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  1. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    Yes but i think some part of that 7200% fxp bonus equates to those mosaic, chinese lantern camos, or whichever gave the immense FXP bonus and those were also very rare. You could get them in CBs typhoon level? or in Xmas containers. I think that's the reason 7200% is rare. In the article it reads as below (so basically they are encouraging people to be in a developed clan to earn more FXP);
  2. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    add the prem time, clan bonus, etc. Here is Seraphice's explanation;
  3. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    I think you don't have permanent camo for Republique. I had a game on my alt account with a T10 ship, less damage than you did 96K and a defeat, and still got 403K credits before deduction, 268K net. I had that +40% credit bonus you wrote, plus the perma camo. But didn't have premium time. Are you sure you had any credit bonus attached?
  4. Because you are looking at Customization section. Go down to Economic Bonus section;
  5. and does it say there somewhere what happens if we don't use those tokens until the end of patch 0.11.7? I just don't understand why pressure people to use the tokens in a certain period of time as they are converted version of special flags (aren't they?) and those flags were always available in our inventory.
  6. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    Afair, the amount of tokens were also higher than they are now. Perma camso costed 5000 doubloons before the patch for T10s, they cost 200+4800=5000 the same now. At least now we have an option to buy the camo if we want, but not the bonus pack.
  7. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    Red ones are not equal to special signals as they have more bonus. I don't remember any special signal that gave 7200% fxp bonus or 1600% cmd XP. Hence, the red bonuses are the rarest i think.
  8. to compensate their poor play in general. True, but it is going to be temporary for them. Once they run out of camos by selling and not improving their game play, they won't be able to afford high tier games without purchasing permaflage or prem time (which is very good imo, this way the amount of 40% winrate players sailing clueless in CVs, subs or superships can be reduced in top tiers).
  9. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    @Ocsimano18 Ocsi, here is a reference from a game i just played with Brest. It is a tech tree ship, no-bonus attached on the perma camo section, no-bonus attached for credit income, second highest (blue) bonus attached for ship XP, third highest (green) bonus attached for cmd XP and 4th highest or the lowest possible bonus attached for FXP. I got +200K credits clean after everything is deducted, 31K ship XP, almost 11K cmd XP, and 1548FXP. These are pretty good imo. If i had attached all bonuses red-the highest, then i would have to multiply the results with 160% credit instead of zero, 1600% for ship XP instead of 805% (imagine 62K XP in one game), 1600% cmd XP instead of 215% and 7200% FXP instead of the lowest possible, 350%. Plus only if i attached a perma camo bonus, then it'd be plus 100% to each bonus and 10% to credit bonus.
  10. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    Hi Ocsi, are you sure 300% freeXP signal equates to tier 2 (u mean the green one?). That 300% is more like blue or red bonus pack i think. Red ones are rare bonuses but yesterday i got multiple blue ones, including 3x2400% Fxp bonus one twice. So I'm not sure if you are making the right comparison pal.
  11. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    #WGPlsBuffMM #WeWantMMRework
  12. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    What i experience is different. I played lots of games today with different ships, premium and tech tree and also with different boosters. For instance, I put the cmd XP bonus to Schlieffen and get 20-25K after each game and it doesn't even have perma camo bonuses. The bonus i put is the blue one, not the highest possible. When i play a premium ship like GK, Ohio or Incomparable, i put credit and/or cmd xp bonus depending on the ship, and i get 25-35K bonus each game. I never use fxp and xp nonuses and still get like 6-8K fxp and 1-3K (maybe more i dont remember) ship xp. I can't make a precise comparison with the old system unless i check my old games but right now it seems to me that the bonuses give me what i want. And i definitely do not earn coop levels of cmd xp or fxp now, rather more like when i used to put chinese lantern camo with special flags in the old system and this is without using the highest economy bonuses. I didn't use any highest economy bonus until now but the second, third or forth highest bonuses. I need to note that i have a premium account if that matters, but then again, i had it in the old system, too. I played Annapolis for the first time today, and got like 123K dmg with 2-3 kills, gave me 170 something thousand credits after everything was deducted. Also the games i wrote above with 25-30K cmd xp were in ranked with dmg between 120-160K each game with an exception or two. The new system in top tiers, really does require to play good games in order to sustain economy, that's what i noticed (though i didn't play anything below tier 10 yet, hence don't know what is going on with bonuses in lower tiers but as i remember from the article, lower tiers should give even better bonus outputs).
  13. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

  14. _HomTanks_

    Cashing in your Camo, what did you get?

    Didn't sell, but checked how much it'd make if sell; only camos 238,087,500. Plus around 1300 "cannot be sold" camos.
  15. _HomTanks_

    New Economic System is Better

    Hi, there is a detailed explanation of premium account bonus in this link under "Premium Account" title. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/exterior-visuals-and-economic-bonuses/