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  1. I agree with Hawg, the way WG "release" these ships for test is a tad moronic. They give them to the CC's, who are generally very good players and when they do well in them and post their vids on youtube people start screaming about OP boats. I've never seen a poor player post a vid on youtube of them trying these new boats and dieing in the first few mins with zero damage. Releasing a boat like this to the CC's without any warning to the general player base about its "new" capabilities is simply beyond stupid. Of course BB's feel safe at distances above 12km when facing a IJN DD, most have become accustomed to a max range of 12km, it is almost hard coded now. Yes you get the odd 20km shima but that is not the norm. That said you give a DD the ability to do serious damage to a set of camping BB's and the community goes in to over drive, it's not enough to give BB's fighters, hydro AND radar, they want to make them impervious to bad play. If you sail for too long in a BB in a straight line then you should pay the price. If a DD sails too close to a radar ship then it's in trouble, if a cruiser broadsides a BB then it's in trouble, what is the risk for a BB? Flamu and Notser said that this new ship breaks the "team" meta, well unless you're in a division there is no such thing as a "team" battleship, the ones that do tank and do push when the opportunity presents itself are very few and far between. People just do not know what the "team" aspect of their ship is. You regularly see DD's not contesting caps, or cruisers supporting their cap contesting DD's and the BB's just sitting 20km back sniping. I don't blame the players as most never come to the forums and never watch you tube vids, so really don't understand their role. I recently played a match with a Lexington that had never heard of manual drop, I thought he was winding me up, but we had a chat after the game, jumped in to a training room and he was amazed he had got that far and the game had not informed him of the mechanic. That said I still think he was winding me up but if there are zero tutorials on higher tier play we shouldn't be blaming the players every time. WG has created the imbalance of BB's in the game, most of them have the tools to avoid torps, most still choose to sail in a straight line for 5 mins (god bless them ;) ) but as Notser said, if you're relying on the vocal torp warning before you react, then you've been doing it wrong. The issue with this ship is not being able to counter cruisers at all, outside of spot them for your team and relying on them to do the damage. Deep water torps should hit everything bar DD's it's as simple as that. TB.
  2. Server problems?

    Aye. got kicked mid game and now cannot reconnect, server is busy, poor hamster had died. TB.
  3. I personally don't mind radar and hydro, I play a lot of DD's and enjoy them, what triggers me is the meta that a cruiser can sail up to an island, then hit radar and be utterly safe. Radar should not work through islands, it should be line of site, as it stands with the current meta it cannot be countered. Ships have enough counters to torps right now, radar to spot the DD's, hydro and planes to spot torps, please set the spotting distance of torps back to where they were before the nerf and stop radar working through islands, hydro not an issue as it's sound based, radar is LINE OF SIGHT. Unfortunately I don't think WG will ever change it, probably either too hard for the devs or it'll hurt the BB's and god forbid do we want to upset the BB players.... TB.
  4. Halloween salt

    Just had a similar issue, completed the event, but no reward, back to port, shows the ship immediately available and no crates, nice quality control testing WG. TB.
  5. April Fools, I'm not amused

    Oh Hans, you silly billy, have you not seen that the Czech navy is coming......... I almost fell asleep reading the announcement, they really don't get humour at all do they. TB.
  6. Must admit limited ammunition raises it's head a lot, normally from those players that dislike torpedoes and planes, normally as a request for "realism". I would be for limited ammunition load outs if torpedoes were undetectable until the last second, that a lone CV catching a lone BB or CA kills it, no questions, that repairs to health are removed etc, if you want "realism" then be prepared for many, many players leaving, simply because they refuse to learn what the WASD keys are for. So, NO, to limited ammunition, it would be yet another HUGE crutch for certain players. Harrier.
  7. Listen to your player Base!

    Oh really, well I have every premium ship possible, I have even been known to purchase ships for fellow clan mates. I have had premium time from the very start, I even bought some santa boxes.. Just how many "new" players will it take to replace that revenue stream? 2 or 3.. are you kidding me? Just how many players actually have more than a couple of premium ships, never buy premium time?! I'm guessing (like you) that not many do. It's players like me, that are truly invested in this game, love warships, love the history, love using my brain to "think" when playing, that are the life blood of this game. Does that mean WG should place any more relevance to what I say than the casual guy, absolutely not, their opinion is just as valid as mine. That said decisions are made by those that SHOW UP, if WG's view is that as only 5% of players come to the forums and only 80% of those are against RL then that must mean that 96% of the player base is for RL then they are stupid, no other word for it. The thing is they are not stupid, you don't make as much money as they do by being stupid. What has pushed me over the edge is their condescending attitude, PTS1 and PTS2, "please give us your feedback on RL". We did, it was overwhelmingly negative, it still goes live with a "we know best" comment from the devs. They then have the brass balls to open up a thread in the "Current Update" section asking for "feedback on RL"... you just could not make this stuff up. In any other multinational business if you did that you would be out of a job, you never actively go out of your way to upset your customers and you certainly never, once you have upset them, rub their noses in it. It will come back to haunt them. Harrier.
  8. Debunking Devs argument about RPF

    Right now a new meta is forming and it's fun if you're a gunboat with a division mate in a Minotaur. Yesterday we tried a simple strategy. aGearing (me) with RL and a Minotaur with the ohmygodhowmanyshellscomingatme setup. I went straight for the middle, the Minotaur 4km back, I started pinging the map where RL showed the enemy DD, he was in a Shima, I charged in regardless, got spotted for a millisecond before I spotted the Shima, the Shima died in a matter of a few seconds from my guns and the wall of 150mm shells from the Mino, the Mino sitting in smoke all the time. It wasn't even remotely fair, we capped B then moved to C (there was a Kagero there), not long before a dead Kagero and 2 caps sorted, then turn around to A cap and face the enemy ships coming in from there. IJN DD's are at a huge disadvantage now, they are slower than me, less dpm from guns than me, what exactly are they supposed to do, no more sneaky ambushes for you. My Shima is pretty much benched now I guess. The devs need to come on to these forums and "engage" with the community, the condescending nature of their "contact" beggars belief sometimes. The devs do not have all the answers, neither do we players but OMG RL is proving so decisive it's a joke. Coming hot on the heels after "Convoy gate" I just don't understand what WG is doing. Harrier.
  9. Radio Location Skill Feedback

    You want feedback, OK here's some feedback; No more premium time, no more premium ships, no more dubloons. I'll continue to play, consume server resources and bandwidth, for which WG have to pay $ for, with no requisite payment from me. If you are bothered about "feedback" read the hundreds of posts already against this moronic decision of a "skill". Or on a serious note, this one actually concerns $, go look at my profile, go look at the number of premium ships I bought (more fool me now it seems), do the Math, that's what WG will be losing from me. If I'm the only one to stop spending my $'s then okey dokey, I'll bet my house vs Serbs that I'm not, want to take the bet? I'm guessing not. What a bunch of condescending clowns... "give us your feedback" you could not make this up, flabbergasted at the gall of this thread. Harrier.
  10. 10 Ocean Soul camo's.... the joy I know they are "free" but we ALL did the same missions, we ALL had to do the same things and yet some get rewarded 100x better.... WG you are fecking useless. I love do something so that someone else can benefit 100x more... idiots. Harrier. *getting pissed with all the RNG in the game not just the actual game but the bloody gambling on rewards......
  11. Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    Well, as predicted, WG ignore the test server feedback. God only knows why they have a test server at all, with their "we know best" attitude this game will go the same was as WoWP. So, next steps are; 1. No more purchasing of premium time 2. No more purchasing of premium ships 3. No more purchasing of Dubloons, guess the Missouri will have to wait forever. 4. Re-purchase a low tier gunboat DD, equip RDF and RUIN the experience of new players at tier 3 on-wards. WG, if the new players think they hit a wall at tier3 because they see tier4 ships, they ain't see nothing yet.... WG you are a bunch of clowns. Harrier.
  12. RDF is there another way?

    There's no point in writing much more on the forums, RDF is coming, it will be in the game regardless of what the vast majority of the forumites think. Unfortunately those that care about the game and want to improve both the game and their game play will visit these forums, unfortunately, the vast majority never come to the forums, ever. The only way to make WG take a step back is to stop playing and stop paying, when the server that brings in the most revenue per user suddenly dries up, then they may stop to think for more than a second. Unfortunately, again, this won't happen, most here will carry on playing and adapt accordingly. WG rely on this inertia, WG rely on our desire to play these sorts of games. To be really effective, 2 things have to happen; 1. For every forumite here to stop spending money with WG, keep the servers busy but with ZERO revenue coming in. 2. For the Community Contributors to stop making their "content", essentially stopping the "free advertising" WoWS receives. Reduce it's exposure and the rate of new players slows and maybe, just maybe WG wake up. It's not going to happen though, so bite the bullet and get on with it. Harrier.
  13. Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    So, having tried RDF as a DD as requested I have to say please remove it, either that or give me a skill that allows me to see out of smoke so I can shoot at targets I cannot see. Just had a game, me and a BB, left on our team and 2 BB's left on the enemy team, both BB's at less than 25%, so a torp run was possible, but they hid behind an island and one of them had RDF so they knew which way I was coming from. Normally a 50/50 but this skills turns it into a 100% chance that their guns are pointing in my direction. How is that fair? How does that enhance game play? If you want to give CA's and BB's the ability to completely negate DD movement and ambushes then give DD's the ability to spot when in smoke, so I at least can shoot back, why not? There is no way a DD can now kill anything but another DD one on one. Every game in my DD today on PTS, someone had RDF on the enemy team, EVERY GAME. Thanks for completely ruining my favourite class, beginning to think WG doesn't want me as a customer. Now, on to CV's, there is not a single offensive skill in the captains skills that negates AA of enemy ships, it's almost impossible as a tier 6 in a tier 8 game to be relevant other than spotting enemy DD's, NEVER go near a tier7/8 BB or CA, squadron suicide. There needs to be some skill for CV's that makes the planes harder to hit on a torp/bomb run, make it a consummable, do something, at the moment AA is totally out of control. I thought I was playing World of Warships, not World of Battleships. Stop pandering WG, you're going to ruin this game. Harrier.
  14. The point is, that every game can be 20 minutes long, but many, many players rush in and die needlessly and it's happening more and more. Games are getting faster and more lopsided, so was asking if I had missed anything that would explain the moronic lemming rushes of late. If you wish to be sarcastic and not adding anything then be my guest, whatever floats your boat. Harrier.
  15. Teams are just yolo'ing in, game after game, 4-5 ships dead on one team inside 5 mins... what is going on? Doesn't matter what tier, it's just roflstomping game after game........ how is this supposed to be fun, either winning or losing, 12-2 games are a joke, game after game. THE GAME CAN LAST 20 MINUTES PEOPLE, NO NEED TO CHARGE IN AND DIE IN THE FIRST 5 MINS. Did everyone drink too much over Christmas and have the alcohol kill their brains? HarrierUK