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  1. L8viathan

    Gameplay is now a joke

  2. L8viathan

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    It is not about saltiness. You dev strike an enemy ship, get reported. Don't go where a random ally tells you to go, get reported. Get into a discussion in chat and get reported. Play bad, get reported, play good get reported. Don't chat at all, don't shine in the game but manage to finish it in the middle, you still get reported. Keep your star in ranked and get reported for it. Why? Because reporting has sanctions like being chat banned. So, mostly people report each other for misbehavior in chat because it is the only one with sanction. In return, what do you get when you are complimented? Nothing. A big fat nothing but some numbers next to your game level 15. The reason people say karma system is meaningless lies here. It has only punishment for bad conduct but no incentive for good conduct. It is simply one sided. Another reason is divisions abusing the system. If WG wants karma system to work, they need to find solutions to these two problems. Otherwise, in its current state it only serves WG (as they can determine who the AFK players are, or toxic ones so they can punish them in order not to lose customers) but players with good conduct benefit nothing out of this.
  3. L8viathan

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    Ranked games in a nutshell, carry when you can and save your star when you can't.
  4. L8viathan

    [CR33D] is looking for a few good men!

    Morning bro, wish you guys the best!
  5. L8viathan

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    They are all secondary fires, didn't fire HE. But HE is really good with 48%. If you equip it with HE flags and DE from capt perks, it will go above 50% and be a fire starter.
  6. L8viathan

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Lesson 101; How to be a loser with 250K dmg.
  7. L8viathan

    Türk Oyuncu Topluluğumuz İçin Önemli Bir Duyuru

    ^^ Dogru tespit
  8. L8viathan

    Oyun oynanmaz hale geldi.

    Kisa ve oz, "git gud".
  9. L8viathan

    Missouri nerfed income?

    This video skips the credits tab which probably shows the user doesn't have prem. He would have received twice the amount he received if he used prem+flags and camo.
  10. L8viathan

    New bonus codes

  11. L8viathan

    How many premium ships do you have?

    44 including 2 ARP ship and 1 Bretagne.
  12. L8viathan

    Remove Missouri radar

    Missouries that aggressively cap usually get focus fired, burned and torped to death. That case is only valid for a cap which is contested by one or two ships against a Mo.
  13. L8viathan

    Server problems?

    Back online guys! 1 camo and 1 prem day would suffice, thank you WG!
  14. L8viathan

    Server problems?

    When most of us received the faulty message of winning a gaming laptop, WG was generous enough to give away 5 camos. Maybe they can do the same when servers shut down suddenly. We spend camo, flags, silver and prem time after all.
  15. L8viathan

    Server problems?

    same here and number of players in the server is decreasing. Another server problem in two days (or was it three days ago)?