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  1. T3ddyBear

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Yet again another example of WG contemptious attitude towards its customers. I really believe the deceitful approach is so ingrained in the business at the highest levels that they don't even realise they are doing it anymore, it's just their normal modus operandi. I do feel sorry for the community team, YabbaCoe has to come on to these forums and basically defend the indefensible, what an awful job. To be universally distrusted by the playing community and be treated with contempt by their bosses, at the same time, must be soul destroying. All WG products now deleted from my PC, never coming back, I only get to see their appalling behaviour in threads like this, why are people still playing WG games and not just letting the company shrivel and die, gamers eh, a breed apart. TB.
  2. T3ddyBear


    Well, for MrConway's integrity, I hope the "rework2.1" of the rework2.0 skill, does come with a free respec, for all captains that have it, and that the skill will be actually useful. If it's an awful new skill and no respec then will WG issue an apology? We all pretty much much know the answer to that. The ball is very much in WG's court, does WG have it within them to surprise is in a positive manner, we shall see. I personally haven't spent any cash on this game in over a year, the PR fiasco was the last straw for me, which WG managed to out do themselves with the Makarov Xmas loot boxes. Christmas 2021 should be a right giggle, I cannot wait to see what "gift" (for gift read scam) WG release on the player base in December 2021, and the following side of the mouth apology; "we're really sorry, we got caught, we always do it this way". TB.
  3. T3ddyBear


    My guess is WG got played, Flamu is an intelligent chap, he has demonstrated this numerous times with his encylopedic knowledge of the game, he appears (contentious point maybe) to have a far better understanding of the players and game mechanics than WG do. Yes, some of his comments on stream go too far but they are all born out of utter frustration, pretty much all driven by WG's poor decision making. Allowing brand new players to jump straight to tier10 if they have the cash, diminishing the game experience for those players that have worked their way there, CV rework, captain skills rework, the obvious russian bias when it comes to a fleet that simply didn't exist (except on paper, maybe there was a reason these paper ships never made it past the drawing board?) Submarines, the list goes on and on. When you see the ultimate result, a result he believes was entirely avoidable, then it will cause frustration and outbursts. We all have that "OMG" moment when a BB turns full broadside 6km away to get his rear guns on target, promptly gets deleted and the complains about "cheats" in the chat. Flamu does not do anything by "accident", just leaving would not have had the same effect as being "kicked" from the CC program. The uproar this has created was calculated, he knew if he kept pushing WG would eventually shoot themselves in the foot, he even gave them a gun and painted bull-eyes on their feet and they duly obliged. You guys got played, pure and simple, what really surprises me is that a multi-million $ company did not have anyone working for them that did not see this as the result, gobsmacked to be more accurate. On one final topic I do not see what is wrong with saying "We have had a word with a certain CC and reminded them of the rules regarding respecting other players" why WG thinks this is even remotely wrong baffles me, if the community perceives nothing is being done then perception becomes truth and WG finds themselves in yet another mess entirely of their own making, it's a recurring theme, who at WG actually is responsible for these continued fowl ups? I guess no one at WG cares and THAT is the real problem. TB.
  4. So, the simple, easy to understand message is; If you do not have any of the ships on the shortlist and you do not want them, do not buy the Xmas crates. If you have ALL the ships on the shortlists for Big and Mega crates then you should be ok, as you'll get "Super Container" ships as a replacement. So much for "random"..... the WG marketing for this has got to be misleading at best and downright scam territory at worst, WG at its finest I guess. TB.
  5. T3ddyBear

    WoT vs WoWs grind

    Oh good god yes, the grind is horrendous, it's not the tank XP but the cost of equipment (think modules) plus the tank. Tier10 tanks are 6.2 million creds if not purchased when they are "top of the tree" and then you'll need 1.8million creds to equip it, not mentioning the cost of the ammo and repair/med kits every game. If you think you'll make on average 50k creds per game profit, if you have a bad game then you're stuffed and will lose creds, you need hundreds of games to just get one tier10. As someone also mentioned the "premium ammo" spam is mental, take out a tank with armour and watch the enemy press the "2" key and ignore the armour you have. If you add the fact that the maps are too small now (a certain tank can hit 90kph) now and the largest random match maps are 1km square then it is a joke. As if to try and put a nail in to the coffin of the game, the WOT devs are also considering changing the Xmas loot boxes to the "russian reroll" footlockers we just had in the Waffle event, then most of the folks I know will finally be off, the Xmas loot boxes always felt like value for money (even if you didn't "win" the special tank), but the recent "russian reroll" footlockers were a pure out and out scam, appalling behaviour really, but not unexpected these days. TB.
  6. T3ddyBear

    When will CV's be balanced?

    There are lots and lots of arty players, someone must like them. TB.
  7. T3ddyBear

    When will CV's be balanced?

    For the vast majority of "CV haters" the CV's will never be balanced until they are either removed from the game or only provide "support functions". Until CV's cannot spot or deal damage these players will forever be calling for balance. What these players don't understand is that IF WG ever did remove CV's then they would start complaining about the next "broken" ship/class, HE spam, torp spam, whatever it would be that stops them from playing the game the way they want to play it, there will always be players that complain. TB.
  8. T3ddyBear

    Moskva --> Nevsky

    Been away for a while, needed a break, relogged today to find my Moskva is now a "premium" and I have to buy/re-research the replacement; Nevsky? I saw the news that the russian cruiser split was coming but I thought they would at least not make me regrind one of the lines, I don't mind having to grind the "new" line, but getting a tech tree line back to tier10, really?!? I cannot be asked to trawl back through hundreds of news articles, am assuming this is all above board and normal for WG now? TB.
  9. T3ddyBear

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Well I gotta say I hope the boycott goes ahead, means my clan might actually get some steel this season ;) That aside, the whole CV issue is a giggle, the unicums don't like the spotting issue (why for the love of god WG hasn't implemented spot to minimap only for CV's is beyond me though), but REVERSING battleships is ok, cruisers beaching themselves and firing from behind islands is ok, the never ending HE spam is ok, the absolute META of certain ships in clan battles is ok. "But it is a game, not a realistic simulator" you cry. well yes it is. But get spotted by a CV whilst I try to flank, OMG the end of the world is nigh, but, is it not a game? The whole continuous whining about CV's by the "unicums" is just a giggle to behold, WG is burning this game to the ground and you are complaining about one class in one game mode, really have you nothing better to do? If the game is no longer fun to play for you in clan battles STOP playing and go and do something else. For me personally the death of DD's due to radar EVERYWHERE, railgun cruisers with stealth radar made me quit, I was told to "adapt" by the "unicums", it's ok for you to say "adapt" because you are better but ultimately they refuse to adapt to CV's in one game mode. Oh and before I forget, the unicums said they could "counter" CV's in the old RTS style, they had tools to help deter attacks, well yes, but also the CV's could one shot any ship in the game if the player knew what he was doing, show me today where a CV can oneshot a BB or CA? (without a detonation). Tell you what you can have your counters, give CV's the ability to one shot ships again, then you can have super effective counters. As to CV vs CV interplay, that is broken, but then it always has been, in the old RTS days a good CV player would shut down the poor CV player then go on to farm the entire enemy team. People should stop looking through rise tinted glasses. TB.
  10. T3ddyBear

    Hard Resets after updating

    OK, I thought this might be a hardware issue but after playing an hour on WoT and an hour on Last Oasis I'm not sure now. I have been playing for about an hour on WoWS and have had 3 hard resets of my PC and now after exiting a match, looking through the post battle results I could not get back to port, I had to close the game down manually. I have checked the windows logs and there is nothing showing, no error messages, nowt. What has changed in this update that could potentially cause these hard resets/reboots of my pc? Considering all the other games seem unaffected I am not convinced this is purely a hardware issue, it may be but not sure where to look now. BIOS latest version, latest version of nVidia drivers and windows up to date, 3 hard resets/reboots in an hour straight after a patch looks a tad funky. TB.
  11. T3ddyBear

    Best CV videos I have ever seen!!! (Yuro)

    Yep, let's bring back RTS CV's and all these whiners can get blapped inside 2 mins of the game starting and the fate of every match is in the hands of just 1 player, what a great idea that is /sarcasm off. Whiners gotta whine I guess. TB.
  12. So, the ships will still be provided to the CC's and testers, potentially in very broken states, be that either massively OP or awful. By NOT allowing people to talk/show them means that the vast majority of the player base will come across them for the first time in battle, have absolutely no idea what they are, what the gimmicks are, how they perform. Bravo WG. So, not only is "russian bias" concerning ship capabilities in full force, we are now under "state" controlled media from WG, let's be blunt, this never works, it just breeds discontent and resentment. Bravo WG. What is wrong with you WG? TB.
  13. T3ddyBear

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Is it not possible to look at the "overall" WR's/PR and allocate the unicums/spanners across the teams equally? This way we would have a mix of ability throughout BOTH teams. I often see one side with all the "purple" players and one side with all the 41% WR, red damage, players, I doubt it is fun for either side. Not asking for skill based MM, just a fairer distribution of the 24 players picked for that particular battle, obviously unicum/spanner divisions will throw it off but surely it cannot be that hard? TB.
  14. T3ddyBear

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    For the love of god WG, why do we have to "opt in" for the free captain respecs and why is the "opt in" only on the website, THIS SHOULD BE IN THE GAME CLIENT! If I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to get players to spend gold/eliteXP to re-train captains, oh wait, I'm not 2yrs old, that's exactly what you are trying to do. At least [edited] LOL idiot censorship bot , the shortened name of Richard.. D1ck Turpin had the decency to wear a mask. TB.