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  1. Im just a Casual player and for me this change like the stealth firing change is bad....( stealth fire nurf was totally uneeded if there was more cvs in game there would of been no stealth firing but that's another story ) It seems to be done for the sole purpose of competitive play and that's not something I do and most players don't do so its a big change for a minor player base I was in Kutuzov and a Montana came within 7.7 of my smoke unseen yet he could see me fine :/ its just the same old WG crap change something and break it because you broke something else and so it goes on and on And personally I would of been happier if they had offered my money back for my premium ships rather than gold, Im more that happy to stop playing after this change so gold will do nothing for me as I liked to play style of the ships I had hence that's why I purchased them
  2. A3hayman

    RN Smoke: Bugged or just strange mechanic?!

    I have been playing the Neptune of late and well, British smoke working as intended my [edited]!!!! If I do 12.5 km and going to a full stop I get 1 puff and yes Im in it,But if I am doing full speed I still get 1 puff yes I am no where near it but still 1 puff I think out of the 15 games I have played in it I have had 2 puffs once!! many times ill end up just sat out side or sat in 1 puff it needs looking at for sure and making a commander skill to make said puff bigger is not a fix !!
  3. The problem I see is that Cvs have been nurfed again, Not directly but as a result of the new skill tree being easier to get the higher skills. example you can now have a Bismark secondary and AA build where before most ppl went to secondary now there AA is very strong and its the same with a lot of the ships Moskva can have a massive AA build now without worry about losing other skills as easier to get more.I had 10 planes shot down today in my t9 by a t8 IJN DD I mean they have crap base AA stats yet he still shot down 10 of my planes in a dd so with the new AA creep is just another slap in the face for the CV. Not saying every one will pick AA but its now very easy to have the extra AA and keep skills you had before
  4. A3hayman

    The Economic Realities of Carriers Today

    Well after this new patch im pretty sure CVs are dead Just had 4 games in my TAIHO and its impossible to help the team in any way, you run out of planes fast now Example I went for a solo amagi not the strongest ship for AA only 3 torps hit and he shot down 19 planes from the 5 squads sent at him Im not a poor cv player and I like to think im ok with them but now the AA builds on every ship in the game just makes it impossible to play them with any affect when your top tier and are still unable to make a dent
  5. First game in my Shokaku and I done over 170k dmg with 15 torp hits,before patch I could not hit a barn door now I cant miss good thing for us IJN CV players but I think they have gone too far the other way and made them a tad OP now muahhahahahahaha
  6. A3hayman

    IJN Nurfed again

    I agree right up until this point.they drop out further yes but then the planes still fly forward for a while to the old drop point then turn off so they are getting as close as they used to any way, so your still under more AAA fire as you were before and you cant do as much flooding dmg,give them a go and youll see what I mean
  7. A3hayman

    IJN Nurfed again

    Ok maybe never Op was a bad choice of words,but at state before patch they were about right.I cant comment on the Midway as I do not have one,and its not the US that have been affected they still hit 4-5 torps a drop from what I have seen its the fact that I get 1 torp hit out of 4 now as they can avoid them with ease I don't mind if I do next to nothing due to good team work or cruiser support I get that its when I go for a solo BB and have to send 8 TB squads to get the kill on t6 when im playing a T8,I agree there needs to be a lot more done like the planes should not be able to spot through mountains ect ect and I get they shold have to be dropping the torps at a further out range than they did but that has been said form the start,but that with a slower rate of speed has killed them.Don't get me wrong I play more BBs and cruisers so I do know what its like getting the attention of a CV but if played right you just get a lot of plane kills,but I normally division with 2 friends and we support each other so a lot more AA fire.
  8. A3hayman

    IJN Nurfed again

    The problem I have is that a CV can be made useless by a good team, They were never OP they just took advantage of bad players which we are all going to do,If cruisers escorted BBs or they stuck together in a group my planes would never hit any way no matter how good I was and the amount of planes lost would mean 3 attacks like this and I was out of planes.But you do get players who are in a BB and wonder off on there own and a decent CV player will focus on then first and there the ones that will moan and cry that CVs are OP. There was nothing wrong with the state they were in before after the first Nurf, I had some games where I didn't do much at all because the team played as a team and stuck together but that was few and far between,So instead of promoting team play they just nurf the CVs.If a team now plays like it should CVs are next to useless and the IJN fighters are so weak now that a single cruiser fighter will win against your squad. With the dive bombers yes that great but most CV players would cause a fire then go for the flooding once the repair was used that's how they did the dmg,now you get 1 torp it maybe 5k if your lucky no flooding then when you hit the DB a fire then the repair is used to put the fire out. so you have done around 7k dmg lost 3-6 planes and this balances things out??PLEASE
  9. A3hayman

    IJN Nurfed again

    Well after doing a few battles in my SHOKAKU its just painfull now,torp spread is less yes but they arm further out and are so slow a Fuso can turn and out manoeuvre all but 1 if your lucky, dive bombers are now really really good but I would rather have had them stay the same and keep the torps as was 50% hit before was bad enough compared to USA but now 25% hit chance and the planes seem to be made of paper, a tier7 cruisers fighter plane took out my entire TB squad just after drop, would be interested to see what others think and how the USA has been affected as have not played that line yet
  10. A3hayman

    Tripitz - big wtf - invulnerable to fire form 200 mm?

    I have had numerous games against the Tirpitz with my NC and I don't stand a chance even with the 406/45s I hit him 12 times and did 3930 dmg and he killed me in 23 this was at ranges of around 16- 12k And this seems to be the norm I can citadel cruisers and other most other BBs all day nut the Tirpitz with plunge fire is 0 dmg after 0 dmg its just so the ppl that forked out 40 quid don't get pissed off when they have another t8 and get owned,Im hoping its just a sales stunt and a stealth nurf will come into affect once they have milked the cash cow as for now I will now longer play the NC as its one large Citadel which does 0 dmg
  11. A3hayman

    North Carolina since patch

    well last game I played in it I did 12 hits on a Tirpitz at around 12km and did 2400 dmg in 12 hits yet I took 5 from him and he sunk me due to cit hits, I Have never managed to get a cit on a Tirpitz but if you are under 5km away and shoot at front or rear then you do around 10k The only other BB I get citadels on are other North Carolina any other BB and I do next to no damage as before patch maybe 1 or 2 citadels a match.I wish I had a screen shot of stats before patch then could show you just how much of a drop it has been
  12. A3hayman

    North Carolina since patch

    I have done 41 battles in this thing,and It was a great ship and still is,when shooting a cruiser I get a citadel all day long,but after patch it just seems against other battleships I get a lot of 0 dmg or 300-400 dmg rolls where as before I would be doing 3-10k. In the same game my self and another North Carolina hit an Iwo 36 times between us and did 0 dmg with 36 hits and he was broad side on,yes at range but still 36 from 3 of us and 0 dmg
  13. A3hayman

    North Carolina since patch

    Well 4 games in and wtf !!! every game I have done no more than 14k dmg with 20-40 hits,before patch was fine now it cant damage a rubber door one shot even did 300 dmg Rant Over
  14. A3hayman

    Warspite's gun range

    Played warspite today,used AP shells and did 15 hits and 13 were pen and only did 5287 dmg firing at a fuso ??? am I missing something or what ?? each shell only did around 300 dmg and if indeed they did penetrate why so little dmg,so I changed to HE and the shells only did around the same dmg where as in my fuso I would be doing well over 3k a hit for a pen with AP