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  1. M0nZ

    A typical weekend battle

    You are unlucky then Deckeru_Maiku, during the week the cap is normally taken by a couple of dds or cruisers, not BBs certainly....Not that they made it .... LetsRockAndRoll, was that Baldrick?
  2. M0nZ

    A typical weekend battle

    No explanation needed.....
  3. M0nZ

    German BB line !

    The Scharnhorst is in being tested currently on NA, was great to see it in game.
  4. Agree, shame there was not enough time overall to do all we hoped for.
  5. I feel personal attacks over ship choices and who was playing is not what the community should be focused on, but give suggestions and ideas as to how to improve future castings if/when the next opportunity comes along. I cannot hide my disappointment, spending my day in bed ill feeling sorry for myself I thought it would be fun to see the "showcase" expecting that Wargaming will pull all the stocks out as advertising on the back of an already successful brand WoT. There are a lot of points already made and apologies if I repeat some but a lot of things could have been done better. 1. There were many 5-10 min slots between WoT games where the basic game play of WoW could have been introduced to the viewers throughout the day. Basics about classes etc, so much already available online, using those would not cost anything.... 2. Team introductions - There were many casters/players there that could have been introduced to the wider public as streamers / members of OMNI etc. Bit of Hype both ways never a bad thing. Team intro was lacking imo... 3. Maybe it would be better in the future to maybe stream a game or get a commentator online instead if not one available for live broadcasting, those commentators tried to do a WoT casting on a WoW game, was just not working one bit. Seemed like they were casting the 100m slug running competition on speed, trying to remember info they read once some time ago while stoned... 4.Camera action ( no more to add, gave me a headache.. ) I felt like I was watching Cricket for the first time..'nuf said.. It seems to me that there is too much made here about the premium ships and who played who didn't. If one watches a game first time around would you even care what ships they use as long as you can see what the ships actually meant to do and see them doing it in action or seeing skill instead of watching salvo or planes flying around. There was enough skill there on show to be able to follow a player ever so often, show what the game is about from the inside. I hope Wargaming will be able able to have more resources and time to invest into it next time around. Alternatively aim the advertising towards more mature gaming audience and do it more professionally.
  6. M0nZ

    reality or truth

  7. Thought of World of Warships Just had to stop and take a shot
  8. M0nZ

    Svetlana painboat (New Karlsruhe)

    Well I did have a reasonable time with the Svetlana and it was OK, a bit like the Phoenix, but then I jumped into a Kirov about 20 min ago... wtf ... still blink blink... Wargaming decided not to sell another Murmansk again? I know it is not as agile and I absolutely adore the Murmansk, but still.... blink blink...Kirov is a PEW PEW machine...blink... ps: forgot to mention that the Last Stand is a must on the Svetlana, everything just breaks all the time...
  9. M0nZ

    The Königsberg curse

    Yesterday I was trying hard to get my Yorck..3x etc..I know...apparently not much to look forward to but still, in my Nurnberg..first 2 games one shorted both times by a lucky BB from Max distance, and before u ask not broadside....Took me the 5th game to get a win although played a lot better after my awful start. I am happy I finally managed to get rid of that pile of poo. Please tell me German cruisers are better at higher tiers....please....
  10. M0nZ

    The 45 % Beta

    Great news! They are real and some even play! Sorry to burst your bubble though, my highest ship is only lvl 7, lowbie 52.5 percent and not single... craphappens....
  11. M0nZ

    The 45 % Beta

    Dear All, Thank you for this entertaining thread. You bet your stats effect your chances with the ladies ! 22cm should know about it ;). Love, Barbara Dixon Babs Cabs
  12. M0nZ

    Anyone else having packet loss right now?

    Micro lags also here. Removed mods but not noticed any change.
  13. I think I just buy my own premium. This just sounds too creepy... PS: :-) @Aracus
  14. I was on holidays when event started and as it finished on Sun evening could not finish. I was at 241 and didn't strike lucky. I am happy to have the opportunity to get it. Discount however would have been appreciated as pointed out by others.
  15. M0nZ

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Well GuderianDK, I was on holiday early this year. Not complaining as I had a great time, but it meant that when I started to collect the required currency - despite I did every single one of the quests - I ended up just short. Not satisfying I can tell you, especially when it finished Sunday evening before I could start the new week to squeeze the last few in ( I think I had 240+ ) To add insult to injury I was not one of those who got lucky. So guess what, I think I deserve it too ! I am happy, that I could get it despite I felt VERY disappointed, that my time spent and work didn't pay off one bit. I don't see that Wargaming will make a huge amount of cash out of this as a lot of people have it already, especially those who collect ships or play a lot generally. I take it as a nice gesture from them to cover the cost of the design and an opportunity for me to get it as well even if it is not free anymore.