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  1. T3ddyBear

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    The spotting the CV provides is the main issue, it can light up ships and effectively keep them lit, I understand the issue cruisers have, I have blapped cruisers from half way across the map, because they were lit by the CV. There is a really easy fix, make anything spotted by the planes only show on the minimap, it provides information but doesn't lead to insta 20km blaps. Yes, people have X marks the spot but without the aiming "lock on" targetting provides it will mean all the CV does is show the rest of the team where ships are moving to. Simple, no? TB.
  2. It would be good to see some numbers from WG @MrConway, we're constantly told that WG have all the stats. My experience (and it may be confirmation bias) is that floods do far less damage now, ships are far less vulnerable to dieing from perma flooding now, many times BB's straight lining should have died only to see the "ticker" stop and them heal again. Maybe that was the point of the nerf (because it is a nerf) to make BB captains lives easier. TB.
  3. T3ddyBear

    Important: PTS 0.8.2 CV UI Changes

    Too much to do, so automate DCP & Fighter Consummable, but please press a button to see what is going on with your ship... BRILLIANT!! Signed.
  4. T3ddyBear

    Flooding Rework

    It is all anecdotal but it seems that ships I would have sunk are surviving now, a flood is nowhere near as damaging it was. I don't feel like my DD's are doing anywhere near as much flooding damage, the skill of ripple firing torps to catch a ship that had used its DC to stop a flood then hitting 20secs later to set a perma flood is now gone, added to the fact that flooding is 100% repairable, it certainly seems like a buff to the surviveability BB's and CA/CL's. That said WG have "all the stats" it would be nice once in a while for them to "share" some of this information, the patch has been out long enough for them to have data on 1000's of games, has flooding damage decreased or increased? Are less ships dieing to floods now? What's the % of flood damage to direct torp damage now? I can but hop that WG will eventually share such information, but then I still believe in Father Xmas & the Easter Bunny :) TB.
  5. T3ddyBear

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Isn't the objective of the game to either get 1000pts before the enemy does or kill the enemy fleet before your team dies? In that, killing requires damage, to do damage you need to be alive, to be alive you need not be broadsiding BB's at 8km in cruisers, or wandering in to 4 radar ships with a DD, or playing your BB as if only the W key works, or getting to 1000 pts by playing objectives, capping, zoning out ships with torps, etc. Doesn't this require "smart" play, understanding the mechanics, then applying them. The longer you stay alive the more damage you can do, the better chance you have of winning. It's no coincidence that the high win rate players have better average damage and survive more battles, that is what is know as ability, or in another word "skill". So yes, being better at something does mean you will win more, you will make the better decisions at the right time which will in turn effect the outcome of a game, it's pretty simple really, no? TB.
  6. T3ddyBear

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    @Sub_Octavian Thank you for this. I do not agree with your "players are happy for P2W" sentiment though. Players didn't release the GC in it's form (after being told by testers it was too powerful) WG did. Players didn't advertise the GC in the Xmas Loot Boxes (when it must have been known nerfing was being discussed) WG did. It's about trust, if I can trust that what I am buying today will be what is there tomorrow or in 6 months then there is trust and I will spend more on what is a great game. I do note that you have said the release process for new premiums is better, that implies it wasn't great initially, but that's how we all improve, we learn from our mistakes. It's good to know that WG listened and it shows that we players do have a voice and it is listened to. TB.
  7. T3ddyBear

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    Not sure I'll give up but maybe only play in division when I know there are at least 2 people I can rely on. Also the question around a lot of "gaming" going on of the current mechanics implies that something is broken somewhere, it is still a test period but we are consuming premium time, which is a whole other topic of conversation. The strength of feeling on these posts must be causing some consternation at WG, at least I hope it does. TB. p.s. there is one benefit of all the deathballs forming of ships clumping up for AA protection, my shima torps are hitting waaaaaay more targets per spread now, feels good!! Plus my Asashio cannot wait for all those luverly Russian BB's :)
  8. T3ddyBear

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    @El2aZeR a question if I may. One of the aims of the rework was to reduce the dominance of CV's, so the question is simply this; are you personally losing games which in the old RTS world you would have been able to carry, or is your experience pretty much the same now as it was pre-rework? I could go and look at the stats but they only tell part of the story. Are you having to work harder to effectively carry now? As I have said I'm a spanner, but from what I see (probably due to my skill level) that if my team is going to throw, then there is bugger all I can do when in my CV. BB's sailing off on their own, DD's charging caps and getting nuked by Midway HE, then on the rare occasions the team shoots the DD's, shoots at the Mino's/Woosters etc, the enemy has the suicidal lone BB, then fun can ensue. I guess what I'm saying is the overall experience harder? It seems gaming the mechanics (dropping payloads to reduce the size of the squadron, the fighter despawn tactic, the HE dive bombing boosting obliteration technique) is the way to go, does that not mean that their is something fundamentally broken? TB.
  9. T3ddyBear

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    Of course there is still a skill requirement. Just look at the number of 30% CV players, look at the ave damage of them, then go look at the top 20% of CV players, it's depressing. Getting in to a game and realising your Tier8 CV is averaging less then 10k damage after 100 games and the enemy is an order of magnitude better, this is not luck, it is skill. There will always be a skill gap, with the anaemic damage CV's do per run the bad players will lose every plane in that squadron doing that anaemic damage, they will rinse and repeat and be effectively deplaned quickly. Gone are the days of alpha striking ships, consistent damage over the 20 mins of the game and picking off the low health ships is where it is at now. A good CV is still a huge factor in the game but not as much as it used to be. A decent team is required now, no more Kraken after Kraken games, that said I am a spanner in CV's so that may just be my experience. TB.
  10. T3ddyBear

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    There are so many good ones to choose from; T61 is easily the best at tier6. Ghadja Mhada (or whatever) at tier7. Asashio (especially with all those lurverly new Russian BB's soon to be released), Lo Yang, Kidd, Benson etc, the list does go on and on. Has to be the Kitakaze at tier9. Tier10 is a challenge with the current meta, Groz is the best anti CV, but the Shima with the 20km torps means less risk, with all the radar it is a tad hard to choose right now. TB.
  11. T3ddyBear

    kicked again from server tonight

    I had several lockups during games last night, with the last one kicking me from the server around 9.30pm ish. Waived the white flag and just played something else a tad more reliable. TB.
  12. This is what triggers me the most, @MrConway WG don't listen to feedback, if WG did then the GC would not have been released in its current form, but then I guess many people wouldn't have purchased it or the loot boxes at Xmas. It's all about trust, when you take this attitude, we all know what is going to happen, the simple fact that WG thought it was OK to start the process says everything. What is to stop WG from suddenly saying "Oh premium time is not selling too well, so many players have 100's of days on their accounts, let's just change the word "Days" to "Hours" on the port, that'll fix the problem" Where there is no trust there are no customers, it looks like WG will have to learn that simple fact of life the hard way. TB.
  13. I have to say that WG have come out of the closet and finally admitted they are a bunch of crooks. There has to be a CASH refund, advertising these ships in Xmas loot boxes (when they knew they were looking at nerfing them) and getting people to pay CASH for them and then nerf them only to offer dubloons is criminal behaviour, simple. If they do up tier the GC they will have cart blanche to change every single premium, you will never know what you are buying. My wallet will be closed for premium ships forever, WG don't care, they are happy to really mess their customers about. From what I am seeing no one cares, people like Crysantos and Sub_Octavian have completely forgotten who pays their wages. It is paying customers, without PAYING customers there is no World of Warships. At least D1ck Turpin (yes a real person) had the decency to wear a mask!! TB.
  14. T3ddyBear

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Nope, nothing from any of the Air drop boxes. Does having any of the ships preclude the boxes from dropping the missions to get them? TB.
  15. T3ddyBear

    Radar Rework

    Well I have made radar useless now, I am taking my Shima and Asashio out now pretty much exclusively. Of course all WG will do is further extend the range and duration and accuracy of BB's and CA's to counter my 16km torps. How anyone at WG thought that extending the duration and range of the radar was a buff for DD's I don't know. My Grandmother could've argued against that and she has been dead for 15 years. If we add to that the simple fact that EVERY game pretty much has a minimum 4 radar ships now at least on one team (of course WG cannot balance the radar ship numbers across the 2 teams) means that DD's pushing objectives (caps) in the first half to 3/4's of the game are suicidal. I cannot wait for the Russian Fantasy Fleet to be launched, endless long range torps at ships that cannot avoid them... this may be the 2nd DD "happy time" again, well for IJN torp boats that is, I do fondly remember the old Shima days, invisi dev striking torp barrages.... WG ""Balanz" department simply do not have a clue, it may be a personal attack but someone at WG is responsible for these hideous decisions. TB.