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  1. T3ddyBear


    So, updated, logged in, no Hall of Fame reward tokens. Is this what it has come to now, we'll have to take a screenshot of the Hall of Fame standings as you log out for the final time as proof, as it seems WG cannot monitor and manage their own competition ladders, something is fundamentally wrong when a whole region is ignored. There has been no communication to say it is delayed past 8.8 or they are working on a fix, just the normal radio silence, "let's hope they buy some loot boxes to get the last tokens they need for the captain"...... TB.
  2. T3ddyBear


    Yep, just logged in and no tokens, was in top 25% when I finished last night, is it fixed yet or are we waiting until Monday? TB.
  3. T3ddyBear

    Excessive Criticism

    The "excessive" criticism is born out of sheer frustration. Frustration with afk players, with players who use BOTS, with players that sit and smoke and get torped, with players that really should be playing another form of the game. In any normal "team" game, players that just want to "have some fun", or kick the ball into their own goal for a "laugh" get put together, to keep the rest of the players sane. I am not advocating any sort of skill based matchmaking but there has to be some kind of bar to clear to get in to random games and play with other people who are actually trying to win. When a 16,000 game player with 200 games in a Hindy tells everyone in chat to "ignore the epicentre" as killing ships is more important, then promptly sails to the edge of the map to snipe and does less than 10k damage all game, then yes, I'm going to report that player. Reporting does nothing, WG don't care about the mass of truly awful players now at top tier, WG have no intention of teaching them, the only way to vent is to report. Had my first weekend away from the game in a while and it was liberating, so many poor players that have failed their way to tier10, all WG fault, the economy is broken, all the flags and camo's you can do next to nothing in a tier10 game and still make money, you should never get something for nothing, but WG wants to feed these bad players, it'll be the end of the game eventually. Went back to WOW Classic over the weekend and even though the grind is beyond epic, at least everyone I met wanted to have "fun" and didn't just fall out of bed, lick the nearest window and start playing, even players who had never played Classic wanted to learn, a key driver an awful lot of ships players are missing, simply because WG have made it possible to be very, very bad and still infest tier 10 MM. So, reporting is frustration, I blame WG 100%, the only way to "report" WG is not to pay any more cash, I wonder if that shows on a spreadsheet anywhere? TB.
  4. T3ddyBear

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    How can something that is so universally derided by the playing community be happening, it is pretty clear now this whole thing is just an attempt to get players to buy gold and convert xp to free xp to skip the whole regrind process. This whole "not enough players play low and mid tiers" cry from WG is bollox, yet again we have a new line released (French DD's) and WG are allowing people to skip up to tier9, they are the architects of the problem but it's the player base that has to "fix" it by spending their dubloons, it truly is a farcical situation we find ourselves in. I knew WG was greedy but to become so transparent about it just beggars belief. Ohwell WOW Classic is released in a couple of weeks, at least Blizzard are listening to their playerbase,. TB.
  5. T3ddyBear

    Can't open my replays

    Same problem here, 8.6 replays will not work, the replay fires up the logging screen and just sits there, never actually logs in, really annoying as I'm trying to record a couple of them for posterity. TB.
  6. T3ddyBear

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    @El2aZeR I get that the numbers are saying that the reworked CV's may be more powerful, but, and please forgive this the most heinous of comparisons, that is the approach of the WG devs, the spreadsheet says X, therefor Y must be true. Personally, I never enjoyed going in to a game with a unicum CV player and even an average CV player during RTS, because my experience was that it was a stomp for the unicum CV. Now it didn't really matter that much as CV games were few and far between, but when they did happen they dev struck top tier BB's, the dev struck cruisers through DefAA, they would cross torp the DD's, it was a blood bath. I too have not been in a match against you in a CV, have played twice with you on the same team, 50% WR so far, so probably my fault there and to your earlier point, the loss could not have been carried by Atlas himself. However I did have the opportunity to play with Pape several times during RTS and never lost, even in games we should never have won, he murdered the enemy CV and then murdered the enemy team, every time, the old RTS mode was the ultimate high skill ceiling, if you knew what to do then they reigned supreme. From a game play perspective, my feeling and a lot of people I play with think that CV's are still powerful, but they are less dominant, yes, players like you will always min/max, that's fine, most of us plebs will try and just be decent. What the numbers do not show is the "feeling" of playing against CV's in the RTS vs the rework. Numbers will never show soft elements like that and should never been used soley to define the CV argument. Personally, I think the main issue with CV's is the perma spotting they provide today, that said a ship being able to see a 30ft object travelling straight at them before that 30ft object sees that 600ft ship is obviously daft, but it's a game so we go with it. WG need to fix the perma spotting thing, CV's never spotted for the enemy BB's, they did their own spotting for their own attacks. If CV spotting was limited to minimap information I feel a lot of the problems would go away, ships could retire to repair, unless the CV wanted to attack, or the DD wouldn't get spanked by cruisers that could not normally see it, rockets attacks are enough of an annoyance on their own without the bloody island humping cruisers getting involved. Still, it is what it is, 8.7 will bring some new AA mechanics, let's see how that plays out. All this said, the CV rework has failed it's primary objective, to bring in more CV players, played 20 games yesterday, saw CV's in only one of them and that was me in the BigE, they are almost as rare at tier8+ as the old CV's, there are a few more games with them at Tier4, but not every game, the result, WG has given Tier4 torp squadrons more power by doubling their attack squadrons, go figure, WG are just clueless, CV''s at Tier4 are already powerful, WG just made the starter levels even less enjoyable. TB.
  7. T3ddyBear

    Better rewards for DD

    The life of a DD is a thankless task, always being shouted at to cap, by players hiding behind islands so they cannot support you. If there is a CV you are playing the rocket dodging game, can be quite fun in a Kidd. You play the torpedo spotting/dodging game and groan when a friendly BB is dev struck by torpedos you spotted a minute ago, note, these are the same BB's that ask you to cap at the start then start reversing, they get their brave pants on when a DD does cap and move forward, never coming out of sniper mode on their guns. Then there is the sometimes the endless radar game known as the "Dastardly and Muttley Flying Circus" game, go to a cap, get radar'd, turn and run, yo-yo back and forth while the 2 DM's and a Wooster keep the cap perma radar'd. Of course the team crying all game for you to cap. Thank you WG for making radar better for DD's (6 secs reduced spotting), but them making some 12km and some a minute long, stroke of genius that. When all is said and done DD's are still the most fun class for me, you have to think ahead, plan an exit, remember the concealment of the enemy DD's, learn radar ranges, reversing skills (not just from the start of a match). There is no need for extra reward for DD's, those played even remotely well top the XP charts, if you want to sit in a shima and just launch 20km torps all day and get 20k damage per game then you deserve zero reward, play DD's well and you will be rewarded well, simples. (That said "save a star" in ranked should go, it was a bad move and is the wrong incentive for a competitive game). TB.
  8. WG, I know this is old hat but it is getting really silly now. You have got to teach your players how to play this game, IN THE CLIENT, do not expect players to go to youtube, watch some CC's vids. This is your game, start acting like it. This is becoming the norm. There was a thread about bad DD players ruining the gameplay recently, it is not just the DD's, it is all classes. TB.
  9. T3ddyBear


    Well, there is no logic. The "balanz" team have looked at their mighty spreadsheets and decided this is what must be done. As per usual, the people making these decisions quite clearly do not play the game. Numbers in themselves are only useful when you have context, the folks in the "balanz" team do not have the context to interpret the numbers, it is as simple as that, as such we get these half-arsed design decisions which bear no scrutiny. My Grandmother could do a better job and she's been dead 10 years, god bless her. TB.
  10. T3ddyBear

    Hall of Fame broken?

    I am probably doing something wrong, but the Hall of Fame does not seem to be working for me. I have completed all elements of the current 2 directives but I am not being rewarded for Hall of Fame points, when I go and look at the Hall of Fame it says there are people there but my date list only goes as far as the 25th June. Is there actually a Hall of Fame running at the moment? Or am I being a total spanner and missing something blindingly obvious? TB.
  11. Well I have to commend WG, they have actually managed to bring the playing community together on a specific topic, even the CV rework had people on both sides, the NTC has 99% of folks maniacally upset. When you suggest something so STUPID it is bound to annoy everyone. Just say "NO" to NTC. NTC = uninstall for me. World of Warcraft Classic gets released soon, so maybe worth spending my monthly cash on that rather than listening to WG telling out right lies. TB.
  12. Well I guess WG needed to take some heat off the CV rework problems, this is what we get. The idea of having to re-grind a ship line 3 MORE TIMES just to stay competitive is beyond stupid, we are not supposed to saying anything personal on here, but the team of devs at WG that came up with this need "re-educating" edit* To watch that arrogant dev argue with what is effectively some of the best players in the game, people who invest their time as free marketing for WOWS just highlights just how out of touch that dev is. I get he is passionate about the game edit** both are wrong. Unfortunately opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, unfortunately for us, the paying players, WG are going to push this though and it will kill the game. I for one will not stay around once they have done this, this is happening folks, regardless of what WG say, "they have all the stats" remember that, unfortunately for the players, WG do not have a clue how to understand them, only the ones that directly effect $ income. A total bunch of idiots, I would like to know which WG devs think this is a good idea, will never happen as turkeys do not vote for Christmas. The level of ineptitude simple beggars belief. Edit: venting out the frustration ok, but there must be a line to stay civil. Watch it please
  13. T3ddyBear

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    Not at all, it's about it being different to Tier10, it won't be. At least CV's would have mixed it up, but as usual the unicums do not want anything to change, keep CV's out of any sort of competitive clan wars, it is sad that the best players in this game just refuse to try. I guess they are happy with the tier10 meta but at tier8, so be it. If these great players struggle with CV's so much then maybe they could have limited the CV to a tier6, but to yet again ban a whole class from clan wars is clueless, yes. I play DD's in clan wars, no one else in my clan is a masochist, I was looking forward to seeing some ships not have radar AND hydro, not only can they enemy see me they can also negate my main source of damage at the same time, but hey gotta keep those BB's and CA's happy I guess, why they make up 50% of the classes, always good to pander to just one half of the game. This game is just catering to the lowest common denominator more and more, sad to see.
  14. T3ddyBear

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    So, we go back to the "sit behind an island and firing HE" meta from tier 10 clan wars, brilliant, how anyone thinks that meta is engaging game play is simply beyond me. So every cruiser will have radar and hydro, making the DD job hard just like tier10, really WG you have no imagination and clearly no clue. I get it that BBabies are the single largest player base but really do you the cruisers players need baby sitting too? So back to Islands camping and death by fire, joy, wonderful meta you have created WG. At least the bloody CV's made those island humping cruisers move once in a while. Utterly clueless.
  15. T3ddyBear

    I miss CVs

    I think he is referring to the "camp behind island and rain HE at targets", this is considered "skilled" play, it isn't, it's game mechanics, but god forbid a DD player or CV player uses "game mechanics", I'm all for anything that stops the camping HE rain. TB.