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  1. Execute0rder66

    Server down? Unable to connect

    same here..i don't think it is the update because it was in the morning.
  2. Execute0rder66

    WG containers ... what for

  3. Execute0rder66

    thank you for putting makarvo in shop

    Which you would rarely use in both ships anyway, and makarov has better secondaries but still useless...WG had to make some small differences on paper ofc since it is a carbon copy ship but these are minimal and negligible.
  4. this is from years ago, i wonder if he still works at wg
  5. Execute0rder66

    thank you for putting makarvo in shop

    it had minimal differences with the Nurnberg but pretty much same ship. Play it around covers and from distance, may help :)
  6. Execute0rder66

    thank you for putting makarvo in shop

    You are not serious are you? it has the same guns it is the exact same copy. Unless WG changed this ship drastically in past years, the only thing differed this ship was its AA which was slightly better than Nurnberg and not even worth mentioning in current meta.
  7. Execute0rder66

    thank you for putting makarvo in shop

    You know it's copy of Nurnberg, don't you?
  8. Execute0rder66

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    Exactly, this is another example how people got ripped off of their steels. I mean, i really would like to have a pair of words with the person whoever came up with these genius! rip off ideas...
  9. Execute0rder66

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    I understand you and dont disagree with you on the camo. Just saying they also have to reimburse people for the boats that were bought with real money and now those boats are free to everyone. Coal is an in game resource one can collect over time by only playing it, no sweat and blyska and anshan each costed more or same amount of dobloons than a moskva camo. When you combine all of these, the result is a remarkable amount of real money converted into dobloons. It is 100% frustrating.
  10. Execute0rder66

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    Then they should reimburse everyone that bought Blyska, Anshan, Marblehead, etc. because now u can get them for free by coal.
  11. Execute0rder66

    Proposal: punishment for low-performers

    @Ukio , this guy @TobiAssho likes you since he invested so much of his time with explaining the points. He is trying to help you.
  12. Execute0rder66

    both teams unable to move during ranked game !

    i had started the same thread as well
  13. Execute0rder66

    Ranked Divisions

    you cant division in ranked battles, but in ranked sprint.
  14. Execute0rder66

    ranked - in 5 min all dead

  15. Execute0rder66

    Game Frozen in Ranked

    Game is frozen and am still in the game right now. Neither team can move. We can use chat, shoot allied boats as shells pass through them. Best 20 minutes of our lives. Both team lose stars as well, will it be restored? Will there be any compensation for flags and camo ? Thanks.