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  1. Dear WG I fail to see the purpose of your Report system the way it works now. People report each other for chat violation no matter what the course is the only report with any consequence at all, and it is frequently misused now a days. In most other games the developers can figure out a easier and more efficient way to stop chat abuse. This is mostly an community of grown up people, so f word and idiot are common words. So maybe you should reflect on making an effort to remove Racial diskrimination and other kind off abusing stuff instead. The way it works now is every time a Division does not agree when you try to point out tactical mistakes you get reported for chat violation. Sorry if i misspelled words but English is not my native language.
  2. Wingoka

    How stupid do you think we are ?

    You lets us buy Black Friday containers and give us a quest, where we can get 250 dublons pr fight 10 times in all 2500 dublons, But it can only be made in the original ships wich means if you get all 4 you can buy them for 30 000 dublons + and gain 10 000 dublons nice con artist trick.
  3. Wingoka

    Bug Reports

    Am i the only one who lost all Progress in Legendary module Missions ? Tried to write to support about it but that does not seem to work, Either they dont understand the issue or i exsplain it to bad. I was on last Leg with Montana Had 28 k base xp. DM i had 4 wins in 4 step. Gearing was about 4 k xp in the make 15 k free xp stage. And Minetauer was about 3 mill earned towards the 8 mill credits. Now all 4 are reset to stage 1. So the question is who can fix it and do they understand the issue here ?
  4. Wingoka

    Blue Line Railing

    Hey I dont know where i should put this suggestion other than here. It is time that WOW adresses a game spoiler conduct from certain players. The players in question use Border's to turn and slide on to be hard to hit while killing enemies. I am pretty sure that was not game developers intentions so i have the following idear. Put a time limit on it so if they dont return to battle area they take damage and after a period maybe half that of them taking damage disable guns. This would benefit all players and improve game for everyone.
  5. Wingoka

    Ingame Option to avoid CV batles

    So im a child the you must be like 2½ years old so wery developed articular skills on your behalf i should congratulate your parrents on having such a wonderchild. PS im born 1966 thats last Century for you school kids lol
  6. Wingoka

    Ingame Option to avoid CV batles

    So people with 5000+ batles are noobs. Your are simply the worst ever allowed to speak on this forum you insult people you make fun off them and you litterally have no clue about anything or any real insight to game. And about DD's as i wrote a long time ago they should really be limited to a certain amount of torpedoes, shimas fire so many torps atm they should be the size off the QE2 to actually have them all aboard ship, but that is also a feature WG ignores.
  7. Wingoka

    Ingame Option to avoid CV batles

    This is not against CV Players, but a question off matches not getting spoiled. As it is now people wich are really good at playing CV, aprox 2 percent of them all, can destroy intire games. With Ap bombs and the for some reason ridicolus survival rate of their planes they can almost destroy a fully AA specked Montana in 1 attack. It would not be so bad if there was a Good CV player on each side but ods of that are astronomical. There could be 2 reasonable solutions to the problem: Remove AP bombs from game play or make planes easyer to shoot Down. If any of these 2 Aren't posible maybe a option to not play CV batles even with coin and xp penalty that would be my choiche. Second Issue with this CV update made me sell my CV and im not going to play it Again. Why was it decided that all US Carriers need to have same setup. I was perfectly happy with my fighter divebomber setup.
  8. Wingoka

    Anyone else having problems to log in?

    That is just as dam helpfull as rest off info from WG. What is Twitch WHO ownes it how secure is it.
  9. Wingoka

    Anyone else having problems to log in?

    Can anyone please exsplain to an old man what that Twitch crap is all about and if that might interfer with logon ?
  10. Wingoka

    Restrictive topics on Forum

    I find it very anoiing that issues they dont want discussed just get deleted. F.exsample when you ask how it can be posible to hide in smoke at 4 km range firing whilest not getting detected by a Edinburgh with hydro, instead off adressing this issue and reflecting on the point that it spoils gameplay they just delete topic. On the issue that cruisers have way to large torpedorange its the exsact same respons just delete topic. The issue of CV's spoiling huge ammount of batles the same solution just delete topics then your sure not to have to answer why you chose to spoil game. All that is needed is to listen a bit: 1 If a destroyer is in range off secondary guns on BB or Cruiser it can not hide as simple as that those guns fire barrage salvos so they cover a wide area and are bound to hit being hit means spotted. 2 If you reduce cruiser range on torps you make it nessesary for them to do team play and not lurk at max distance and just fire torps. 3 Make an option where people can chose not to play CV games or atleast reduce it to max 1 Cv on each side. regards
  11. Wingoka

    That 'teamwork'...

    The biggest problem is game has no xp punishment for being bad at you class, so iff a cruiser even though he does everything wrong gets loads off xp becourse he gets kills and survives game encouarages bad play. Only way to avoid that is to put in penalties for bad team play f.eks if cruiser fires on BB while cruiser or DD is in range he gets xp deduction.
  12. It is about time someone put this into Words so i will do it. The recent Developments of totally stupid features in this game destroys it. DD's that can be firing from smoke in a 4 km range against ship with hydrofones and still be undetected, what kind of stupidity is that. Cruisers with 10 or more kilometer range on torpedos, it is like developers on puspose try to eliminate skill's from the play and just want to Award highrollers for being exsactly that, no skills just loads off Money. And what is all this crapwith reduced damage when your not Premium, its fine that there are differences and you cant Mount signals and some other stuff, but destroying game mechanics by making damage output tied to Premium not Premium is just destroying game. This need's to be adressed now. Also i suggest a choice in MM where you can chose not to play in CV games, simply becourse the staggering amount off totally incompetent CV captains WHO spoil entire matches. A 4 cv game with 2 good on 1 side and 2 bad on the other there is no need to play it it will be lost with hte bad ones on your side even if rest of players are great. Regards
  13. Wingoka

    When is this going to be fixed.

    Not at all i want them to fix the dam thing so it does not set you on fire each shot. And yes dd and crusisers should be able to take on BS. But then please in the way it would have worked Now DD can just sit off 7 km range wait for Bs to try hit the one cruiser setting them on fire every shot from 16 or more kilometers range, then fire torpedos in path keep doing that then fire from smoke with he and keep bs on fire. First off all concealment system is rubbish regarding DD, do they think spotters on BS where idiots, if Your spotted you stay spotted til your dead or out off range not like this games crappy concealment system-
  14. Wingoka

    When is this going to be fixed.

    What are you 12 years old and never been on a ship. Most British, US and German ships had vertually no flamable materials on deck. Their BS and Heavy Cruiser had thick armor so HE Shells would depend on hitting precisely the bridge or firecentral to do any dammage. Hence why the big ships use Armor Piercing Rounds to get to the flamable and exsploding stuff inside the ship.
  15. Well instead off all these stupid changes they could have chosen the simple and more RL like option. Limit the amount off torpedos on a DD. The problem is that people do longrange blind firering becourse they have unlimited amount off torpedos. Easy solution 35 sec reload, but limited amount off torpedos.