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  1. He already featured KGV on his channel, though it is not exclusively HE. It is his second last video.
  2. AP only (because BBs do not need to switch to HE anyways), smoke and radar (because we already have a retarded precedent at tier 7).
  3. Seeing this, makes me think about what a certain WoT former community contributor said about WG. The most "elegant" solution for british BB is: silver 15" KGV with 4x2x4 setup and silver Vanguard at tier 8, silver Nelson at Tier 7 and premium 14" KGV at Tier 7.
  4. The most likely scenario is that KGV will be tier 8 silver with 15" guns, only and Monarch (because they do not yet know if it will be named PoW or DoY), will be a tier 7 premium with 14" guns, only. And i am perfectly ok with it. LE: @creamgravy IF caliber progression is to be believed, then, yes, Nelson might end up at Tier 8 and silver KGV 15" guns and premium "Monarch" 14" guns, both at tier 7. Because we have the QE-class at tier 6, with 15" guns.
  5. I think people should actually have a laugh at the expense of the Conqueror and it's radar. Since 90%+ of the BBabies are camping at "max range", what are they gonna radar, themselves?! Just like CV players who do not move their carriers are called "airfields", most Conqueror players are going to be referred to as "coastal batteries".
  6. I really hope WG will buff the Graff Spee's reload (and consequently the HSF version). 20 sec reload is a bit excessive for only 6x11" guns. LE: @Zemeritt Scharnhorst is a fully fledged BB with torps and so on. Plus, it has one extra turret.
  7. i support the implementation of the Battlecruiser-class.
  8. Flamu received the tier 7 to 10 bbs (he was only able to show the stats and armor layout, as they had the "soon" tag). They are clad in 32 armor, which means IFHE heaven. They have large turning radius, but very good rudder shift and AA. Nelson and conqueror have the citadel above the water line, kgv's is under the water line, was not paying attention when he showed the lion. Also, no turtleback.
  9. I like what they are planning for KGV and PoW/DoY, but their firing range is way too short. The tier 8 should have 20/21km and the tier 7 18/19km.
  10. More like, people are getting "fed up".
  11. T-22 looks like a fishing trawler
  12. KGV class was designed with 15" guns in mind, unfortunately they needed the ships fast, but the construction of the 15" guns would take up to one year, hence delaying the launch of the ships. But, since they had 14" guns already "in storage" and needed the ships asap, they went with 14".
  13. The tier 6 has been known ever since CBT, Queen Elizabeth.
  14. It is just a pattern i noticed some time ago
  15. Here's my 2 cents on BB's with radar. Just like when they introduced kutuzov with smoke, a cruiser line with smoke followed; just like when they introduced lo yang, with hydro, a dd line with hydro followed; when missouri was introduced with radar, i knew a bb line with radar will follow, and so on (tirpitz with torpedoes, and now there are 3 more bbs with torpedoes and the tier 7 ijn premium bb will also have torps).