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  1. Just returned 2 port after a battle 2 find a new combat mission added, once I opened it found this supertest mission. Tried 2 find some info about it & now it's disappeared, anyone else encountered this ?
  2. cloggerkc

    Looking 4 English speaking clan

    Thanks 4 all the invites, have now joined a clan, all sorted, keep safe & clean 🖖🤘
  3. Hi Lol,  hope you are safe and well, you are always welcome to come back and join us, we have a had a few new guys join, so if you fancy coming back, let me know.





    1. cloggerkc


      How do Chris, 

      Thanks 4 message, no longer have discord details, please send link & we can discuss rejoining



  4. How do, Average player looking for a clan, would like 2 participate in clan battles, enjoy beer & banter, presently available 2 play 4 next 2 weeks, then I'll b back on shift, this limits my availability 2 play c.b.'s as I work 2 days, 2 nights 12 hr shift pattern, 4 on 4 off, so clans who only play set days will reduce my availability even more. I have a large pool of each tier ships, prefer 2 use discord 4 communication but do have team speak. 50 years young Leeds United supporter. Be safe, keep clean Cheers Lol cloggerkc
  5. cloggerkc

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    How do, can someone please tell me where the info for the 3 new ships mentioned in the "lunar new year" section on the British heavy cruiser news feed, cheers
  6. Hi Cloggerkc,

                            I am aware you used to be in the A-M-G Clan, not sure what Phil would have said about myself or the OGHF Clan as such, but if you would like to join us you would be made very welcome.
    We have tasted Clan Battles for the first time this year with mixed but positive results. We like to team up late evening to do scenarios as well as divisioning  up for Random battles etc, we use TS3 mainly for comms, we like a bit of light heated banter etc. 
    Let me know what you think.




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    2. Cyclops_


      Lol, just realised I called you Ryan in my last message, sorry it must have been a senior moment.




    3. Cyclops_


      Evening Clogger,


      Could you  register on the OGHF website please.




      also here are the instructions for TS3 log in.


      TeamSpeak Download

      You will also need a Headset or Microphone and Speakers.

      Once installed you need to enter our TS info so you can connect to our Server.
      1 Open the "Bookmarks" tab
      2 Select manage Bookmarks
      3 At the bottom left corner of the window click "Add bookmark"
      4 Change "Bookmark Name" to OGHF
      5 In the "Nickname" box add your name - Game name for preference so we know who you are.
      6 Enter the server IP in the "Server Nickname or Address"
      Server I.P is
      Click "Apply"
      You should now be able to connect.

      Before you connect you will need to set up your Communication device in "Tools/Options" look for "playback" and "Capture"

      We ask that you also setup a "Push to Talk" button either on your Keyboard or Mouse this is also in the "Capture" area of "Options"

      If you have any questions feel free to PM me or post it here. 

      Anyone who has TS3 installed already, you can click the link on the front page and that will connect you 




    4. cloggerkc


      Thanks 4 info Chris, 

      On shift tonight, however have my laptop with me, so should b able 2 join clan, sort comms out.




  7. How do, Looking for a UK based clan, I'm a shift worker who can only play clan battles during w/e days between 1-5 & some evenings (if I've earned enough brownie points with the wife) Presently in a clan who don't meet this schedule therefore I'm unable 2 earn any steel. General earn between 8/10 stars each week on naval battles. Would like 2 improve my play style, but also have a laugh & some banter. If there are any clans who think I'd fit please contact me Cheers Lol aka Cloggerkc
  8. Played 2 games this morning, tier 3 & 7, got team killed in both, wot is going on with the skill level of commanders in thus game, red mist has defo descended now
  9. cloggerkc

    Anyone else suffering excess lag these last few days?

    Last night lag was shocking, made the game unplayable had justified premium time 2 account, left after 5 games, played WOT on xbox with no issues.