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  1. Flamu is always playing a Corgi ship.
  2. Best premium BB with my coupon?

    @affeks My conclusions are not based only on flamu's opinios and alabama has worse armor. Look at the athwartship armor. The armor is worse. Also, with the NC you should try to use your concealment, which means you should not be near torps. If anyone wants to take an advanced position, there are better ships for that, like the amagi (you go in front turn behind a rock and you stay aft-in) or the bismark/ tirpitz so as to use the secondaries. Anyways, OP needs to do his due diligence and make his own choices.
  3. Best premium BB with my coupon?

    The thing is that the Scharnhorst has been removed from the tech-tree and premium shop. OP needs to check what he can actually buy with that coupon. When i received mine, i could only buy tier 8 premium ships, so.........Also, i would not recommend buying the Hood, it has very bad accuracy (inconsistent) and short fuse ap, meaning you will very rarely pen a BB's citadel, it has Iowa level of turning circle, questionable AA
  4. Best premium BB with my coupon?

    @ricksname [spoiler='Watch this video'] [/spoiler] You also have to consider what type of playstyle do you enjoy: do you like the bow in style, or the flanking style, or brawling, do you plan on playing ranked, etc and, ultimately, make a decision yourself. When i received the -30% coupon, i watched the above video and many more (Aerroon, Ichase, etc) also asked strangers123's opinion (he is streaming occasionally) My conclusions were this: -NC is better than the Alabama, better armor, AA, concealment, back turret firing angle, sigma 2.0 vs 1.9 (so Alabama is a downgrade; for the bow-in meta, meaning you do not need Alabama's torpedo belt protection); -Amagi vs Kii [ Amagi has topedo belt, armor, concealment, sigma 1.8 vs 1.7 - Kii has AA (better long and medium than the NC), torps, angled is just as tanky]. So Kii is a sidegrade. -Bismark vs Tirpitz they both have unreliable accuracy, which is why they are NOT recommended for competitive gaming (Bismark has AA and Hydro - Tirpitz has torps). So Tirpitz is a sidegrade. I chose to buy the Kii as my first tier 8 premium BB, as I already had the NC and Amagi. With the Amagi/Kii you can do the "aft-in" meta, which is what strangers123 does.
  5. Buff to high tier credits

    Buy permanent camo -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service and +20% credits earned in the battle.........
  6. French battleships talk

    I got the Bretagne and the Lyon. I dislike the Bretagne because it is a snail, but the Lyon is funny and entertaining. I would have liked the Richelieu instead of the Bretagne, but oh well........
  7. Stop smoking up BBs!

    DDs should also learn to not smoke themselves if they are the only one's spotting.
  8. New bonus codes

    Personal mission for 10 Zulu Hotel signals. Unfortunately it is not for coop. :P
  9. Only if it gets Warspite type AP and accuracy :D
  10. stopping at bayern

    Gneisenau needs a buff for the accuracy and reload time (it only has 6 inaccurate guns). You cannot always compensate the lack of dpm with secondary and torpedo damage.
  11. My review of this game

    Also deep water torpedoes and AP bombs.
  12. Kii needs a buff - petition?

    1.8 sigma buff should be sufficient.
  13. Personal %30 Off

    @iJoby it did not allow me yesterday......WG must have read my comment I got it :) "for cheap" Later edit: @iJoby My opinion does not really matter, because i am only playing co-op. That aside, i just love it. I like the speed, if you angle correctly you have nothing to worry about (and bots at tier 8+ are actually very accurate), i like the AA, i like that it has torps..........and i have no problem with the guns and i am not even using the accuracy module. It is exactly what i wanted.
  14. Personal %30 Off

    I received a -30% coupon also. Unfortunately, it is limited to Alabama and Tirpitz...........but i want the Kii.
  15. wtf and why?

    That animal is a "Sloth"; it is a tree dwelling creature and that is how it is moving (instead of a branch, WG painted a gun). Type "sloth animal" in any search engine.