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  1. I would have liked an improvement of Kii's dispersion/accuracy, not torps........
  2. Origin47

    What about a T9 Ranked below rank 10?

    T7 was also interesting for ranked, until Belfast and Flint happened......... My vote also goes to T6 and/or T8 for ranked.
  3. Origin47

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    I expected the tier 8's to be 50% off.
  4. Origin47

    Ships that need a buff

    + 0.1 sigma for Kii, please.
  5. Origin47

    Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    Alrighty then, going afk it is. :)
  6. Origin47

    Coupon for being top xp earner?

    I got a -20% also; make it a -50% at least and we'll talk :D
  7. Origin47

    Ships that need a buff

    Kii - better dispersion
  8. Origin47

    My prediction of Soviet BBs special feature

    Sigma 3, Dispersion 100, DD classification so as to not care about deep water torpedoes and DD turn radius and rudder shift, 1000 long range AA with 10 km standard range, no citadel at all, megazao heal that can heal heavy damage 100%, radar, german hydro, "33" bow and aft armor
  9. Maybe it's something for the 1st of april.
  10. Graff Spee sturdy? against DD ap maybe And speaking about cruisers with repair party, Atago has it and it needs a reload buff (16 secs is too slow).
  11. 10x203mm guns setup at tier 6, with 15secs reload, is way too powerfull. If that is balanced, then i want a reload buff for the graff spee.
  12. Origin47

    How many French BBs did you get?

    Bretagne and Lyon. I only grinded the first set of missions for the crates (the ones that could be completed in co-op).
  13. Flamu is always playing a Corgi ship.
  14. Origin47

    Best premium BB with my coupon?

    @affeks My conclusions are not based only on flamu's opinios and alabama has worse armor. Look at the athwartship armor. The armor is worse. Also, with the NC you should try to use your concealment, which means you should not be near torps. If anyone wants to take an advanced position, there are better ships for that, like the amagi (you go in front turn behind a rock and you stay aft-in) or the bismark/ tirpitz so as to use the secondaries. Anyways, OP needs to do his due diligence and make his own choices.