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  1. yankee05

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    This nonesense again. WG, if itss not broken don't fix it. In this case however, there's so many things that require immediate addressing, British BBs, BB overpopulation, CVs balance, CV UI, IJN CVs vs USN cVs, DD vs AP, Cls vs CA and so on. The game is going to devolve into more camping, with 15 ships hiding behind islands. Oh and good luck ever getting smoke off me again, whats the point when the ally under fire will be spooted from the moon. From now on, my smokes are my own. EDIT: Spelling :P
  2. yankee05

    HSF Harekaze or Lo Yang

    One thing to think about it, is that I suspect the harakaze will be a one-time exclusive ship, when its gone, its gone for good ( a la ARP ships.) were as the lo yang has been around for a long time. Just a thought. Can't confirm this
  3. yankee05

    BB AP pens on DDs

    'Your overconfidence is your weakness' Think this is where they got their idea from
  4. yankee05

    AP Bombs LUL

    While personally I'm a bit of a CV fanboy, and I absolutely despise this BB meta we have going on,but still even to me the new AP bombers feel something like this
  5. yankee05

    New Repair Pary

    Found this on reddit this morning, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya: Main guns' reload time reduced from 36 seconds to 32 seconds. Received a set of new Damage Control Party consumables (premium version): It activates for 15 seconds, cooldown in 30 (20) seconds, has 3 (4) charges ONLY in one battle Source: https://sea-group.org/?p=3015〈=en Not sure how I feel about this. My intial reaction was "OMG, wargaming is pandering to BBs again, CAs/DDs/CVs will never be able to dot damage again, game will be ruined" So, I put this to yee fourmites, will this ruin the game,sign of furture things to come, have no effect, , or just another balanced RU premium? What are your opinions? PS: Of to bed, talk to yous in the morning
  6. I hope they drop the whole design to be honest. It just sounds like straight up better cruisers. There would be no point to playing a cruiser, you get insane HE, insane heal, radar and good maneuverablilty and AA, on top of BB cailibre main guns (so over-Matching armour) and Health. Please Wargaming, Don't do this, please.
  7. So radar as a tier 10 consumable for BBabbies ..... on RN battleships no less. Great..... (/s). If this is true, this might be the end of me. I'm not sure I can put up with more 100+ BB nonsense, especially if those BBs can counter just about everything.
  8. yankee05

    HMS Hood Teaser

    For those that are interested, from the mighty jingles, https://pocketmags.com/eu/britain-at-war-magazine/britain-at-war-free-digital-sample Its a link to a free magazine, partly about the Hood. Talks mostly about the attack on mers-el-kébir, and has some nice photos. Worth a quick glance, and hey, its free
  9. And buffing them will harm not only BBs. Fixed that for you, your welcome
  10. yankee05

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Hmmmm, very suspicious. This needs investigating. I'll report back with my results soon
  11. yankee05

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Why does WG feel the need to give cruiser consumables to every premium Battleship that walks the face of the earth ? I'm happy with a buffed warspite at tier 7. Warspites a good ship. Just make hood similar. They seem to forget that ships need weaknesses : But, if they insist that every premium get a consumable to make it 'unique' [Does its name and prestige not do that already?]Why not create a gimmicky consumable, something like 'High elevation' -> Gives the Hood more pronounced shell arks, allows it to use effective plunging fire, and citadel these pesky germans (Also somewhat historical, dosen't neglect CAs and could be a test bed for future RN BBs and somewhat balanced, kinda ) Ps Emojis are fun
  12. yankee05

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Stability

    Just tried playing the new update today, but I can't. Keep crashing every 3 minutes or there abouts. Worse then it ever was for me.
  13. yankee05

    Pan-Asian line. What do you think?

    Just wanted to put this out their and see what others feel about the future pan-Asian line. Personally, I like the sound of it. It's going to be a mix of Japanese, Russian and American ships (maybe others as well) Just some questions to think about: 1: Do you think it will be gimmicky like the lo yang, I.e. Other nations ships with consumables they don't typically have 2: What do you think it's focus will be, DDs /CAs/BBs?/CVs 3: Do you think it will lead WG to give us a pan-Europe line? (PLEASE WG) What are you're thoughts
  14. It's going to be a mix of US, Japanese and Russian ships. Ships like lo yang and Anshan. Maybe others. What I really hope is that it opens the door for a pan-European line
  15. yankee05

    Some interesting info around the world

    All these screen shots from Wot magazine Issue 6, talking about wows future. In short,getting pan-asian branch, french crusiers and bbs, Second set of Ru DDs, smely, neustrashimy and project 56 destroyers will recieve the new weapon type (Mines?). BB population at 40%. Trying to nerf it via captain skill changes New high tiers wont be nerfed yet (ie British) until population size is large enough Eu, Na ,SEA showing better results than (population wise) better than ru. CVs getting starcraft controls, losing alt attack at lower tiers. Want to change CVs slowly/extreme caution Stealth firing in the open being removed Working on clan features. Something similar to team battles. Global map may happen in future, but not this year PvE features are being worked on, something like raids And some other info. [].