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  1. Played last over a year ago and had to leave due to Job relocation... Sadly, my old clan removed me due to inactivity (which is fair enough) so now i'm back and looking for a new clan to join. As i'm going to be practically new again to the game, maybe a clan with plenty of new players would be ideal? Casual preferred In game name - Dykeras Play mostly evenings/night uk time
  2. The USA DD line looks a hell of a lot of fun to play (got to the Clemson) and tempted to travel further up the tree, but... looking at some of the information from YouTube about the upcoming Pan Asian DD's, seems at higher tiers they are very similar if not better copies of the USA DD's? So, do I go up the USA DD line or wait for the Pan Asian line?
  3. Dykeras

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    To be honest, this sounds like the right Clan for me... I'm back after a long break, very casual with a hell of a lot to learn about the game and usually get through several games a day, free time permitted! If I can get the goodies and benefits from playing and gathering oil, then all the better for me :-)
  4. Dykeras

    Close combat DD

    I'm looking for a DD line that I can have fun hunting down other DD's and destroying them... I first thought of the Russian DD's (like the Kiev) but have been told they are better at mid range - keep at range and fire- rather than close quarter firefights over a cap circle (which they would lose to the American DD's). Maybe the American DD's? (Farragut+) are what i'm after? or maybe just invest in the Blysawika (spelling) as this seems to be a good Knife fighting DD As always, all advice appreciated.
  5. Dykeras

    No Anniversary sale?

    I was looking forward to splashing out this anniversary event, but looks like there are ZERO sales/discounts in the store... Hopefully later this weekend may see a few pop up (fingers crossed)
  6. Dykeras

    Kiev Capt'n skills...

    I'm looking for some advice on which captain skills to invest in on my Kiev and hoping someone far better and more experienced than me can point me in the direction of the right skills... I'm thinking HEFA and concealment for my Lev 4 skills? or does the Kiev need HEFA? As always, as a newbie with a hell of a lot to learn, all advice appreciated.
  7. Dykeras

    Cruiser line advice...

    I'm enjoying the game (although fairly new and still have a hell of a lot of learning to do) and need some advice on which cruiser tree to follow... The cruiser must be reasonably fast, decent guns and decent torps.. I have 3 recommended to me but unsure due to other research... 1, Japanese - These look fun to play and seem to tick my boxes but has the recent power creep in the game affected them? 2, French - The stats look great and what I am after but rarely see anyone play them (in randoms) which is a warning sign? 3, British - Being British myself, these seem fun but maybe better for a higher skilled player? (maybe after a few more thousand games) 4, Russian - an outsider but they seem to have very good guns buy lacking torps As always, all advice appreciated
  8. Dykeras

    Upcoming sale?

    Just had a nice insurance pay out (due to some young windowlicker smashing into my car) so looking to either purchase a few discount premiums (low tier - I have a T8 premium and i'm no way good enough to play it yet), or some discount gold/doubloons. I see on the calendar that there is some sort of Anniversary event happening later this month... will there be any sales?
  9. Dykeras

    Special offers popping up?

    I just had a 'special offer' for the Belfast pop up in my harbour at a discount price and wondered how often the 'special offers' appear?
  10. Dykeras

    Just how rare is the Kamikaze?

    I would love one as a trainer for my Jap DD captain so i'll keep crossing my fingers and checking the specials...
  11. Just decided to try out the Jap Destroyer line but wanting a good premium trainer for my ships... I know there is the T2 DD Premium but wondered if anyone knows of a way to get the Kamikaze r? Or is the T2 DD prem the only one available? All advice apreciated
  12. Dykeras

    Aim mod still a thing?

    quoted post removed [edited] To the others who answered, thanks... I would never use such mods and even though I currently suck at aiming, I am improving - sticking to lower tiers so as not to disrupt higher tier gaming See you on the water. ...
  13. Dykeras

    Aim mod still a thing?

    Last time I played (towards the end of last year) I left due to the abundance of the Aim-bot mods that were rampant (just check youtube for several pages of videos) So I just wondered before I begin to invest my time again, has the Mod been eradicated? It was so rampant people were even bragging in the game chat about using it and against that I can't compete or didn't even try... why try when you already have one hand tied behind your back?
  14. New to the game (Well, I played when it first started but due to having a potato pc I had to abandon the game) but now I am back and looking to restart my career. I have been told that Cruisers are the way to go to get the basics of the game but with so many newer lines out, not sure which to focus on... Russian - I have read nothing but bad about these, from bad armour to terrible turning to garbage torps ? US - Light armour and fast? Jap - Better torp spam? German - Better armour? Brits - since I am British, maybe start this line but have read that Newbs should avoid as they have a very hard learning curve? All advice apreciated
  15. Dykeras

    Ship type display?

    Recently returning after a long break and so far enjoying the game again, but I have encountered a problem, or at least I think it is a problem... Is there a way to see the 'Ship type' in the top left of the screen instead of 'Player name' ? I would rather see the ships I am up against rather than the player name. I am sure there was when I last played it but for the life of me I can't see it in any of the options.