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  1. Server Overloaded trying to get in to the Halloween Sunray in the Darkness, anyone else suffering? Have been trying for the past 20mins. TB.
  2. I personally don't mind 45% players in the game, we are a wide and varied community, it's what makes games fun, even the 45% player gets the odd "Kraken", it's what keeps them moving forward. I don't mind players with 45% and low average damage at lower tiers, most are learning the game and have less than a 1,000 games, so it's all part of getting better. What utterly drives me insane is the 25-35% players at tier10, hundreds of games in a tier 10 ship and a win rate that is beyond poor play and average damage numbers that are so low they might as well just go and ram an enemy ship to improve it. This is fundamentally WG's fault, with all the flags and camo's now the appalling players (and yes sub 35% is appalling) can make money at tier10. Unlike tanks that you have to have a good game to make credits at tier10 (even with the bonuses, also the credit bonus is a lot rarer) in ships any idiot can roll out in a Montana, fire HE, but utterly useless and still make money, rinse and repeat. I get that folks like to shoot their guns at big ships (and watch their shells sail harmlessly over their target) but for the love of god, let them do that in Co-Op mode. It is soul destroying to play a whole evening and have nothing but these bots and numpties in everyone of your games. There must be something that can be done, I don't know what that is, I'm not a game developer, but WG must have it within them to resolve it. TB.
  3. T3ddyBear

    WG, this bs has to end

    Cos you can spend MONIES buying them when you run out.... it's all about the MONEEEEYYYYYY. TB.
  4. Not seeing hugely more players running to the edges of the map than normal. I am seeing DD's not capping in the early game, staying around the edges, it's a pretty reasonable response at the moment, if you do enter a cap early then you are going to get hit with radar and are in trouble. Radar cruisers want DD's to push because they have radar but when you sit behind an island you CANNOT support your DD, so DD's don't push early game. I was reported by a Mino for not pushing a cap at the start of the game (in my Harugumo) the other day, he openly said so in chat, inside 1 minute, a rank 1 player too, guess that counts for nothing these days, shame. Oh I came top of the team , 4 kills and 2k xp. What is beyond infuriating is the release of the new game mode "Arms Race" with ZERO information in-game about the mode, WG yet again relying on the CC's to educate the player base. When will WG realise that the VAST majority of players do not view ANY of the CC's content and as a result have NO clue what to do. I am seeing DD's actively AVOID the buff caps, BB's complaining in chat that they cannot get any buffs... no s&!t sherlock, you are 15-20km away..... why oh why does WG think it doesn't have to educate its players on new stuff? TB.
  5. T3ddyBear

    This is nonsens

    So, the OP is both correct and wrong at the same time. The Harugumo and Kitakaze, in gunboat spec are monsters, 15km range, 2.4sec reload, smokes and 12 torp walls of skill. I caveat this by saying I LUV my Kitakaze and Harugumo, but they will be nerfed, it's just a question of when. All that said when you see a smoke cloud throwing 500 HE shells in your direction every minute then you TURN and RUN, sailing in a straight line and not trying to disengage is simply stupid. Thinking you can "charge" smoke when you know there are 2 DD's in it AND another spotting you AND you're the only ship to fire at is beyond stupid, cos they get torps too..... As others have said, if you go it alone, ignore the mini map and positioning of your team you deserve to be smashed.... why is it that it's only the BB players that dont seem to understand this simple concept, be caught on your own will lead to your death. Learn, Adapt, Live, Prosper. TB.
  6. This used to be the case, a DD doing its job, contesting caps, spotting would "keep" their star, but it's not the case anymore. BB's that sit at the back and farm damage all game are the main "star keepers" now, it's infuriating, I don't know when they changed the "doing x gives y X" but it has changed, noticeably, hence all the bloody BB's in ranked. it's not fun and I'm not even going to start playing beyond 15. Remove the star for losing, the team should live or die as a TEAM. If they refuse to play as a team then they die, it's simple. TB
  7. T3ddyBear

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Aye, I got one, my son also had the email as did my brother, they have never logged in to WOWS ever, on checking my sons account I did notice they have given him the Tachibana for free as an enticement to play... he hadn't even noticed, kids these days eh. TB.
  8. T3ddyBear

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I don't mind radar as a concept as such, not overly bothered with the line of sight issue (although it does stop the good old sneak attack behind islands), what triggers me is the duration and reload of the consumable, almost 1 min up-time with a 2-3min reload is too long, either make it a max 30 secs and 2-3 min reload or make it 1 min with a 5min reload, right now the DM and Worcester have the best of both worlds. If there are 2-3 of them then getting a cap is really hard, if you want to contest a cap them come and fight, don't hide. With all this said I would like to remind the "it's only bad DD's whining" brigade, when the BB's complained about IJN torps being "invisible" WG nerfed them in to the ground, the "bad players" got their wish as it was too hard to change course and speed with any degree of regularity. in addition AA was significantly changed and CV loadouts (Midway)altered when CV's were so powerful they could alpha-strike anything, again because players were incapable of playing as a team and felt that they should be able to go it alone, again pandering to bad players. Why only listen to one set of "bad players"? If you want your 1 min up-time, 3min reload radar that requires little more ability to counter a class than pressing a key, then give the IJN back their torps, sit back and watch the tears as CA's sitting 10km away are suddenly in danger again from DD's on caps. You cannot pander to one class, there has to be balance and when that balance is significantly skewed this thread is what happens.... as it stands there is little balance, a DD strays into an objective and gets mullered by everything, BB AP, CA AP, Worcester HE the list is never ending and you make a mistake and you are dead. DD's are there to provide eyes and contest objectives but when you cannot even SEE the enemy before he radars you in the open ocean then you know something is wrong.... that's the Yueyang's job! TB.
  9. T3ddyBear

    High tier game chat is radioactive

    Chat is toxic for many, many reasons, but I blame WG for the vast majority of the problems. It is not the reporting system it is WG's flagrant failure to provide any sort of training gates in what is basically a team game. WG does not "train" the players in the roles of each class at its core, this means that you have players who do not use their boats to their best and as a result it leads to huge amounts of frustration from team mates, I am not condoning toxic chat just trying to focus on why it is there. We can only pick 2 of our team mates in our team and we are left to the MM gods for the other 9. For example, in a game yesterday, it came down to a Yue Yang on our team vs a Yugumo on the enemy, cap points where almost identical and there was a couple of minutes to go, the Yugumo went and contested the middle cap (hot spot), our Yue Yang had to engage or the game would have been lost. Suffice to say they met in the middle for gladatorial combat. It did not go well for the full health Yue Yang, I watched as he charged in to less than 2km, turned broadside to the Yugumo and launched torps (at this point I almost choked on my marmite on toast), he didn't fire until he was turning away, too late, he ate 2 torps from the Yugumo and died, game lost. I thought there has to be a reason, so I pm'd him after the game and asked why he fired his torps and not his guns, his response was that his torps "were better, only spotted at 0.8km" I rather politely pointed out that his torps were ineffective against destroyers, his reply was "l2p". So after picking myself up off my chair, I decided to try and educate him, I pointed him at the forums, I pointed him at a couple of youtube vids (Notser/Flamu), in an effort to help him. To his credit this chat went on over the course of an hour, never getting toxic. He eventually watched one of the vids and came back and said he did not know the difference between normal torps and deep water torps. He had never visited the forums or watched youtube vids for wows, he had played entirely with what WG provide in game. He actually thanked me for the info and commented that he had received several other pm's suggesting he stick his ship where the sun doesn't shine and was happy to have received some help. He is now on my friends list, my good deed for the day. I but the blame for this squarely at WG's feet, there is no ingame tutorial that takes you through each class, no certification process that says you are qualified to captain a class of ship, WG rely entirely on the community to do this and that is the crux of the problem. The VAST majority of the players never go to the forums, they rarely go to the mainsite, they do not watch the CC's content either on YT or twitch, they cannot be bothered. Now you can take a horse to water as they say but not make it drink, so the "teaching" has to be in the game. Until this is addressed then the chat will always be as it is, well not all toxic chat will go away as there will always be someone who does something stupid in a match, normally me to be fair. Now let's be clear, I am no angel, I have lost it on the odd occasion in chat, more often at the "elite" players who get upset when a "bob" like me or a team mate kills them, had a 65% player scream "L2P noob"" at a Conqueror yesterday, as he BBQ'd him to death, irony is beyond some people. I did suggest in chat that the "noob" was good enough to kill him... oh my was that the wrong thing to say.. a string of expletives followed, at which point I became "that person" and proceeded to have some fun at this "elite" players expense. I wasn't rude, I didn't swear, I didn't suggest he had relations with his mother, although he obviously thought it was a common occurrence as we all had partaken at some point according to him. So, toxic chat is a reality of any online team game, it's a fact of life, the reporting system is a sop to people, if WG were really concerned then they would have GM's popping in to matches to observe but they don't, they cannot be bothered, why should they, they are making millions and until that stops they will only ever pay lip service to the problem. Pretty sure no one at WG will ever read this, why should they? It's not important to them, they are a company and it's $'s they are concerned about. TB.
  10. T3ddyBear

    Asashio.. Please shelve

    I'll be buying it. Sick and tired of being blatted by BB AP from 15km when i cannot do anything back to them. Roll on !! TB.
  11. T3ddyBear

    Radar and MM

    Please WG, will you sort the MM as far as radar is concerned, as a DD player it is getting beyond a joke when one team gets 4 radar ships and the other NONE. I know you will never remove radar or at the very least stop it working through islands (alllowing ships to park up and spot so much of the map with ZERO counter), but that point aside, at the very, very least sort the radar allocation. It is getting beyond a joke, being perma radar'd when trying to do my job (capping, contesting etc), no counter to radar so EVEN the ships up please. TB.
  12. T3ddyBear

    Remove it NOW

    If they push on their own then yes they will be at risk, but if they push as a TEAM, then the cruisers and DD's will spot the torps, it's that simple. There seems to be a view within the BB captain community that they have a god given right to do everything on their own and not be countered. A lone BB should be a dead BB. Play as a team and the risks are far reduced. DD's cannot counter radar ships hiding behind islands, why should BB's that sit on the map, on their own, at the back be any different. This is a team game and no single class of ship should be able to do everything, the captains need to realise it, this ship is coming, so either sit at the back and be far less effective and run the risk of magic torps, or play with your team, support your DD's, support your cruisers, and no, sitting 15km back is doing neither. It'll be harsh, but no more than DD's being unable to carry games now due to RPF, they adapted, time for the big ships too. TB.
  13. T3ddyBear

    Remove it NOW

    Another “the sky is falling” thread. Basically WG have given a dangerous ship to the best players to showcase on youtube, of course the CC’s will do well in her, they do well in pretty much all the ships they play. The argument about this DD forcing bad play is pretty irrelevant, it can only hit BB’s and CV’s so DD’s and Cruisers have pretty much nothing to fear (it’s not a gun boat afterall). She has good concealment and DW torps but ultimately a decent team with DD’s and CA’s that play as a team will either eat them alive if they spot it or spot the torps for the friendly BB’s. The main problem is that the vast majority of BB’s do not play as a team, they sit 15km back and launch shells and do very little, these players will get smashed and rightly so. A little WASD hacks and changing course regularly will alleviate this DD. Unfortunately WG has lulled the average BB player into a comfort zone, given them AA capable of messing with most CV’s from 8-10. Given them Hydro and even radar, let’s not forget the planes that most BB’s get too. These players want to be immune to all but other BB’s and do not understand the meaning of “team”. What exactly is the main counter to BB’s right now? It certainly isn’t CV’s (hardly see one), so it has to be DD’s but with the majority of BB’s able to turn on a sixpence when torps are spotted then it’s about time there is something that those camping BB’s might actually fear. So, maybe WG was hoping that the BB’s would push with the cruisers and DD’s to spot the torps for them and to provide cover for their team. It might seem an overly painful way of doing it, but BB’s should not be able to do everything on their own. There has to be some risk to playing them apart from bad RNG when another BB fires at them from 20km away. DD players were told to adapt to radar, hydro and RPF, cruisers are told NEVER broadside a BB inside 10km, CV’s know not to go after high tier cruisers at the start of a game, adapt and overcome. So, come on BB’s, let’s see how you adapt to one ship, yes ONE ship, that is targeted to kill you. It’s about time BB’s had an Achilles heel. TB.
  14. T3ddyBear

    Clan Wars Match Making - How?

    Hello, a quick question as I may just be being naive around how the MM works for clan wars and the leagues. I though (probably incorrectly) that we would be pitched against people in the same league, in that if we're in Storm (or maybe Gale 1 as they may be trying to move up), we play folks in the Storm league, don't mind which mini league but the concept would be progression against teams in the same league as your clan. Now, the reason for the question, we just had a relegation battle from Storm to Gale, you know win 3 of 5 and stay up, we were not matched against either a Storm or Gale league team, but a team from Typhoon II. Now please excuse me for being naive but how is that even remotely fair? We are playing a team from 4 leagues higher just to stay in our current league. Is this working as intended or is is just another symptom of WG MM madness? It just seems horrendously unfair to have Typhoon II teams playing Storm III teams. TB.
  15. I agree with Hawg, the way WG "release" these ships for test is a tad moronic. They give them to the CC's, who are generally very good players and when they do well in them and post their vids on youtube people start screaming about OP boats. I've never seen a poor player post a vid on youtube of them trying these new boats and dieing in the first few mins with zero damage. Releasing a boat like this to the CC's without any warning to the general player base about its "new" capabilities is simply beyond stupid. Of course BB's feel safe at distances above 12km when facing a IJN DD, most have become accustomed to a max range of 12km, it is almost hard coded now. Yes you get the odd 20km shima but that is not the norm. That said you give a DD the ability to do serious damage to a set of camping BB's and the community goes in to over drive, it's not enough to give BB's fighters, hydro AND radar, they want to make them impervious to bad play. If you sail for too long in a BB in a straight line then you should pay the price. If a DD sails too close to a radar ship then it's in trouble, if a cruiser broadsides a BB then it's in trouble, what is the risk for a BB? Flamu and Notser said that this new ship breaks the "team" meta, well unless you're in a division there is no such thing as a "team" battleship, the ones that do tank and do push when the opportunity presents itself are very few and far between. People just do not know what the "team" aspect of their ship is. You regularly see DD's not contesting caps, or cruisers supporting their cap contesting DD's and the BB's just sitting 20km back sniping. I don't blame the players as most never come to the forums and never watch you tube vids, so really don't understand their role. I recently played a match with a Lexington that had never heard of manual drop, I thought he was winding me up, but we had a chat after the game, jumped in to a training room and he was amazed he had got that far and the game had not informed him of the mechanic. That said I still think he was winding me up but if there are zero tutorials on higher tier play we shouldn't be blaming the players every time. WG has created the imbalance of BB's in the game, most of them have the tools to avoid torps, most still choose to sail in a straight line for 5 mins (god bless them ;) ) but as Notser said, if you're relying on the vocal torp warning before you react, then you've been doing it wrong. The issue with this ship is not being able to counter cruisers at all, outside of spot them for your team and relying on them to do the damage. Deep water torps should hit everything bar DD's it's as simple as that. TB.