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  1. Origin47

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    If you think Deadeye is toxic, look at this
  2. Origin47

    Guess Musashi's average winrate in 2 week?

    I would love a Musashi in my port.
  3. Origin47

    Poll: Ignis Purgatio vs Hizen

    Neither, wait for more interesting ships. As part of the new year promo, Bajie is worth it, however it was only sold as part of a worthless bundle.
  4. Origin47

    Yoshino or Moskva?

    As others have said, neither. Keep your coal for more interesting ships or for captains or upgrades. Instead of Yoshino, get Zao. Instead of Moskva, get Petro. Moskva is also "Citadel" capital of the world.
  5. Origin47

    Best YouTube Channels for WoW advice?

    Flamu and Aerroon (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOQoJ6G4D04d05fxjfPHPQ). Aerroon has been at this game since CBT.
  6. Origin47

    Georgia or Massachusetts

  7. A kancolle collab would be interesting.
  8. Origin47

    Rollback when ?

    I am all for a rollback also
  9. Origin47

    z35 v z44

    Get the T-61 if you want a german premium DD
  10. "WG have made a few mistakes" - only a few??? quite a lot, appalling and worthy of being mentioned on prime time news. "Overall, I find it to be a superb and well polished game" - I totally do not agree with you. It is horribly unbalanced. "You will still have your 19 point commanders and the same amount of skills to allocate as before. You are not losing anything or feeling left out if you do not have a 21 pointer. Just because you don't have enough to instantly get to 21 points is this a reason to throw your toys out the cot?" - The thing is that for the most important skills, WG increased the point cost by one and what builds now take 19 point, will require 21. WG has clue about "customer centricity".
  11. Origin47

    Fairly new player. Is my progession is good?

    Enjoy your journey.
  12. For me doing the ships and giggles campaign is useful as i have not previously started the german dd, uk heavy cruiser and pan-eu dd lines. Plus, these 3 campaign chapters are ok to grind. The 1 star mission for Visby is get 150 ribbons, so 10 games with the likes of akizuki, mainz..... Getting Visby today or sure. Yesterday I got Hawkins, T-22 on Saturday and Strasbourg on Friday.
  13. Origin47

    Commander Skill reset - How does this bit work?

    My real gripe with the commander skill rework is that what builds now take 19 points, they will require 21, even 22 points and grinding the 20th and 21st skills is horribly long, especially for people playing co-op. This is because priority target, adrenaline rush and superintendent will require 1 extra skill point. This farce of a rework is just to force people who have millions of elite captain xp to use it and then use doubloons.
  14. Origin47

    Is It Too Late For Strasbourg for me?

    Just like others have suggested, do operations, for credits and base xp (you will need 20000 base xp for the last mission). I got the Strasbourg yesterday and i am playing nothing but co-op with premium account. I got T-22 this morning, which was the point of the entire exercise for me. Today, tomorrow, hawkins and visby, maybe.