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  1. Hi Cloggerkc,

                            I am aware you used to be in the A-M-G Clan, not sure what Phil would have said about myself or the OGHF Clan as such, but if you would like to join us you would be made very welcome.
    We have tasted Clan Battles for the first time this year with mixed but positive results. We like to team up late evening to do scenarios as well as divisioning  up for Random battles etc, we use TS3 mainly for comms, we like a bit of light heated banter etc. 
    Let me know what you think.




    1. cloggerkc


      How do Chris,

      Thanks 4 contacting me, presently use discord 4 comms, will have 2 look into ts3, very interested in your offer 2 join clan, have currently 10 naval battle stars 4 current clan so don't want 2 leave them until NB's is over incase they lose these from their total. 

      Monday morning I'll do the deed, will contact u once I've left, believe I can't join another clan within 3 days of leaving 1



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