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  1. Nakazul

    Dear Wargaming, i found a grapical error.

    Well, for a troll reply that was lame.
  2. Nakazul

    Dear Wargaming, i found a grapical error.

    I guess that a honest question was to hard to post on internet. Astalano Well, plz post that in another thread. gr0pah If your that lazy! Why even bother WASTING the energy typing your respons to a topic you have no intrest in!? Plz i aksed Wargaming staff, not somebody who don't know what internet, Google, or Bing is. Chance is you dont even know what Brunei is, and, that's a hint. Battledragon Feel free to make a post of your own.
  3. It is small, so im probably going to get ignored. But since i have such deep love & respect for the beautiful IJN BB Nagato, i would love to point out that you in all the perfect recreated glory missed to install the radar on top of the pagoda, and also what looks like a tiny radio antenna or something. Now, a easy fast way, copy and paste with the Amagi´s top radar from its pagoda mast, that would at least mask it up rather good and also give that more correct feeling of a taller Pagoda mast (Like in real life pictures of Nagato tells). It may seems small, but hey, when you love a ship you love a ship. And it would mean a lot to me. Best Regards Commander Nakazul
  4. Nakazul

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    BBs is broken, there roll is mostly being huge HP tanks that the team can hide behind ... that they mostly never do. AP is broken, smoke stacks cant be seen, using "SHIFT" to fast zoom in and out will make you end up in wierd places sometimes. There is so much wrong with this patch, and while Wargaming is scratching there heads, and people keep trolling that Cruisers should not need to be afriad of BB´s, wich was there intended roll, people who have paid money in to the game is basiclly being robbed. I maybe may comeback, if Wargaming appoligies and compensates premuim and flags, and maybe some of my friends will come back also then. But, were gone, thnx for screwing up a perfectly good game. And thnxx to all the streamers who put in good hour´s of good education and entertanment. So long and thnx for all the fish ...
  5. Nakazul

    Balance Changes

    When you use shift to quicky zoom in and out, the zoom bugga out so you see the map edge. There is often no smoke from the chimney´s, so you cant see how fast the enemy is going. Biggest problem, BBs had there issues before, that needed adressing, but now when AP is doing close to nothing, and your over powerd by a cruiser, there roll is finally gone, and so im i, from this game.
  6. Nakazul

    Does this game require a rework up from tier 6?

    I think the OP brings up a good question. And as normal beings we should be able to politely agree or disagree. I dont agree on all his points, but he asked nicely for a discussion, not a name calling who is best etc. So i try to add my thought. My experience is playing BB´s all the way to TIR X since OBT. Im not sure whether to agree or disagree. Yes, it gets somewhat boring at TIR X, and yes, the cost of loosing a BB is making me cautious. I try to observe the team and go with the flow, because if i rush in i will be alone, TIR X BB or not,i will die. Currently, i die alot because its so boring staying back, i try to call out to the team and give some suggestions and 1 out of 10 they try to follow the idea and we win with me NOT sinking. But i would also say that working your way to the Yamato or Montana or Zao or any other class of ships HAVE to be rewarding. I get your smoother curve of play, but then people would just reach TIR X faster and still not learn or appreciate the game and get better at teamplay. But maybe your right that the current randomness is giving the game much better choice if it was a smoother curve to the top in a "-lets just relax and shoot at stuff and look at pretty ships". Instead for the most part, i belive that the game would get healthier with some simple ships balancing here and there where it STILL needs balancing, but not by much. And that instead the focus on rewarding and learning to team should be in in the game developers mind instead. As long as there is "random battles" you never going to get very co operative matchmaking. And the brilliant Co Op matchmaking isnt rewarding enough to make me roll out a ship there, wich otherwise is a good matchup type to have some fun. Maybe a simple clean up and adjustment to "game" types could make more people happier. Co Op for when you want to shill, have some fun with set objectives, and even more incresed team play focus on random battles so that the hard core players get there fix. I belive historical battles with high focus on realism would just as much please a crowd. The problem with this planet is mostly that its full of people, so gameplay should maybe be more diverse depending on playstyle and senarios you like to play? Dont know, just thinking out loud on my keyboard. But as a last comment, if they remove the heave pennalties money wise for TIR X i think it would solve alot of issues, but lets not forget that while Wargaming may have a brilliant game on there hands, there first and foremost bussniess men, they think money, gameplay is secondary, so i sadly expect this game to go down, or never really grow because its potential is being held back, like most things in the world today, by money.
  7. Nakazul

    Izumo the defenitive thread

    So people have asked questions about this ship and the thread ends with people talking about the Yamoto instead because, yes, the Izumo is one horrible ship. But I'm now stuck trying to play it so my question, that I want you captains who played it, i want answer to. Is Izumo a brawler or a sniper? I see a lot of upgrades under modules pointing it to get incredible range. The spread us horrible yes, but given the circumstances, is the ship a Brawler or a Sniper? Feel free to bring other stuff surrounding the Izumo.
  8. Nakazul

    Opinions on Tirpitz armor?

    Im playing the Amagi and i have so far never citadeld a Tirpitz. Something is very wrong here. I started my first upgrade when the Tirpitz came out on saturday and my oh my, i lost the will to play the game. BB´s was having balance issues Before they started putting in premium stuff. And all Tirptz fan girl will talk about historical accurency, so then i ask, where is my 8x2 torpedo launchers on the Amagi? Nothing really adds up in accurency or playing pleasure.
  9. Nakazul

    Nagato BB is horrible!?

    Nice to see all the comments and your thoughts. I played the Nagato more now, got mad, and wasted golden XP, upgraded the darn thing and now its at least playble. I have scored a lot of citadels in some games and i even oneshoted some poor Clevland so some of your observations have been true. I die a lot in this thing still and i have no idea how to get 7 km secondarys? Is it thru commander skills? Okay, the ship is better but my point still holds, the Fuso is the most fun and flexible BB i played so far and the upgrade curve for the Nagato is pure torture. The Amagi seems to correct some of the problems i have with this ship so its a matter of grinding to get there, but i cant say im having fun playing, just waiting til´l i get to the Amagi. Usually i enjoy playing and XP comes secondary.
  10. Nakazul

    Nagato BB is horrible!?

    Just level´d up an got me self a Nagato, and i been having pretty fun playing Japanese BB´s since the start of OB, i even liked the Kawachi, but the first game in this thing just left me ... speechles. Now, im not a great player by any means so i have to ask somewhere, but is there something wrong with Nagato? Or is there some great game play development i missed? Is there a change in how ships are played in the TIR 7 league? I was so looking farward to join the 400mm club but wow, the ship just feels terrible and, well it killed all the fun of the game for me right now. How am i even going to get passed this ship to my belvoed Yamato =( So, what is my problem? Well, the dmg from those 410mm guns is laughble concidering the crazy spread that almost garantes a miss, (how do you even aim with this ship? If you know, plz tell!), a miss is zero dmg. The reloading time is longer and there are fewer guns then your previous ship, the Fuso, wich i loved. The range is the same as the Fusio also. Well, i played on my first game and when i finally land ONE hit, this happend to be on a Cleavland, wich is not that hard to hit if he´s not zig zaging like mad, it does 1000 dmg from a plumeting AP shoot. He gets mad and pepper me back to the stone age, with a help from a Pensicola. I just logged of and came back with a fresh head today. And the only cool thing i noticed with this ship is that the guns sounds super powerfull and Amazing. But nothing happens? I just dont know how to hit anything from ... any distance. I feel lost here. Any help is appreciated, because i just dont know how to progress, is the Yamoto this bad? Is there no idea to progress up the Japanese BB tree? Is the Fuso the last fun Japanese BB? My second post here to ask a question and English is not native language so plz sorry for any faults in language or where to post this. I just need a bit of Comfort and guidence, and in worst case, i just exit the game because BB´s and big guns is my love, and this is no fun. Is the American BB´s better? Edit: My Fuso is Elite now. Is that as much XP collector as a Premium ship? If there is better japanese BB´s maybe i can level through gold XP to skip Nagato?
  11. Nakazul

    WoWs apps

    Is there any Windows apps in development for WoWs from Wargaming? I would like to see some ship data and comparison possibillities on Windows 10 mobil. So i can have ships and numbers on the go. (Yes i really like WoWs that much) =) Maybe a login functionality to brows some of your stats also? So, anybody heard, or know anything?