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  1. Senpai_Matte

    Can anyone explain me system for becoming pink?

    Because he rammed me while i was shooting at enemy DD and saving his life (he wanted to launch torps on him at every cost). This was my only team dmg over last 2 months.
  2. As you can guess i have no idea how this mechanics works so i would be glad if someone would explain it to me. I am not new to game but i get annoyed while i deal low dmg to any friendly ship and instantly become pink while i saw a lot of players that had to fire several salvos at friendly ship or hit it with torpedoes few times (also saw people landing 2-3 torps on friendly ship and still didn't get teamkiller penalty). Normally i wouldn't ask but in this battle few minutes ago that 540Hp penalty cost me my life and this all happened in one salvo without any previous warning in last month. I don't like to recieve penalty for players in my team only because he rammed me while i was shooting.
  3. Musim říct, že změny celkem dobré ale bohužel nemohu souhlasit se schopnostmi ohledně sekundární baterie i bitevních lodí. Chápu, že některé bitevní lodě mají vysokou přesnost ale bohužel velmi negativně to ovlivní německé bitevní lodě, protože ty nemají moc vysokou přesnost oproti americkým a ta ztráta 25% tam bude až příliš znatelná. Beru zpět, nevšiml jsem si postranní části textu v dokumentu ohledně sekunddárních děl. Ale zlepšení přesnosti sekundární baterie německých lodí by bylo stále vítané. Taky musim nesouhlasti s jednou změnou u křizníků. Chybí mi tam schopnost zvýšení dostřelu malorážních děl o 20%, jelikož ty změny až příliš ovlivní herní styl lodi Atlanta a Flint. Také chybí schopnosti ohledně sekundární baterie u křižníků, jelikož jejich absence by mohla ohrozit herní styl některých lodí.
  4. Senpai_Matte

    General CV related discussions.

    Most of time you even can't attack pushing ship that is top priority just because there are 2km behind him ships on both sides and you can't avoid flak with these planes when you need to attack. You must always attack ships that are on sides of any formation to avoid critical loses which can result in 8 min waiting for new ones. 100% yes. Before 0.9.7 you landed 0-1 rocket on DDs, 1-3 on cruisers where most of time 1 ended with non pen, 2-4 on BBs and often resulting 1-2 with non pen. Which wasn't really effective but you could improvise with them. Now it's broadside or nothing.
  5. Senpai_Matte

    General CV related discussions.

    Not gonna lie. I want 1 of 3 things to happen: 1. Give choice between HVAR and TTs. 2. Give aiming reticle better shape that allow bigger ship to get attacked from front and also keep ability for DDs to avoid. 3. Completely revert that change for Saipan. These planes are not the most dmg dealers but were core of playstyle with this ship. I see this as the firing from smoke change they did and offered compensation for Belfast and Kutuzov but WG already refused my complain about that - got the common bot like replies sending me to another part of player support or forum.
  6. Senpai_Matte

    General CV related discussions.

    The thing is that if it has affect 1 single ship gameplay in unimaginable way then that ship could be excluded same way like Indomitable was exluded from the dive bombers nerf that completely deleted slingshot mechanics for all other ships. But as i said not gonna happen because people don't play Saipan so almost nobody will complain about it. I just want to keep that ship playable.
  7. Senpai_Matte

    General CV related discussions.

    And by captain i mean player ofc.
  8. Senpai_Matte

    General CV related discussions.

    You also miss cruisers and BBs most of time. Never said anything like "I want to hit DDs at nose". That ship relied if you can combine all 3 plane types because of the insane long restoration time and if you lose 1 group either in battle or because of it performance of that ship will greatly suffer. Again never said that i really need them to deal with DDs How can be ballanced that you have same condition as AP rockets while dealing slightly more dmg to BBs and 3-4 times less to cruisers and to DDs same at average? For this ship you need skilled captain or you lose all of your planes in 5-7 min.
  9. Senpai_Matte

    General CV related discussions.

    I am more like "Jack of all trades" when it comes to prefered ship type, only don't like ships that sits at long range and just snipe (yep i push in Conq because it's BB and BBs should do it). At least with BB you can hit ships on front but right now they cover too small area in the aiming reticle. From my own experience Lexington attack aircraft are more reliable with TTs because of worse dispersion or cover same area with 24 HVAR. Saipann TTs were never so strong at hitting DDs but after this change you can use them against cruisers either. You get frustrated because they often fall only in left/right half of the aiming reticle or just split and keep middle empty. My main targets were BBs which i needed to trigger dc to set them on fire with bombs or flood them and bow sitting radar cruisers that were covered from sides most of time (<---- this was my unique using of them and also targets were most important ships in enemy team), no radar much less danger for my DDs right? In fact this change allowed IJN CVs to hit DDs much harder (again from my experience) and it's almost impossible to avoid them. With my all experience at disposal with IJN and US CVs i would put in on par with Lexi but after the balance HVAR became meta instead of TTs since they are reliable at doing consistent dmg to targets. Saipan torp bombers carried 1 more torp than Lexi but also with terrible aim speed and unlike Lexi you have only 4 bombs per drop. Also it was a ship where 2 wrong moves could ruin whole battle for you. Shokaku is complete diferent because it has effective weapon against every ship type that hits really hard (AP bombs, huge dmg torps, good rockets at soft targets. I tested all the CVs at t8 and Saipan was below average before that "balance". Now probably under GZ where people knows that his planes are not realy good and often called worst t8 CV. Just imagine what would happen to GZ if they would give it the german BBs dispersion instead of the special formula for secondary battery and decrease range. Saipan was already questionable CV and the combination of restoration time and plane numbers put her nearly to bottom of the list of usable t8 CVs. But now? You don't have choice between HVAR and TTs so you have to rely only on 2 plane types while dealing with majority of ships. Also the aiming time on them is terrible and you need to go extremely wide to be able to target them. Now they are effective as Mikasa main battery at max range - they can hit hard but most of time they won't do nearly anything. Easier said than done, with these ones you needed specific angle to hit them. When DD turned broadside you scored 1-2 hits max and while bowed in you risked missing all of them if you react too slow. *angry Halland noises* Accuracy didn't changed they just turned aiming reticles which ended with direct nerf to t8 TTs (less notable on Midway because it has more like O shaped circle which had nearly same width and lenght) but if you do that on t8 where the leght is more than double than width. It's handmade but as you can see they cover much less area while aiming reticle remained same but area covered is less than 1/2 of original area which can result in missing target or hitting armored belt since you HAVE to hit broadside.
  10. Senpai_Matte

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Nehraje tu loď dost lidí, takže nebude dostatek stížností a na základě mých zkušeností: nedostatek stížností = žádný problém a nic se měnit nebude Jelikož neumim se naučit uhýbat, tak jdu brečet. To má kvůli tomu, že má t10 letadla. Opět omlouvají tím, že to jsou t10 letadla. Ale chybí jim HP ze 6. upgrade slotu a taky je jich celkem na lodi málo. To pomalý obnovování byla poslední věc co mi vadila, jelikož byly všechny 3 typy letadel použitelné podle amerického stylu:
  11. Senpai_Matte

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Bylo to dříve ale nepotřeboval jsi útočit na cíle až nesmyslně z boku, aby si nakonec minul/neprobil polovinu raket.
  12. Senpai_Matte

    Otázky pro WG

    Také bych ocenil možnost nahlásit hráče tohoto typu: Jelikož využívají funkci najít divizi pro hledání hráčů do klanu místo divize a nesplňují tím jedinou podmínku, která by měla být splněna.
  13. Senpai_Matte

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Ne, mám na mysli nesmyslné otočení zaměřovače o 90° se kterým nyní není možné trefit téměř nic kromě bitevních lodí plujících bokem.
  14. Senpai_Matte

    Otázky pro WG

    Jsou pro loď Saipan plánované nějaké změny po 0.9.7 nebo bitevníky zůstanou naprosto nepoužitelné proti většině cílů? Jen se ptám jelikož to byla nejsložitější letadlová loď na hraní, která měla spolehlivé všechny typy letadel až do poslední aktualizace, ve které sice zaměřovač zůstal stejný ale využitelnost toho typu letadel klesla (kromě útoku na bitevní lodě) téměř na nulu. Ta loď už byla sama o sobě velmi náročná na hraní kvůli neuvěřitelně dlouhému času obnovení letadel a velmi malé (není možné stratit více než 60 ledadel tj. 20 od každého typu za celou bitvu) maximální kapacity letadel během celé bitvy (tzn. základní kapacita hangáru + letadla obnovená během bitvy). Atktuálně se potýkám s problémem, jestli tu loď má vůbec ještě cenu hrát jelikož se aktuálně nemůže rovnat s žádnou letadlovou lodí stejné úrovně.
  15. Senpai_Matte

    What is the real advantage of Saipan over lexington?

    Saipan is really complicated to play but also it's high risk - high reward ship. You can get 40k hit to BB from 2 torpedo bomber strikes which you can do when you have full group and repairs. Dive bombers have only 4 bombs but notice the smaller aiming circle on them making easier to hit all of them (or miss al of them). And in the end attack aircraft that were strong reliable weapon that could deal average damago to nearly any BB or cruiser which were crushed by changes in 0.9.7 Sadly that change won't be undone for this if players won't complain about it and this ship will be completely forgoten after losing nearly 33% of her firepower. My friend told me that 1 complaining person won't change it. Lets prove him wrong.