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  1. L8viathan

    got a fix for all your problems

    Since you have been insisting on how radars work in real life: German radars had 6–10 nautical miles (11–19 km; 6.9–11.5 mi) range, "four units were ordered and installed on the Königsberg, Admiral Graf Spee and two large torpedo boats (which in German service were the size of small destroyers). The Admiral Graf Spee used this unit successfully against shipping in the Atlantic." "These early-model Seetakt systems were followed in 1939 by a modified version known as Dete 1, operating between 71 and 81.5 cm wavelength (368 to 390 MHz) at 8 kW peak and a pulse repetition frequency of 500 Hz. Maximum range against a ship-sized target at sea was up to 220 kilometers (140 mi) on a good day, though more typically half that. " So, would you like to see ships like Konigsberg or Graf Spee that can radar you from 220KM (or 110KM typically) in the game? There is more information about radar in below link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seetakt If you noticed, I didn't even mention Yamato having 3 different radars and 42KM AP shell range irl.
  2. L8viathan

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    It is not a misclick or i am not smoking anything, it is you apparently you who did not get the sarcasm there....My point was, wg to leave the premium ships alone and let them stay where they are...yes, including kamikaze.
  3. L8viathan

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    As Takru wrote, what will we do the dobloons or lunar crates if we already have almost all the premium ships, time, dobloons, camos, etc.? It is not even respectful to consumers to sell a product for real money and then unilaterally (without the consumer's consent) decide to change the product in a negative way and offer back something imaginary...Also it is not heavily discussed here but most probably GC is only the beginning, tip of the iceberg, and many other premium ships (that we bought with real money) are on the way to be nerfed. Any decision WG will take for GC is going to set precedence to the rest. This ---> "I don't see myself spending anything anymore on this game. It's not what I paid for and it's not what I wanted to get."
  4. L8viathan

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    True. There are many players (not only newbies but including uni and s.uni) that left the game for good and apparently WG's self destruction started before 2019 but also the ranked on arms race mode, cv rework and nerfing premium ships create additional reasons not to play this game anymore.
  5. L8viathan

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    False advertising, selling goods for real money and then changing them without the consent of the consumer...WG, you started 2019 with very bad decisions, about to lose many premium players if not all and are shooting yourself on your foot.. Fix your bs cv rework, stop touching premium ships sold with real money, respect consumers and their rights, stop false advertising and fire everyone in your quality control department along with testers, contributors, whoever did not put the flag up before the rework and/or ship was released.
  6. L8viathan

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    According to this logic, the amount of money spent should be paid back to the customer proportional to the nerfing.
  7. L8viathan

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    You don't own a ship but you pay money to play it as it is. Just for the sake of argument would you agree or like or vote for, if they would put belfast to T10, kami to T9 just because they want to?
  8. L8viathan

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    When you spend real money on ships you buy them as is. Being broken is irrelevant at that point. Customer buys what is sold and pays what is in the price ticket, nothing for less. Besides, although you try to make it look like it, i did not say balancing is wrong. I wrote, i did not pay real money for a meh tier 6 "premium' BB. Hope it is clear to you....
  9. L8viathan

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    What is next? Kamikaze to T7, Nikolai to T5, Gremmy to T6, Belfast to T8 and nerfing Kutu? Gonna have more unnecessary dobloons... Edit: Actually, i don't want the dobloons. If WG is gonna keep nerfing the premium ships i want all the money i spent on these premiums....This is not fair.
  10. I am really curious who had this terrible idea from wg and convinced everyone to implement it "The change of the traditional format will make ranked battles more dynamic and attractive." Thanks for ruining the traditional ranked seasons, too, as game didn't have enough problems with its MM and such....
  11. L8viathan

    [UNOVI] recruiting skilled Players

    Anytime you want buddy! :D To candidates; don't miss the chance to fight alongside some of the best players ...
  12. L8viathan

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    It was pleasure playing together mate.
  13. L8viathan

    Gameplay is now a joke

  14. L8viathan

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    It is not about saltiness. You dev strike an enemy ship, get reported. Don't go where a random ally tells you to go, get reported. Get into a discussion in chat and get reported. Play bad, get reported, play good get reported. Don't chat at all, don't shine in the game but manage to finish it in the middle, you still get reported. Keep your star in ranked and get reported for it. Why? Because reporting has sanctions like being chat banned. So, mostly people report each other for misbehavior in chat because it is the only one with sanction. In return, what do you get when you are complimented? Nothing. A big fat nothing but some numbers next to your game level 15. The reason people say karma system is meaningless lies here. It has only punishment for bad conduct but no incentive for good conduct. It is simply one sided. Another reason is divisions abusing the system. If WG wants karma system to work, they need to find solutions to these two problems. Otherwise, in its current state it only serves WG (as they can determine who the AFK players are, or toxic ones so they can punish them in order not to lose customers) but players with good conduct benefit nothing out of this.
  15. L8viathan

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    Ranked games in a nutshell, carry when you can and save your star when you can't.