diff cams 10 times.. HOW DARE YOU!!. and at AT CHRISTMAS... BUY what u want, Never read what crates has, it like scratch lotto.. It's bull
  2. CaptainEvil

    Bought 10 Medium Santa cases

    Got 3 diff things, 2 diff camo 3piedes some bad flags, worst kind.. Collision, and alike A free empty slot.. TOTAL waste, Merry x-mas WOW.. I WAS DUMB