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  1. WgPlsNerfColorado

    Fastest kill ever - 100% HP no detonation

    It's 19:14 but whatever. Also, yes you did write non-deto kill but it is not important. The important thing is the kill not its type.
  2. WgPlsNerfColorado

    Fastest kill ever - 100% HP no detonation

    It's not about blaming him for playing stock ships but if he had the armor+rudder upgrade he could have survived, was my point. I still play stock ships just to have some challenging games and sometimes I upload the ones I like; https://replayswows.com/profile/518052721/sort/uploaded_at.desc/
  3. WgPlsNerfColorado

    Fastest kill ever - 100% HP no detonation

    Emerald was full stock. If it had the upgrades it could have survived with more hp and better rudder.
  4. WgPlsNerfColorado

    Fastest kill ever - 100% HP no detonation

    Your kill shows 19:14 which is the same time as this;
  5. WgPlsNerfColorado

    Rudder not responding bug

    No, happened to me a in a couple of games yesterday in open water in different ships.
  6. In rare occasions and never in a row, but numerous times i saw some random guys (sometimes they knew each other) who speak the same language, let alone being in the same clan, rigging the ranked game for each other. I'd understand their language and what they were writing in the general chat. Just to give you an example how i understood they were rigging, in one of those ranked games, a player in a BB from my team was saying to another player who was in the enemy team, that i" am coming out (from behind islands) and will stay broad side, sink me so you can keep your star". I've also seen guys from same clan rigging for each other. But when i compare the amount of times i have run into such incidents to the total amount of games i've played, it's pretty minimal. But it happens and has been happening since ranked season 2.
  7. WgPlsNerfColorado

    please fix your twitch drops

    Cheers, Yes.
  8. WgPlsNerfColorado

    HSF Harekaze I, worth it?

    I don't understand the point of Harekaze II other than targeting a specific section of player base. It is a T8 dd with hydro and good concealment. Okay but there are other T8 dds with hydro, Lo Yang, Siliwangi,, Z23, Lightning, Cossack. There are even radar DDs in T8, like Orkan, Hsienyang. Now also think about T9-T10 dds with hydro, radar and similar concealment as T8 faces upper tier games more than often. Finally it will see CVs in many games. It has 10km Kagero torps which lack range compared to many T8,T9,T10 dds. Guns are weak which is understandable as this dd is probably designed as a torp boat. To give an example how weak the guns are, Asashio has 6 guns with 2150 HE dmg/barrel giving it 12900 HE Alpha while Harekaze II has 3 guns with 2500 dmg/barrel giving it 7500 HE Alpha strike total. Asashio will have 109K HE dpm/min while Harekaze II will have 90K HE dpm/min. Of course this is considering that dds will keep firing for a minute non-stop and ignoring all other factors like juking, hiding, disengaging, etc. But if even an Asashio hard beats it in gun duel, this shows those three guns of Harekaze II are there mostly for ornamental purposes and occasional shooting from within smoke after launching torps with the hopes of setting enemy ship on fire or catching enemy dds off-guard with its hydro. Sitting at 13.300HP Harekaze II base hp pool isn't high either. Base HP of some other T8 dds; Asashio&Kagero 15.100, Orkan 15.700 (it has heals), Oland 14.100 (it has heals), Lo Yang 14.600, Le Terrible 18.600, Z23 19.500, Akizuki 20.400, Siliwangi 17.200, Benson 15.400. Simply Harekaze II has the lowest. Now include T9 and T10 dds into the equation and its HP pool will seem even lower. In addition, it has 35knots speed which is between mediocre and slow. A Harekaze II got into a gun duel with me in Somers in a random game yesterday and it lost (assuming) due to HE dpm and base HP differences in favor of Somers. I don't know exactly if it lost because he was not a better aimer or whether he had hp perk from commander skills plus gun built and still lost but simply the torp built Somers with slower reloading guns won the duel. Note that Somers is one of the weakest gun fighting dds in T10 if not the weakest. I don't see the point of getting this dd even as a collector.
  9. WgPlsNerfColorado

    please fix your twitch drops

    Update guys, i got the Kots mission (under Combat section) but missing the twitch container.
  10. WgPlsNerfColorado

    please fix your twitch drops

    Same here, those are missing for me, too.
  11. These are collection boxes. Do they give out ships? I never heard of that.
  12. Then it makes sense to assume code was for veterans. Maybe they sent it to accounts with old registration dates as i checked my alt account from 2018 and it didn't receive such an email. Then again, i don't know if it is correct to call wot accounts from 2011 with 800 games, veteran.
  13. What does this have to do with veterans? Veterans already had all those achievements completed and what came out of boxes just translated into low amounts of silver credit.
  14. WgPlsNerfColorado

    please fix your twitch drops

    Yes. The issue is there. I received the 0.10.3 Mission #3 but not the KotS Mission #2 and Twitch containers (although i logged out and logged in).